CzabeCast January 9, 2018

For my money, few sports “narratives” are more exciting than the “new phenom out of nowhere” who comes in and does amazing things. It’s the Tom Brady story. It’s Kurt Warner. It’s John Daly winning the PGA Championship. Now granted, this Tua kid has been on prep scouts’ radar for a while. He’s a 5-star stud. So the true “Cinderella” angle doesn’t quite fit perfectly. That said, what we saw on Monday night was amazing – assuming you could stay up late for it. In today’s CzabeCast I discuss with Drew Olsen of The Big 920 in Milwaukee why I feel this has bumped Texas-USC off the very top shelf (don’t worry, peeps, I’m not throwing it away!). Also I have figured out how to get this CzabeCast delivered via Libsyn to all of the usual places (iTunes, Google Play, etc.) so please search there, and subscribe. Bear with me while I iron out all of the rough edges of delivery, archiving and such.

CzabeCast January 8th, 2018

The NFL can write all of the new concussion regulations they want, but let’s be honest: when an NFL playoff game is on the line, there is no damn way a team will hand the ball to Derek Anderson in the final two minutes and say: “Good luck! Because Cam Newton’s long term brain health is more important than this SILLY little game we are playing! Suuuuure. So the “blue healing tent” has become the latest NFL farce, along with adventures in replay, color rush, and Jeff Triplette. A sneaky-good Wildcard weekend, plus JT The Brick on Gruden’s return to the Raiders. That and Reason #1782 why luxury cruises are probably, a bad idea.

CzabeCast January 5th, 2018

There may not be fire just yet inside the Patriots organization, but thick black smoke is definitely billowing from the windows. I explore the chances that Alex Guerrero is going to be the Yoko Ono of one of the greatest sports dynasties ever. And Mike McCarthy seems more entrenched than ever! Plus, I found where Hank Goldberg is giving out his betting advice! Hint: It’s not great. All that plus our guest is our guy Gill Alexander from VSiN in Las Vegas on each of the betting lines in this weekend’s wildcard round. Teaser: he actually recommends some teasers! Suprise! And if Diet Coke really helped an old lady live to 104, then I will be approaching near immortality.

CzabeCast January 4th, 2018

Today’s guest Drew Olsen of The Big 920 in Milwaukee explains that not only will Mike McCarthy be back next year for the Packers, but Brett Hundley likely will as well. It’s nightmare fuel I can’t comprehend, because a) Big Mac has run his course and b) Hundley is terrible. But hey, as long as #12 stays upright, it’s 50/50 at worst that the Packers make it back to the NFC Championship. Plus I’ll explain why football is never going to die until robots football takes over, and why Bill Belichick gives zero F’s about snowstorms.

CzabeCast: January 3rd, 2018

The Packers are ready to hire a new GM. What direction will they go? Should they stick with proven “football guys” or think out of the box? All I know is that paying a “search firm” to help, is a total scam. If Mark Murphy doesn’t have a phone and a list of names, what is he doing? Also, I try to help make the Winter Classic “great again” and what about the Hall of Fame Finalists? My “brother-from-another-mother” Jay Cottrell joins me as special guest. And never forget: “Crazy don’t get tired.”

CzabeCast: January 2nd, 2018

New year, more me. Aren’t you thrilled? Well, if nothing else… this one is free! If you want an extra 30+ minutes of me per day in your pocket, on your phone, edible whenever you are hungry for some earcandy, then 2018 is gonna be a good year! In this episode, the CFB playoff games, black Monday in NFL, stat of the day and more. Old friend Andy Pollin drops by as the FOCZ (Friend of Czabe) and we discussed the accomplishment of getting blocked by Albert Haynesworth on Twitter and the latest Kirk-ulation.

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