An Underdog Fairy Tale Comes True

They finished the story. Closed the sale. Slayed the "Two Goliaths." An underdog city, with an incredible underdog run, finally won the most important City championship of any place that has all-four pro sports: The Super Bowl. They have the whole set now. Something very rare. (And don't ask me how to "score" cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco who have double-teams in some leagues.) The Flyers: 1974, 1975 The Sixers: 1983 The Phillies: 1980, 2008 And now... the Eagles. The statue could be Nick Foles, he played with the icy calm of a white walker once again. But I would vote for a fan in an Eagles jersey with a dog mask. That would be…Read more...

Mr. Smith Comes To Washington

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 02: Quarterback Alex Smith #11 of the Kansas City Chiefs is chased by outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan #91 of the Washington Redskins during the game at Arrowhead Stadium on October 2, 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images)
I'll give my football team this much: we don't do anything subtle. The bolt-from-the-sky news of the Alex Smith trade on Tuesday night has put a jolt into not just the DC market for sports radio…Read more...

The Great Tom Brady Daughter “Pissant” Controversy of 2018

CzabeCast January 30, 2018
Super Bowl Stories: The Night(mare) Before
Tales of Stanley Wilson, Barrett Robbins, and Eugene Robinson

Notorious J-A-Y: Jay Cottrell, WBAL Baltimore
Radio Row Of Yesteryore
Explaining Kendrick Lamar
Explaining Lady Gaga
Reinventing Yourself
Hating Rap
Questions I’d Love To Ask at Media Day
Brady’s Daughter Controversy
Tiger Fan Shoots His Wad Early

KICKER: Fake Twitter Followers

Once More, With Feeling (… and $100 Million of His Own Money)

CzabeCast January 26, 2018

Pro Bowl Pattycake
Vince’s XFL Re-Boot
What’s Success?
NFL Threat?
XP Rule Change Idea

GUEST: Andy Pollin, DC Sports Podcast
Qdoba Tryst?
The Fuller Brush Salesman Convention
Marv Levy and His Schmeckel
Send It In Jerome!
Mel Kiper Jr. Says He’ll Quit
Draft “Crapshoot”
Mayfield Douchebag?
Costas Lost His Love for Football
The NFL on NBC
Cosell Quits Boxing
Patriots v. Jags Recap
Tom Brady Over-rated
All Defense All The Time
Case Keenum: Not Good Enough
Root for NFC East?
Mack Holllins Local Kid
Division of Champions
Jay Gruden Quipster
Cowboy Hat Coaches
XFL Gimmicks
Wiz Players Only Meeting
Andy Betting NBA?
Home NFL TV Blackouts
MNF Halftime Highlights
“Chipotle, Only Closer”

Leave With This…
The Garoppolo SB Tax Factor

That Time John Madden Completely Blew The Super Bowl


CzabeCast January 25,2018

Vince McMahon XFL2?
Post-9/11 SuperBowl
Madden’s Strategic Blunder
Understated Summerall
Saving Timeouts

Notorious J-A-Y: Jay Cottrell
“We” All Love Cee-Lo Green?
Steve Harvey Sucks
Philly’s Fictional Sports Hero
Steeler Fan Frustration
James Harrison
Dez Bryant Distraction?
Fringe NFL Players
AJ Francis
White WR’s Thriving
RIP White Safeties In NFL?
Weed Out Theory
Defending Gronk
Sherman’s Epic Postgame
Dropped N-Bomb?
Baker Mayfield
Kevin Love v. Derek Rose
Players Only Meeting
Wizards Disfunction
LeBron’s Instagram
Monique v. Netflix
Friend of Jay?
“Hood Funny”
Juicy Iverson Beatdown
Amy Shumer Is Disgusting
Janet Jackson Pre-Nup
FTG: Pitch Clock Fans

Leave You With This…
Homework Coming In: Your state’s most fucked up thing!
Opting In to Tech Slavery

When I Got The Job 24 Years Ago, I Literally Couldn’t Tell Them Apart

CzabeCast January 24, 2018
My Radio Big Brothers
DJI Take My Money
Size (Small) Matters
Brady Cheater Revisited

Guests: Bob and Brian – 102.9 The Hog – Milwaukee
Gratuitous F-Bomb
Tweet Hate
Bad SB QB Winners
I’ll Die Before Another Super Bowl
Dan Patrick on B&B
Mark Patrick Dash For Cash
Thanks Greg Noack
Who Are These Cheeseheads?
Calling Jim Brown
They Almost Fired Me!
My FM Baptism
Bob v. Brian on Sports
Books? For Suckers!
Jerry Kramer: Ultimate Packer
The Ice Bowl QB Sneak

Virginia’s Draconian Speeding Laws
Your State’s Most Fucked Up Thing

Two Dreaded Weeks of “Not Football”…. And This Hot Mess…


CzabeCast January 23, 2018
The Pro Bowl… Meh
Thanks For The Feedback
I’m Not A Sports Expert
Rich at $14,000/Year
It Doesn’t Pay to Be Right
But I Still Try…. Foolishly
Where’s Merrill Hodge?

