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CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS: If you have been a Premium subscriber for a while, click here for details on how to transition your subscription from Libsyn to RedCircle.

CzabeCast Premium Transition

Annual Plan with Access on Multiple Platforms Now Available. 

Since launching the Premium subscription to the CzabeCast, there has been a constant drumbeat of two requests from listeners:

  1. Why can’t I just sign up and pay once per year?
  2. Why can I only listen to the Premium episodes on the CzabeCast app?

Well, I am intruding into your inbox today to tell you that we are moving the podcast to a new platform created by RedCircle and it solves both of those issues.

RedCircle was created by a couple of former Uber employees and offers a very sleek, simple interface for signing up and managing your account. They also currently host Tony Bruno’s podcast as well as Gerry Callahan’s. So I think we’re in good company with these guys.

The real key with the RedCircle platform is they offer the ability to listen to the premium podcast on multiple podcast platforms, including Apple.  You’ll be able to download and listen to the Premium episodes right there in many of the same apps you listen to other shows on. You’ll also have a private RSS Feed you can copy and paste into the more obscure apps out there.

Get 12 Months for the Price of 11

With this move to RedCircle, we’re also launching an option to sign up for an annaul subscription plan. I had plans to launch ALE Coin II (aka the “Son of ALE Coin”) with this annual plan, but it has proven difficult to get the coins and mail them with the pandemic going on right now. So instead, I’m just giving you the $5 (sort of). The new annual plan is $55 for 12 months — essentially buy 11 months, get the twelfth month free.

If you want to just keep paying month-to-month, you can signup for the monthly subscription plan on RedCircle for just $5 a month. Yes, it’s an extra $0.01 per month and $0.12 per year than Libsyn. Inflation sucks.

Are the Other Episodes Still Free?

The Monday through Thursday episodes of CzabeCast are still free — as free as draft advice to Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam from a homeless guy.  But every Friday, Czabe pulls out of his bag of goodies a subscriber-only episode.

During football season, the Friday premium episodes take the form of “Football 5-Ways” and are  jam-packed with everything you need to get ready for the weekends on the gridiron, including:

  • The original, unduplicatable “You Are Looking Live” rundown of the weekend 1%’rs have come to know and love.
  • For the gambling degenerates among the group, Mr. X dials in or sits with Czabe in his car to give you his weekly picks plus some tips on how you can navigate your way through the world of sports wagering — it’s not gambling if you know what you are doing!
  • The college game tickle your fancy? Czabe has a revolving cast of guest experts giving you the insights to the big games of the weekend.
  • For you fantasy nerds out there, who else but the incomparable Paul Charchian “Charch” to give you his latest fantasy tips to win the weekend.
  • And much much more.

What About During the Off-Season?

Outside of football season, the Friday episodes are still premium-only and feature some of the same guests — Charch, Mr. X, etc. — as well as some other topics outside of the world of sports. There are also special episodes like the day after Round 1 of the NFL Draft, Czabe “live-dialed” around the country with his network of folks around the country as the picks came in.

It’s worth it, trust us.

Becoming a CzabeCast Premium subscriber is the best way to support the show

The more premium subscribers we have, the more Czabe can spread his wings and add more to the experience. And it’s just $5.00 a month — that’s only $.04 more than the price of one of those Starbucks grande pumpkin spice lattes.

Are the Friday full episodes worth the $5 a month subscription fee?

Probably not. At least not yet.

But by being a subscriber, you’re not just getting the premium episodes, but also supporting the entire podcast and the more subscribers we have in place, the more things we can do.

If you give CzabeCast Premium a try and find it’s just not your thing, you can cancel your subscription at any time. No tricks, hassles or hoops to jump through.

Subscribing is simple, just go to RedCircle  and fill out the form to set up your RedCircle subscription account and enter your precious payment details — including Apple Pay. Don’t worry, you can cancel at any time.

Click the button below to get started.

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