Medium Take Alert! Urban Meyer Punishment Was About Right

It’s easy to climb aboard one’s media soapbox and demand a football coach’s scalp and many did this week regarding Ohio State. But as I see it, this was a far more complicated case than the usual clucking-hens of righteousness were willing to admit. Yes, Urban Meyer is a liar, and a bad one at that. But maybe now this will help hammer home the fact that football coaches aren’t police, and they aren’t marriage counsellors. Plus, Adrian Petersen as “Burgundy Jesus”and a robust recap of my Scotland golf trip. (Skip ahead to 28:20 to avoid!)

Eagles Now Singing the Red Jersey Blues

How much should you play your important, non-replaceable players in meaningless August games? I say none, after what happened to Nick Foles against the Patriots. But then why the hell did Brady play an entire half!?  The Redskins debut Da’Ron Payne and Alex Smith. ESPN’s new MNF crew. Pouring one out for Cooley and Kevin. Ronnie Pook, Scotland Golf Tours, on Czabe’s 50th Birthday links adventure. Balloon ban?

This Is A Man’s Game, Always Has Been

The curious case of Su’a Cravens. How did it unravel so quickly in DC? Drew Olson warns: Hey dads, forget trying to look “cool” on a campus visit with your kid. Would an electronic strike zone be any better? Gronk likes keeping his money close. Fake news.

Did John Elway’s Big Mouth Just Give Kap’s Lawyers More Ammo?

Jan 1, 2017; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) passes the football against Seattle Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark (55) during the fourth quarter at Levis Stadium Seahawks defeated the 49ers 25-23. Mandatory Credit: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

“You know what, and I said this a while ago: Colin had his chance to be here. We offered him a contract. He didn’t take it. And as I said at my deposition—and I don’t know if I’ll be legally able to say this—but he had his chance to be here. He passed it.”

  1. When You Think You Shouldn’t Say Something… Don’t
  2. UMD’s “Bowtie Wally” Rejected Plan To Improve Athlete Treatment
  3. Notre Dame Whips Up Yankee Themed Special ALT Uni’s
  4. Joe Tessitore Charged With Re-Booting Sagging MNF Booth on ESPN
  5. Chip Kelly Rested, Ready to Come Back And Kick Some Ass
  6. ESPN Revamps “Bottom Line” Score Strip
  7. And May Beg Chris Berman To Return? Berman!?
  8. Keith Hernandez Is One Fat, Retired, Baseball Tough Guy
  9. Little League Coach Pulls Ice Cold Move, Benches Son
  10. RIP Aretha: You Made Us All “Think”

The QB World According to Jags CB Jalen Ramsey

In an interview with GQ published Wednesday, Ramsey offered candid takes on a plethora of starting quarterbacks, including a fresh batch of rookies. In a few breaths, he sang the praises of Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson (they do look good!), while positing that Buffalo’s new gunslinger, Josh Allen, “is trash” with a “big arm, supposedly” (1,000 percent yes!).

  1. Not Trying To Win Friends, or Influence People
  2. The Ugliest Divorce: Su’a Cravens & The Redskins
  3. Gronk Saves His Football Money, Lives off Endorsements
  4. Kentucky Derby Announcer Sues Over Trademark Call
  5. Rick Pitino Names Horse: “Party Dancer”
  6. Jay Gruden: Training Camp Mic’d Up!
  7. Only The French Would Do This
  8. Historical Comps For Top 12 Running Backs in Fantasy
  9. The Rudest Parrot….. Ever!
  10. Purple Martin 101: The Life I’ve Chosen

Maryland Takes the “Loh” Road To Accountability

It took 63 days, and a bombshell ESPN report to finally get Maryland to say “sorry for killing your kid.” Better late than never, I guess. Orlando Scandrick cut. Everybody hates Terrelle Pryor. John Elway does not know QB’s. Warren Sharp, Sharp Football Analysis on the modern running game in the NFL.

GM Elway Keeps Rolling Snake Eyes at Quarterback

Lynch failed to seize the starting job in each of the last two seasons after being selected No. 26 overall in 2016 out of Memphis. He was given a chance to take over for the role last November after Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler floundered, but he suffered an ankle injury in his first game of the year against the Raiders.

  1. When You Can’t Even Beat Out Those Chumps…
  2. Josh Norman Has Very Bad Ideas About QB Pay
  3. Keith Olbermann Calls MLB Game, People Are Mad
  4. Legal Sportsbook Set to Open :25 From My House!
  5. Maryland Tries to Stem The Bleeding on Scandal
  6. Baseball Playoff Odds: “Just tell me straight, doc, am I gonna make it?”
  7. Orcas: Assholes of The Ocean
  8. Lunatic Flies His Own Plane Into Own House
  9. Titleist To Roll Out Yellow…. ProV1’s?
  10. Talk About “Lowering the bar…” Sheesh…

The 7 Circles of Interior Painting Hell

Apparently, if ESPN says “Boo!” then D-1 football programs jump. Who is Tiger’s new “lil’ shawty?” Greatest home runs in baseball history. Notorious J-A-Y describes the misery of DIY paint jobs. F*** that guy! Algorithms can’t comprehend “truth.”

