Earl Thomas And His Middle Finger Revolt

In all of our years of watching football – you, me, and everybody else who loves this game – I can say with confidence we never saw anything quite like THAT happen on the field! And while you feel bad for Thomas (sick, actually) the logical side of one’s brain wants you to admit that this is exactly why the Seahawks were RIGHT to not pour more money into a player his age. It’s gonna be a week of piping hot sports takes, so buckle up. USA gets spanked in the Ryder Cup. Week 4 NFL Roundup. Cellphone voting good idea, or nah?

Football Five Ways Friday – Week 4

Are the Patriots on the brink of a dynastic collapse? Will Chucky Gruden ever win a game? We’ve got You Are Looking Live for Week 4 ready to go! Our fantasy maven Paul Charchian says pump the brakes on Baker Mayfield. Our “Big Man On Campus” is Tim Murray this week, who talks about the intimidation of playing in Penn State’s “White Out” conditions. Mr. X tells the story of when his local bookie “cut him off” because he was winning too much! And special guest Fred Smoot talks about the mental toughness needed to play DB in the NFL.

Ryder Cup 2018 – Roundtable Preview

Czabe and his crew of golf guys dig deep into what the Ryder Cup means to them, the incredible resurgence of Tiger Woods, possible pairings and great moments in Ryder Cup history. If you love golf, you’ll enjoy sitting in at Czabe’s table in the men’s grill to get ready for one of the great sporting events in the world.

When Just Being LeBron James, Still Isn’t Enough

Wait, say what? LeBron James must somehow earn the Laker fanbase’s “respect” and “loyalty.” I guess getting the best player (maybe ever!) falling into your lap just isn’t enough. Drew Olson of the Big 920 and I discuss: Army’s clean lockeroom. Dishwashers. Bobbleheads. Blind DB’s. Aaron Rodgers gimpy knee. The value of cutting dudes. My fan flag stunt. The Brewers possible playoff celebration party. Michael Beasley is a terrible interview. Tiger and Ryder Cup. FTG: Pizza spitter.

No Dunking, Crowd Noise Rule, and Other Insanity

As absurd as the NFL’s new “Squishing the Passer” rule has been, there are other rules in sports history which were equally insane. Andy Pollin sizes up the Redskins 2-1 start. How many countries are downloading this podcast? The feds are ready to crack down on airlines’ inhuman seat sizes.

The NFL’s Passing Fetish Is A Death Wish

Everybody loves high scoring, high-flying, throw it all over the field football. Problem is, the NFL is now like a heroin junkie, willing to do anything to support their addiction. In particular, instituting a viscerally hated rule that continues to enrage fans. Week 3 NFL roundup. Tiger Woods wins Tour Championship.

Football Five Ways Friday – Week 3

NFL Week #3 with You Are Looking Live! Paul Charchian from Fanball.com talks about the crazy trades being made for Josh Gordon now that he’s a Patriot! “Big Man on Campus” has Alabama and Notre Dame on “Upset Alert” along with fake fair catches, and botched coin flips. Mr. X explains when it makes sense to “buy off” the half point. Packers Hall of Famer Al Treml, the former film coordinator for Vince Lombardi.

The Bell Tolls For Tomlin

The Pittsburgh Steelers rarely have down years – hell, just TWO losing seasons in 25 years! – but Notorious J-A-Y says they are heading for just that this year. Mike Tomlin is a tough-talking coach, who has totally lost control of the team. We also get answers to some of my club questions, talk Bert and Ernie (not that there’s anything wrong with it!) recap GGG fight and more!

Czabe Is In A Club Daze

So many questions… so many. This is what happens when a middle-aged white dude wanders into one of Vegas’ so-called “hottest” night clubs. An ear splitting headache, and fascination at what the “club scene” is all about. Antonio Brown is clearly unhappy, but not man enough to admit it. Drew Olson from the Big 920 in Milwaukee discusses with me the merits of paying NFL HOF’ers a salary, and giving them lifetime health care.

The Ghost Ship of Raljon

The brutal home crowd for the Redskins opener, and are these fans ever going to “come back” to FedEx Field? Busy Monday in the NFL, as Josh Gordon is a Patriot and a couple of kickers get tossed voted off the island. Andy Pollin joins me to re-cap Skins loss to Colts, why Jay Gruden is so painfully honest. 

The NFL Deserves To Be Punished, But We Are Powerless

The Packers-Vikings game was un-acceptable on multiple levels. To begin, “the horseshit roughing call to decide a game” has already come home in just Week 2. Blame it on the league’s over-reaction to Anthony Barr on Aaron Rodgers a year ago. Oh, the irony. Furthermore, the NFL remains the only major pro or college sport in America that not only accepts TIES, but actually changed two rules which has induced even MORE of them. Lunacy. My reaction to this game, the Redskins laying an egg at home to the Colts, the state of the “broken” relationship between the Skins and the fan base, more NFL Week 2, blackjack, GGG v. Canelo 2, #fademurray, Weather Channel “flop.” LIVE (sorta) from my hotel room in Vegas before a red-eye home!

Football Five Ways Friday – Week 2

Get your fix, with 5 different segments of football juicyness! 1) You Are Looking Live! (w/special guest Scott Linn) 2) “Big Man on Campus” – A college football roundup and preview. 3) Gambling Degentleman “Mr. X” 4) Best-selling author Jeff Pearlman with his book “Football for A Buck” on the USFL. 5) NFL Agent Joe Panos on how nerve wracking the end of August is for players and agents.

Keep Your Friends Close, Cowboy Friends… Closer

I had been wanting my boy “Cowboy Mike” to come on the show/podcast for some time now, as his takes on his beloved blue stars are always spot on, informed, and full of venom when they lose. But he was always a bit stage shy. So what the hell, I secretly taped him and begged for permission! He lights up Jason Garrett and Co. Notorious J-A-Y is the guest double-header today, as he’ll weigh in the GGG fight as well as Dustin Johnson’s instagram drama and Week 1 in the NFL.

A Lie Agreed Upon, No More

The Redskins will admit their first sell-out “L” in over 50 years on Sunday. What it means, and why I think it’s a good thing. Drew Olson still doesn’t understand that the Packers should be ashamed of their backup QB situation. What is “The Red Zone” exactly. MNF announce crew reviews. Jalen Ramsey triggers hockey players.

Crazy Dreams, Shoes and Sacrifice

The Kapernick ad by Nike is a conflicted mess on several levels. I try to dig through it and untangle the themes. Andy Pollin joins me and we talk Redskins, Adrian Peterson, TV innovations and more. All while laughing at the Jets lay the wood to the Lions on MNF1! Dez Bryant. Kirk. The Green Zone. VanPeltCenter. Tony Bruno. And more….