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In Favor Of “One… And Done!”

Czabe is joined by PAUL CHARCHIAN to discuss the tension between wanting the BEST teams to make it far in playoffs, vs. the appeal of “upsets.” Charch still wants SINGLE elimination in the pros. Minnesota’s sports misery continues. Czabe’s stupid rotator cuff injury. What is “failure” in sports? MORE…… Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out: […]

That Time The Bucs Completely Whiffed The 1/1 Pick

The NFL Draft 2023 is in the books. ANDY POLLIN joins me to discuss. Things you’ll never see in the newer, smarter NFL. 5th year options. My mom can sniff bullshit from a mile away. War rooms, and tear-jerkers. How quickly NFL life comes and goes. LeBron punks Dillon Brooks. How much money, is “too […]

The Fred Smoot Guide To the 2023 NFL Draft

Nobody loves the draft quite like the former #27, Fred Smoot. He unveils a “Married QB Superbowl” theory, along with a “Beware the 2nd Quarterback Taken” advisory. He also knows a little bit why NYC was appealing to Aaron Rodgers. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

Ready For Takeoff!

Aaron Rodgers deal finally gets done. The Jets have “one shot” at greatness, says Czabe. He is joined by KEVIN SHEEHAN of the Team 980 to discuss why draft highlights never show low-lights, all the ways and times teams “got it wrong” plus a detour into the Bucks being pushed to the brink. Also, Czabe […]

Mr. Charchian Goes To the Statehouse

Czabe talks legal sports gambling and legislators with GuillotineLeague’s PAUL CHARCHIAN who is part of a lobbying group on his industry’s behalf in Minnesota. Charch reacts to Czabe’s “Guide to Drafting Well” and explains how and why the Patriots have been so bad at it. Czabe’s final/final 30,000 foot view of the Rodgers trade that’s […]

Czabe’s Simple Guide to Drafting Well In The NFL

Let me walk you through 10 things that will ensure you NAIL IT on the annual collegiate choose-em-up. ANDY POLLIN joins me. The NBA Playoffs are heating up with nut shots and key injuries. “King Charles.” Alec Baldwin. Bed Bath and Bankrupt. Senior discount. MORE….. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

“You Got The Money?”

Czabe flies solo, and plays some jaw-dropping clips from the Junkies interview with Commanders bidder Brian Davis. Plus Sunday Ticket on YouTube will have a MAJOR cripple hammer to it, the ladies have spoken up at ESPN about transgender sports, Tiger Woods is in the shop, again. MORE….. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

A Tale of Kids, Popcorn & Airplanes

Czabe played his weekly “road” game at the “The Linn Murray Solly” podcast, and it was so good, so spicy, he said “why not” carry it here for your enjoyment. If you want more of the “lads” in your life than just with me once a week, here’s where to find them! Link is […]

The Price of QB1’s Is Still…. Not Going Down

Topics 1 – Jalen Hurts Gets Paid! 2 – Athletes & Fans: It IS About the $$$ 3 – Past My Bedtime! 4 – That Bird Don’t Come Here No More 5 – Tidy Garages 6 – Manfred’s Inadvertent Truth 7 – Wait Wait, Here Me Out 8 – Succession Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & […]

The End Has Come

Czabe is joined by ANDY POLLIN to discuss the 25 year farce of Dan Snyder’s Redskins/Team/Commanders ownership. He was worse than you’ll ever know. Hired even worse people under him. And ruined everything. A complete look at the disaster, and thoughts about the new ownership group and what lies ahead. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & […]

When He’s “Feeling Zion, Again”

The NBA has become such a player’s league, that former #1/#1 draft picks can be cleared to play by team doctors, but still say “yeah… nah” when it comes to actually hitting the hardwood. NOTORIOUS J-A-Y joins me to discuss. More SAS? Kliff to Trojans! Rodgers stalemate? Sharks on golf course! OBJ to Ravens. Jay’s […]

Jeff Smulyan: The Godfather of Sports Talk Radio

Czabe talks to the man who turned a small FM station into NYC into a sports radio powerhouse, and a template for an explosion of the format across America. Also, is Joe Douglass botching the Rodgers trade? Portal blues, and “this ain’t no family.” Plus Antonio Brown, and maybe someday we’ll get a 162-0 baseball […]

Zero Veggies, Still Clean As A Whistle!

Lest I invoke the wrath of the health Gods, I must say to everybody who screamed at me about colo-rectal health all these years knowing that I’m an AVOWED “Anti-Vegite”… you can suck it! I discuss my 1st colonoscopy with ANDY POLLIN. We get his Masters takes. The Rudy Gobert suspension. Why the NBA is […]

Relentless Rahm Reels In Koepka

The Masters was a loooong day of golf for the field, and our fat asses on the couch Sunday! But damn, it came down to a pretty good finish, huh? I’ve got a mini-CAPITAL GOLF GANG embedded here to break it all down. Plus the NBA’s tank-job in Dallas, and OBJ to the Ravens? Advertising […]

Emergency Car Bound Post-Masters CzabeCast!

Czabe and his host Chris Broussard recap their wet, wild, and nearly disastrous day at Augusta National – while doing 85 MPH barrelling down Interstate 20 to Atlanta! Never too late! Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

Farewell Final Four Friends

Jim Nantz signs off after 32 years. UConn puts down Aztec uprising. The upside of the transfer portal. Things get taken from you, as you get older. Weird emails, affirming emails. MR X on trash talking, wrapping up the tourney, Caitlin Clark controversy and more. Special Guest DANNY B on his Masters betting faves and […]

We Can’t See Each Other

The greatest weekend ever for NCAA Women’s basketball, was stained by a little bit of taunting on the court, which led to all kinds of uglyness on the usual internet places. MARK SPENCER joins me today to discuss, plus my Opening Day “road win” which came at a cost, and my up close thoughts on […]

The Aztecs Let It Ride!

SDSU stuns FAU in one last “Shining Moment.” UConn continues it’s bracket rampage. Dawn Staley plays the victim. Yay, sports! Gary Player is an old man yelling about soup! Feinstein’s protest. Commanders sale stalling? Nats off the market. Mailbag. MORE….. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

“Don’s Don’t Wear Shorts”

The annual NFL “coaches group photo” is out, and as always it doesn’t disapoint. NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt does a masterclass breakdown. Jurassic Meatball. Rachel Bonetta. Final Four. Scoring 14. Lamar’s Lost Money. Cheap asses. FTG! More…. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

Let’s Play Ball, 2023!

Why Mr. X’s Season Totals are going to be harder and harder to nail. But he tries anyway! Also his thoughts on the NCAA Tournament, announcers, bad beats, cold streaks, and more! Also Czabe talks Masters app, the most honest swimmer ever, and more. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

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