Daily Czabe: The Most Elegant Argument Against Replay Yet

While I have been banging the drum to kill this satan's child of technology that has been RUINING sports for all of us out here who watch these games for enjoyment only, and not some sense of perverse desire for perfection, this is the most well articulated argument I've read to date. Albert Burnenko writes that the delicious syrup of sporting excitement that we have lapped up for years, has been converted into bitter tasting and toxic motor oil. Even if every replay in every sport was rendered in 10 seconds or less (fantasy) and even if every single one of them was adjudicated perfectly and with no remaining dissent amongst those who saw it (impossible) replay would STILL be…Read more...

CzabeCast Thursday May 3, 2018

The Capitals Tom Wilson gets clipped by the NHL for dangerous hit. The Redskins are the latest NFL team to have a cheerleader PR crisis. What will a post-Bruce Allen Redskins front office look like? The Wizards are hopelessly stuck in mediocre. Special Guest: Andy Pollin, Andy Pollin’s DC Podcast.

CzabeCast Wednesday May 2, 2018

Did Kim Jong Un really bring his own crapper to the DMZ handshake with South Korea? And what is the likely training regimen of those jogger/bodyguards? I recap my BWW’s meet and greet, Mike Franscesa is back like he never left. And a totally stupid way to die. SPECIAL GUESTS: Bob and Brian, 102.9 The Hog.

CzabeCast: Tuesday May 1, 2018

The Browns John Dorsey keeps a secret. The Brewers tweet smack at the Cubs. Pornbots invade Facebook Live baseball games. The Packers select more CBs. Pay attention, skippers! Ya gotta hustle if you want to be a big leaguer! SPECIAL GUEST: Drew Olsen, The Big 920.

CzabeCast Monday April 30, 2018

LeBron James is both a supernatural freak of basketball, and a whiney, flopping bitch. You have to live the the latter, to enjoy the former. NFL Draft odds and ends, the Shaq Griffin pick, inspiration, virtue-signalling, and more. Wizards salary structure is a nightmare. David Akers trolls Cowboy fans.

CzabeCast: Friday April 27, 2018

Baker Mayfield becomes the first ever walk-on to become the #1/#1 pick in the draft. No worries, kid, the Browns are counting on you to reverse decades of misery. NFL Draft Round 1 thoughts and recap. Mike Franscesa’s crawl back to WFAN. Ryan Shazier used by NFL as prop? Wizards and Capitals springtime melt. SPECIAL GUEST: Andy Pollin.

CzabeCast Thursday April 26, 2018

The NFL Draft has become an absolute monster, thanks to the fact that the league is now just a “TV show about quarterbacks.” A look and listen back at the infamous “Dr. Z” take on Dan Marino not getting any “coaching” at Miami. Derrius Guice investigation turns up empty. SPECIAL GUEST: Paul Charchian, Fanball.com, KFAN – Minneapolis.

CzabeCast Wednesday April 25, 2018

Everybody hates slow play in golf, but calling the cops on a 5-some of African American ladies, not a good look right now in the wake of Starbucks. We report, you decide. Other golf rage incidents, WFAN drama, tweeting about travel nightmares. China is gonna get all up in people’s shit! Special Guests: Bob and Brian of 102.9 The Hog.