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    The Brits call it “tarted up”. She was ok on The Golf Channel but is was blatantly obvious they were over-selling the sexy with her. Totally unnecessary to push it because she already has that innate nasty hotness and it detracted from her actual golf knowledge. Mark my words, this Fox golf team of Buck & Norman is going to be awful. I watched their prelim coverage and they were dreadful. If Sonders was naked, that might make them bearble, but only for the first day or so.

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    Holly looks smoking hot at first blush; especially if you’ve seen the leaked cell phone pic. However, the more you see her the more you start to notice the “jersey shore” nature of her altered looks. After awhile, the wow factor just seems to erode and look phony.

    Cara Robinson may not be as hot but there is something about her that just grows on you. Now if she’d only speak up so I could understand what the hell she is saying.

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    I found her more appealing without the puffy lips and raccoon makeup. Plus, I am not sure how to reconcile the fact that she married that goof Erik Kusellias.

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    Scott Ehlke

    Warning… once you read this, you won’t be able to unsee it. I figured out why Holly just doesn’t do it for me… her left eye. Her left eye lid droops and makes her look either really stupid or drunk whenever there’s a front shot of her. She knows it too, because a LOT of her shots are from her right side.

    Give me Laura Thompson over Holly any day!

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    Damn, brah! I never noticed the eye thing before, and you are so right saying it can’t be unread. Having said that, if given the opportunity, I’d do my dead level best to knock the bottom of that.

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    She should’ve been hiding, obviously she’s been getting more “work” done. Butt implants now, along with everything else fake. Ok guys, you like it, we get it, you don’t care. And that’s sad. And half of you can’t “knock the bottom of that” either no doubt. There are real women and there are fembots, and real men can handle real women.

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    Mitch Singer

    Lauren Thompson has always been hotter than Holly,her all natural gifts we know Hollys is not.Plus Holly is lopsided when she stands up way too top heavy watch how her figure is like a bow when she stands.
    Lauren is just perfect

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    I liked her better before. She was a real beauty. Now it’s fake and I think she looks worse.


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