Saturday, March 2, 2024

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Paul Lukas – on MLB Jerseys

Czabe starts sizing up what the QB gurus think of Caleb Williams. PAUL LUKAS of joins to discuss the MLB cheap uni debacle. Kyle's okay, and Gooch wants asterisks. MORE….. Our Sponsors:* Check out Indeed and use my code CZABE for a great deal: * Check out Rosetta Stone:* Check out Tecovas […]

I’ll Have A Whiskey, And Keep ‘Em Comin!

Czabe welcomes CHARCH back from his 16th annual “Whiskey Weekend” with buddies. Turns out “Jefferson's Ocean” might not be just a gimmick! Russell Wilson gets done dirty by the Broncos. Combine stupidity. Wendy's surge pricing. Apple pulls the plug on the iCar. Netflix continues to suck really hard! MORE…. Our Sponsors:* Check out Indeed and […]

Monica’s Fifty and Nifty!

Czabe goes SOLO today! But there's a ton to discuss. Jay Bilas claims CBB is not “ruined” but what would he know? Recruiting was easy, finding this kind of NIL money is hard! UMass to the MAC. Golf exhibitions! NFL mulling rule changes. Don't let your kids become running backs. Peter King “retires.” Vegas comps […]

Storm Damage

Czabe is back from Mexico – and ALIVE! He's joined by ANDY POLLIN to discuss the latest court storming controversy and what can be done about it. Also, Cam Newton is taking on dudes left and right at a football camp. The NFL sells another playoff game for $100M++. MLB won't admit the new uniforms […]

Sports Radio Abhors The Notion of “Luck”

The Chiefs hold their celebration parade. It featured the usual drunken revelry by players, but ended in tragedy with a mass shooting. MR X joins Czabe to put a bow on the game itself, and all of the new “easter eggs” being found by way of NFL Films mic'd up audio. The Chiefs knew what […]

Is The NFL Doing The Post-Game Celebration All Wrong?

Perhaps. A suggestion or two from another sport on how to improve the NFL's immediate confetti aftermath of the Superbowl's ending. Czabe welcomes sports marketing professor MARTY CONWAY to discuss the NFL's “best year ever” as well as the current TV streaming challenges to sports leagues, The LIV threat to the PGA and Tiger's new […]

NFL Fans Are Whores To The Shield

Despite the smallest stadium in the modern era (61,000) and highest average ticket price ($8,500) Las Vegas staked it's claim as a permanent spot on the Superbowl Rota. ANDY POLLIN joins me to discuss, plus the new OT rules, CBS's Romo problem, do you feel bad for Shanny Jr. and more! Still alot of “meat” […]

The Chiefs Repeat The Hardman Way

It's over! Kansas City is back on top of the mountain, this time with Taylor Swift along for the ride! An overtime thriller in Vegas that has left the Niners heartbroken again. Czabe has stayed up late, collected as many stray chickens from the game that just ended, and has a good 45 mins for […]

“Dude, Where’s My Tower?”

Czabe flies solo today, and he kills it! 1 Splintering and Consolidation 2 The Jerk 3 Watch Out, Dartmouth 4 He's Got the Receipts 5 I Dare The Bears, I Dare 'Em! 6 Suing Deadspin 7 Super Tech-Mo Bowl 58 8 Boomer's Theory on T-Swizzle 9 Niners Working Comp System to Perfection 10 PGA Tour […]

“Raise Up Your Glasses Against Evil Forces…..”

Czabe is joined by PAUL CHARCHIAN today. It's a banger episode, for sure! Our Sponsors:* Check out Indeed and use my code CZABE for a great deal: * Check out Rosetta Stone:* Think you're not a boot guy? Think again. Check out Tecovas: Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

Did You Think Google Was Closed Today?

Cheryl Swoopes with an All-Time woman-on-woman flagrant foul. Why the Caitlin Clark hate from a fellow female baller? The NFL moves into a 5-nights and 5-games opening weekend, with a Friday game in Brazil. The Niners already complaining about their pracitce field being too soft. Light up NBA court for All Star Game. BRYANT HATCHER […]

Piggledy-Runaround-Grabbyass…. Not “Football”

Czabe covers various topics including the decline of the Pro Bowl, the improvement in women's college basketball, the NBA's quality of play, the possibility of LeBron James being traded, and the hiring of Dan Quinn as the Washington Commanders' coach. Other topics discussed include aging parents, Patrick Mahomes' DUI, Tom Brady's golf mishap, and the […]

Where Are the Non-Athlete Sports Talk Hosts?

Czabe welcomes NOTORIOUS J-A-Y and they discuss why there's such a scarcity of black sports radio hosts who did NOT play pro sports before stepping behind a mic. Also, who ordered the “Code Red” on Lamar not running much, and why? Also thoughts on the Orioles sale, will Tom Brady be good in the booth, […]

Should Lions Fear A Coup, As “Kings of The North?”

Czabe welcomes PAUL CHARCHIAN from Guillotine to get his take on CCG weekend. We chew on a question to Detroit radio station: “Did the Lions just blow their one shot” like Eminem once rapped? Also, what truly makes the NFL great? Is Kirk Cousins ticketed out of town? Thoughts on referee bias, the great […]

These Six Nacho Chips Cost $26

Czabe welcomes GIL ALEXANDER of VSiN to talk about the state of Vegas, how bad the price gouging will be the week of the SuperBowl, his thoughts on the Ravens game plan, and Dan Campbell's “wheelbarrow balls” mistakes vs. the Niners. Also, the frozen Chiefs fans are the best real life mystery going. MORE…… Our […]

The Big One, That Got Away

The Superbowl is set! Niners-Chiefs rematch from the last Superbowl before the world went batshit crazy and has never recovered. The Lions pull an epic meltdown, and Dan Campbell will have to live with the pain of two very debatable decisions. Meanwhile the Lamar Jackson “narratives” are cranking at full force, as the “juggernaut” Ravens […]

Even Rich Beautiful “Influencers” Need to “Face” Their Fears

CZABE goes SOLO today, again from the closet! The audio quality is sublime, and the topic material compelling and impeccably delivered. Czabe talks about how “ESPN Screwed ESPN” with the Doc Rivers situation, Barstool getting back to the sweet milk of sports gambling, and even the impossibly good looking Cavinder twins can fall prey to […]

NBA Job Security Is A Myth

Boy, I've always heard the NBA was a “player's league” but the Bucks whacking first year head coach Adrian Griffin after just 43 games while in 2nd place, was a mid-week KA-BOOM in Milwaukee. Meanwhile, guest PAUL CHARCHIAN's Timberwolves had their star go for 44 points in the 1st half, and ended up taking big […]

“Sir, You Are Making A Scene”

Sunday's NFL double-header delivered as we knew it would. But the Kelce Show in Buffalo provided extra sizzle. Czabe talks to GLENN YOUNES of the Ed Reed Foundation about Lamar and Ravens, is Josh Allen “good enough” and more. Also Czabe's mini-review of the Samsung “Frame” TV and his new problem finding a piece of […]

The Packers “El Guapo” Does It, Again

The most entertaining game of the 2024 Playoffs, was another gut-punch heartbreaker to Packers fans. ANDY POLLIN joins me to discuss what it feels like after years of being beaten down by the Redskins under Snyder. Also, thoughts on Greg Olsen, the RG3 vs. Jay Gruden Twitter fight, the death of Sports Illustrated and more. […]