GUEST: Drew Olsen – The Big 920 – Milwaukee Wisonsin
Miracle Game Theory Disproven
Bend The Knee
Radio Row…. Double Meh
Webcasting Sports Radio
Flying Enemy Colors
Midwest Sports Hospitality
Brady Not Loved Like Jordan
Bucks Can Kidd
Are Yu Serious? Darvish A Brewer?
Free Agent Deep Freeze
F*** That Guy!
Don’t @ Me, Bro!
Sunday Night Baseball PXP

KICKER: “Emotional Support Duck”

The Patriots Just Do Everything Football, Better Than Your Team

FOXBOROUGH, MA - JANUARY 21: Stephon Gilmore #24 of the New England Patriots deflects a pass intended for Dede Westbrook #12 of the Jacksonville Jaguars in the fouorth quarter during the AFC Championship Game at Gillette Stadium on January 21, 2018 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

It’s an annoying fact, but one that’s hard to dispute. From player and talent evaluation, to organization culture, to game day preparation, to in-game tactics, to making the right play at the right time, they are the gold standard. And yeah, they cheat, and are apparently getting the “butcher’s thumb on the scale” when it comes to the refs. Or that’s what some of the angry anti-Pats fans say on the internet. I dunno. Maybe, a little. But the Jags blew that game, because they didn’t play to win. In today’s CzabeCast I fly solo, with so much to talk about in both games. I’ve got Troy Aikman audio and Tony Romo’s giggling weird noises. Plus why I wish I hadn’t seen one particular government shutdown “hot-take” on Facebook.

My Boy Drew Magary Will Be Ready For the Rubber Room Sunday

As his Vikings set out to right the disastrous wrongs of past teams that couldn’t get it done! In today’s CzabeCast I make my NFC/AFC picks/predictions (hey, I was 3-0-1 last week!) and pay a house call to the foul-mouthed but addictive writer of the Funbag! on Deadspin. A wide ranging show today, that covers pitch clocks, butthurt baby NBA millionaires, and Goodell’s cabinet of flunkies. And Drew explains why he had his “Frank Grimes” meltdown on Bill Simmons after his latest Patriots column regarding Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady, and Jimmy G. It was a fun romp through a bunch of stuff. I hope you enjoy!

Hall of Fame Reckoning Comes Again: Joe Must Go In!

Every NFL fanbase has their “pet player” they feel deserves to be in the Hall of Fame above many other worthy candidates around the league. I get that part. But it strains the bounds of football common sense that the anchor of the first o-line to be known league-wide with a nickname “The Hogs” in Joe Jacoby, is still standing on the doorstep waiting in the rain. This year, has GOT to be the year. Andy Pollin and I talk about what has changed slightly in the deeply flawed Pro Football Hall of Fame voting process, that might be just what “Jake” needs to finally earn enshrinement. Hell, he only played every spot on the line besides center. He blocked speed demons like Lawrence Taylor and battleships like Richard Dent with equal dexterity. He went to 4 Super Bowls, won 3 of them, in two of those wins helped the Redskins set the big game record for rushing! In today’s CzabeCast we also talk about how far the Skins really are from playoff success again, what’s up with the ongoing TV ratings drain, and the movie “I, Tonya.”

His Tombstone Will Read: “Refused To Run The QB Sneak”

We’re all playcallers at heart. Let’s not kid ourselves. Ever since the invention of Madden football on Sega Genesis – hell, before that, with Strat-o-Matic Football in the 70’s! – every dummy on the couch watching football had better ideas for play calls that didn’t work out as planned, than the guys getting paid millions on NFL sidelines and in coaches boxes. In today’s Czabecast, longtime Steeler fan Jay Cottrell (aka: “The Notorious J-A-Y”) breaks down what really went wrong last Sunday, his disdain for now fired OC Todd Haley, the ref who lost his toupee, Markelle Fultz’ jump shot, and much much more!