Sunday, July 14, 2024

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“I’m A Man! I Drink And Drive All the Time!”

Maybe Mike Gundy should just stop talking. Unlimited NIL! Maybe we should bring the GM on the road? Rich CEO: “How come you're so busy?” It's a garbage revolution, I tell ya! What a burger, what a bass! Somebody did “cash her outside” if you know what I mean. Killing a sugar daddy for this […]

2024 – Episode 23 – The PGA Tour’s 59 Epidemic

Is golf now “too easy” for the best players in the world? Sure seems like it some weeks. Another race to the bottom of the red numbered ocean at the John Deere Classic. The gang also discusses Keegan Bradley as an “unconventional” Ryder Cup captain. Why did Tiger *really* decline the job this cycle? Does […]

Middle of Damn Nowhere Podcast

Czabe breaks new podcast ground by somehow talking to PAUL CHARCHIAN while running around Wiconsin like a maniac from station event to station event! God bless technology, and thank god he didn't crash! The boys talk about the power of the word “no” Charch's trip to Vegas and Circa's sportsbook, Caleb Williams and rookie NFL […]

The Trolls Come Out At Night!

Solo PODCAST today . . . 1 – Who Are These People? 2 – Stick to Sports 3 – New Captain, Who Dis? 4 – Tik Tok Teacher Attack 5 – Death By QR Code 6 – Skinny, But Partially Blind 7 – Boeing: Max Debacle, Minimum Fine 8 – Nike's VP Bloodbath 9 – […]

Summer Meltdown

It's too damn hot to even think about going outside! Unless you are a lunatic golfer, like myself! Should I build a pool? Would it have been rude to “soft invite” myself over to the neighbor's pool? ANDY POLLIN joins me to discuss what sports are utterly UN-watchable during this downtime. Hard Knocks, Spreadsheets Edition. […]

2024 – Episode 22 – Golf’s Greatest “Fireworks” Moments!

Czabe is joined by Jon Guhl, Buddy Christensen, and WHERE is John Ronis???? Topics include… Topics Today 1. Epic Golf “Fireworks” Moments 2. Rocket Mortgage Recap 3. Do Iron Covers Get A “Bad Rap?” 4. Back to Back Aces! 5. Putting Tip From Hell? 6. Keepin' The Grass Alive 7. The Dutch Quit on Olympic […]

These Are the Days

Czabe gets the OG's back SCOTT LINN and STEVE SOLOMON to discuss the perfect “Thanksgiving” 4th of July – THURSDAY! Which led to random winding discussion centered around “what DAY is it” anyway? Also on the menu, Hawk Tuah girl gets an agent and quits her job. Scott's new job. What is “adulthood” really? New […]

The Least Likely Musical Iglesias

Czabe goes SOLO today, and talks about Mets journeyman infielder Jose Iglesias who somehow launched a #1 on the Latin Charts hit while playing for the Mets who are on a heater right now! Lots of people got paid on Monday! The Prez is a Veg, but who are the most to blame for this […]

We’ve Got Daddy Issues

Czabe welcomes ANDY POLLIN to discuss the “nepo-baby” charges being thrown around LeBron and his son being drafted by the Lakers. They also talk about John Anderson leaving ESPN, the Hawk Tua girl surfaces, Biden's debate disaster, Martin Mull and the San Diego Chicken. As usual, a full buffet of good stuff awaits! Dive in!!! […]

The Yeezy Cybertruck Is Bonkers

The NBA Draft is now a 2-night affair, so, for every casual who already wasn't going to watch, you'll need to tell this to your buddies twice this year. My dealership insider the “exhaust whisperer” REZZER joins me to discuss Antonio Pierce's idiot wife who bought a bunch of dealerships and has left her man […]

2024 – Episode 21 – Even Protesters Can’t Stop Scottie!

The “summer of Scottie” continues, unabated by arrests, babies, or protestors. Is the Travellers course “too easy?” Three beers and a date with destiny. Monday Q's and overly complicated betting games. MORE…. John Ronis, Jon Guh, Chris Johnson, and Steve Czaban. Presented by GolfDom in Tysons Corner, VA and WorldWide Golf! Advertising Inquiries:

Maybe Not Everybody Needs A Podcast, Amirite?

Czabe talks to his ex-CFL wideout friend HATCH about several athlete relationship stories in the news now. Like how Kelly Stafford admitted to dating the backup QB at Georgia just to piss off her future husband. Also, what does he think of a 24-year-old girlfriend for Bill Belichick? There's a TikTok trend of “find the […]

The Rats Have Come Home To Roost

All hail the Florida Panthers, Stanley Cup Champs. A thrilling and grinding Game 7 has turned the franchise, once just known for plastic rats on the ice, into Cup history. CZABE goes solo, deep into the Monday evening, to share his thoughts on the finale. Also, J.J. Reddick is runnin' hot already with the Lakers […]

Givin’ It the Ol’ “Hock Tua!”

Czabe is joined by ANDY POLLIN to discuss the viral perils of modern internet society and how mortified he would be if his own daughter Samantha went viral like that girl did. Also, Stephen A. Smith makes his case for a staggering $25M a year. How come Andy doesn't really like music? A new MLB […]

Say It Ain’t So, Kid

Willy Mays passes away right as MLB launched a 3-day tribute to the modern living legend. Czabe never saw Willy play, but is as blown away at the scope of his career as anybody. 1 – Willy Mays 2 – Say Hey Song 3 – Mt. Rushmore of Baseball 4 – You Fired The Black […]

Lucky Charms, Not Needed

The Celtics win the NBA title as expected. Czabe rings CHRIS KNOCHE to talk about the “secret sauce” of this title team, and how the “Jays” (Tatum and Brown) evolved as a deadly duo. Tell me you don't know anything about cooking out, without telling me. And the mobile lounges ain't goin' anywhere! MORE . […]

2024 – Episode 20 – Bryson DeChambeau Wins US Open!

Steve Czaban, John Ronis, Jon Guhl and special guest Jason Kauflin discuss the glorious bunker shot by Bryson and the agony of missed short putts by Rory. How did Pinehurst #2 hold up to the best in the world? Broadcast notes and criticism and praise. Tales from inside the ropes. MORE…. Advertising Inquiries:

The New Katy Perry – With 30% More “Underboob!” menu

Czabe welcomes MARTY CONWAY to discuss the state of the PGA Tour – LIV merger/agreement. How private equity is flooding into college sports, but will it be sustainable? Johnson Wagner is a cult hit for The Golf Channel. Katy Perry is back with a new album. Can she still deliver the hits? MORE . . […]

Bryson’s Bunker Shot For The Ages!

Czabe recaps a thrilling US Open Sunday with ANDY POLLIN and talks about how it's hard not to feel bad for Rory McIlroy. Are there ANY athletes you have ever felt truly sorry for? And how good was Bryson's bunker shot? It was the “triple lindy” of shots. And he pulled it off! Also Charles […]

2024 US Open – Round 1 Emergency Recap

Czabe is joined by John Ronis and Jon Guhl to recap Day 1 of the US Open at Pinehurst. Advertising Inquiries: