Football Five Ways Friday – Week 14

Holy toe-curlers boys and girls, another robust edition of F5WF for your consumption this week! I’ve re-arranged the isles just like those assholes at Home Depot do, just to mess with you and make you buy more shit you don’t need. So, if you want some guidance as to what’s in this puppy, here goes….

00:00 – “You Are Looking Live” – Week 14
11:31 – The Picks & Locks – with “Mr. X”
35:39 – The Quarterback Whisperer: Sean Salisbury
47:43 – Tim Murray on College Football
104:41 – Charch on Fantasy Football – Playoff Round 1

Steakhouse AFTER DARK!

Our scheduled “Steakhouse Confidential,” turned into “Steakhouse Cancelled.” But, never fear. We weren’t going to give up free steaks. So we winged it! What we learned? Never live with another grown ass man, unless you are desperate. And if so, start saving every penny you have to get hell out. We also discussed Barstool Sports, Instagram, A-Rod, baseball hot-stove, the Redskins strategy with Reuben Foster and… “Reindeer Sweaters.”

Broken Colt Sends Skins Into NFL Wilderness

There are no words. And no good answers. This team… is… f***ed. Not just for the rest of 2018, but likely for several years to come. I sort out with Andy Pollin where this team goes from here. The hopeful (delusional?) high road, or the dirty grimy road of shame: TANK AVENUE! Brett Favre cutting $500 promos for hate groups? Giannis controls his nut-punching urge. Team logo gear for nerds?

Highly Successful, And Love Overdue

At a certain point, a coach can only dine out on his one Super Bowl championship for so long, before people start asking to see your wallet. For Mike McCarthy, this firing was long overdue. And after a dud like Sunday against the Cardinals, totally justified in its swift (and somewhat shocking) timing. Kareem Hunt is not Ray Rice, even though the Shield has learned nothing since then. Week 13 highlights. College Football playoff seedings. John Legend’s version of Charlie Brown Christmas.

Football Five Ways Friday – Week 13

Holy snot-knockers boys and girls, but I went a little crazy this week! This baby is MEATY, so let me give you a road map to all the goodness, in case your stomach feels full!

00:00 – “You Are Looking Live” – Week 13 (with “Mr. X”)
22:10 – Paul Charchian on Fantasy Football
33:25 – Mark Packer, Sirius XM ESPN U College Football
48:06 – Tim Murray’s 5-0 Championship Heat
56:21 – Mr. X’s Gambling Lesson of the Week
106:10 – Richard Deitch, The Athletic on NFL Broadcasters

Steakhouse Confidential #4 – Kevin Grevey

Former Washington Bullet Kevin Grevey sits down with us at and shares life in the pre-historic NBA days where he could sprain his wrist in the NBA Finals, and get the worst, most inattentive medical treatment you’ve ever heard! Kevin is a current NBA scout for Mitch Kupchak and the Charlotte Hornets, and he’s not afraid to give his opinions on where the league is now, and where it’s going. He also tells the tale of how Kentucky closed the deal on recruiting him out of high school (spoiler: it involved a car!)

Welcome To the ‘Bama Boys Redskins Rehab Center, Rueben!

So much for a second DV charge being fatal to one’s NFL career, huh? I guess the age old adage about being good enough to be worth the trouble, is indeed “age old” for a reason! Notorious JAY joins me to discuss the Lamar Jackson phenomenon in Baltimore, and other Week 12 NFL observations. Plus a rousing version of FTG and how much would you pay for a sport coat?

The New Phone Flim-Flam Is Easier, Not Any Cheaper

I was impressed at how effortlessly the Verizon store was able to get me to jump into a new $1200 supercomputer, that also, according to reports, can make a telephone call. Andy Pollin joins me to talk podcasting, the NFC East, Mack Brown’s return to coaching and when college kids used to play the Super Bowl champs. All that, plus savages are gonna savage. Best just leave them alone!

Kirk Delivers Packer Season Knockout In Primetime

So much for Cousins stinks under the bright lights. In a game the Packers had to win, the Ninja Aaron Rodgers was the one with no answers. Now, Mike McCarthy’s grim march to the coaching gallows begins. Week 12 in the NFL. Tiger v. Phil. Thoughts on football “strategery” and more. Rueben Foster. Jim Harbaugh. Hue Jackson.

Football Five Ways Friday – Week 12

This week’s F5WF promises to be a spleen-squisher of an episode! Buckle up for me and Mr. X to collaborate on our picks for Week 12. Paul Charchian dispenses essential fantasy advice. We have Tim Murray’s college plays, minus Murray himself. (It’s my fault! I’ll explain.) Plus the 5 Essential College Football Rivalries, and some of my favorite rivalry trophies. If you don’t get it, then pry open your digital wallet for a mere $5 a month! Go to and join the “Football Five Ways” party!

Steakhouse Confidential #3 – Chris Knoche

Former American University head basketball coach Chris Knoche (aka: “The Other Coach K”) and current University of Maryland radio analyst sits down to discuss college basketball in depth and with no punches pulled. We talk about refs who take food of coaches tables, players who try to shave points, and the depths to which coaches must go to play the recruiting game. Plus, the annual Wall Street Journal homage to Thanksgiving in America.

Steaks and service compliments of DC Prime Steakhouse in One Loudoun. Go to to make your reservations now for the holiday season!

Rams and Chiefs Nuke the “Over” in SB 52.5

So rarely does a hyped game even meet expectations in sports, but this one did all that and then “took it to eleven” Spinal Tap style with crazy. The grumps will say “no defense” but they are full of it. This game had playmakers galore, on both sides of the ball. Condi Rice is too brilliant to be a meathead football coach. Alex Smith injury update. Uniform correction. Man sues airline over having to sit next to fat guy for 14 hour flight.

No Easy Exit From The Alex Smith Business

The Redskins suffered an eerily similar injury some 33 years to the date on Sunday. Joe Theismann broke his leg on Nov 18, 1985. Alex Smith did the same. Joe never played again. But Alex almost certainly will. That said, the Redskins forecast for a player they assumed was a “safe” bet is now clouded with uncertainty. Thoughts on bad calls and whining about the refs. Uniform reviews. Harvard player with stupid taunt. Why I’m not paying for Tiger v. Phil.

Football Five Ways Friday – Week 11

This week’s F5WF promises to be a cock-splitter of an episode! Buckle up for me and Mr. X to collaborate on our picks for Week 11. Paul Charchian dispenses essential fantasy advice. Timmy T-Time Murray keeps dishing out stone cold college winners! All that plus the legend of Nate Peterman is immortalized by John O’Hurley. If you don’t get it, then pry open your digital wallet for a mere $5 a month! Go to and join the “Football Five Ways” party!