Daily Czabe: Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone? There’s Now An App For That!

We live in strange times. What if I had told you back in the flip phone era, that someday these things we once just used for the sole purpose of calling people, would become such addictive miniature touch-computers, that they would have to design them in a way that ends up preventing you from over-using it? Nuts, right? But here we are, as Apple has promised to roll out a new app called “Screen Time” in September that will help users monitor and limit usage. But before you sing “hallelujah” just yet, consider this. There is already a 3rd part app called “Moments” which does basically the same thing. And…. their data showed that users only shaved about 2 minutes off their phone/tablet usage a day! Bah! Well, I guess it’s a start, right?

Apple: Using Our Phones Too Damn Much? Well, We’re Creating An App For That!

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