The Decadent Eating Life of the Badgers Earth Movers

That might be one of the most accessible, decipherable statements from a group that communicates frequently in quotes from movies. The more obscure the reference, the better. “Nobody knows what they’re talking about except for them,” Badgers quarterback Alex Hornibrook says.

  1. Immovable Feast: Inside Wisconsin’s O-Line
  2. LeSean McCoy Sued By Ex Over Home Invasion, Robbery, Beating
  3. Florio’s Easy Fix To the Awful Helmet Rule
  4. Pour One Out For “The Anvil”
  5. Andrew Luck Shaved. It Looks Weird
  6. Isiah Thomas Apologizes for Calling Cleveland “Shithole”
  7. The PGA of America’s Blazing Hypocrisy over DUI
  8. Bruce Bowen Speaks Mind on Kawhi, Loses Clippers Gig
  9. Mark Zuckerberg Is Out of His Depth
  10. Mike Franscesa Is Doing It Again!

“Dude…. I Stole A Plane”

Tiger Woods and his spectacular SECOND PLACE finish at the PGA. Gary McCord is the worst. Brooks Koepka is kicking sand in everybody’s face. The crazy suicide-by-stole-airplane story in Seattle? Is he a hero, a tragic figure, or a FTG? Thom Loverro of The Washington Times, 106.7 WJFK and Cigars and Curveballs joins me to talk Maryland Football, Nats and Davey Martinez, and more.

You Are Not Troy Polamalu. Sorry.

“It is not known how the fan made it past security, but real Steelers players quickly noticed the impostor who wore a jersey that had little resemblance to the practice jerseys the Steelers wear.”


  1. Steelers Uber Fan/Imposter Gets In Some Practice Reps
  2. Skins and Jets Fight Over Who Sucks More
  3. The NFL Will Have Their Worst TV Ratings In Years in 2018
  4. Jim Brown: Not A Kneeler. Go @ Him, Twitter Tough Guys
  5. Tiger Finishing Runner Up in Girlfriend Department Too
  6. Defiant Maryland Football Program Reeling After ESPN Report
  7. Tour de France Champ Beats Up Frankfurt Hooker
  8. Let’s Get Ready to Gamble!
  9. Nice Shoes, Prolly Fake
  10. Holy Shit

Capital Golf Gang – Live! PGA Championship Edition

Okay, so it’s no longer “Live!” but we were live at 9 a.m. this morning to discuss the tournament, Brooks Koepka’s sudden rise to dominance, the future PGA sites and the move to May, CBS broadcast likes/hates, Gary McCord, shot-tracer, and more! (Note: Sorry about audio quality, I am efforting why it is not pristine).

Beer Mile Now, Donuts And Cigarette Mile Next!

Who wouldn’t want to have 4 beers in 4 minutes, and then have them slosh around your stomach like a washing machine while running balls-out for a sub-five-minute mile? Well, some maniacs love it. And now there’s a whole “Beer Mile” niche of running. Who knew? Andy Pollin joins us from his Vermont getaway, to discuss just how full of shit Gregg Williams is, and the days when even pre-season games were blacked out. All of that, plus a bike riding pervert gets what he deserves.

Justin Verlander Says Kate Upton Lifted Him Out of Depression

“She was instrumental in me not…like, jumping off a bridge,’ he said. ‘I was depressed and kind of just upset at the world and trying to hide my own shit. She was what I needed. I don’t like to talk to people about being hurt. As athletes, you’re not supposed to. It’s an excuse. … But she was someone I could talk to. I mean, basically a therapist.”

  1. I Think We Can All Agree That Motorboating Is Good Therapy
  2. Hey Ump! Get The Bug Out of Your Ear, You Idiot!
  3. Why Wasn’t Ricky Fowler’s PGA Opening Round on Live TV?
  4. Buffalo Wild Wings Wants to Be Your Bookie
  5. Cam Newton Steps To Kelvin Benjamin Before Game Over Comments
  6. Former Redskin Safety Shawn Springs Working On Safer Helmets
  7. Dez Bryant and Browns Agree To Go On A Date Together
  8. Anthem Protests Begin Again, League Remains Paralyzed
  9. Britain Under Attack From “Drunk And Irritable” Wasps
  10. It Has Come To This….

Man Mows, Drone Watches

This is art. It will soothe you. I figured if there’s an entire category of “Powerwashing Videos” on YouTube, then by gum, why not start a “mowing videos” category. Oh wait, there is one? Well, do they film their mowing… BY DRONE!? This is the infamous “Yohoonye Field” in summer. Stressed by heat. Greener than normal due to all the rain, but with pesky tufts of relentless “nutsedge” as you can see. It’ll be nice by football season, I promise. In the meantime, I mow. Enjoy.