CzabeCast Tuesday April 24, 2018

The NFL Draft on Thursday will be a blockbuster. But will the Browns somehow find a way to cock it up? How did the Ravens miss on Kyle Boller? Mike Franscesa’s return to WFAN? NBA talk, Lance Stephenson, and more. Special Guest: Tim Murray, SB Nation AM!

CzabeCast: Monday April 23, 2018

LeBron’s matchy-matchy suit-gift-party almost worked. Until Bo Buckets showed up! We’ll talk about the Giannis “taco-gate” incident, the Chinese finger trap of replay in sports, the merits of having a posse, and a rousing version of FTG! All that, plus the worst XBox party anyone has ever been invited to! SPECIAL GUEST: Drew Olsen: The Big 920 in Milwaukee, WI.

CzabeCast Friday April 20, 2018

NFL Schedule release day is here, and never forget what the NFL is at it’s most distilled core: “A TV show, about quarterbacks.” That’s a Czabe original quote. Feel free to spread it around, but don’t try to claim it. Some thoughts on Skins sked and more. The Starbucks fiasco in Philly, Capital Golf Gang preview, the weekly mailbag, and what happens when you call the parents of bratty wanna-be social justice warriors.

CzabeCast Thursday April 19, 2018

Despite the fact LeBron is having one of his best seasons ever at age 33, having played all-82 games, and eviscerating the Pacers in Game 2 last night…. his future options may be… dwindling? How can this be? Rating the 5 Star NFL QB’s on “Great-Meh-Suck” scale, and Uganda wants to run your sex life. SPECIAL GUEST: Tim Murray, SB Nation AM.

CzabeCast Wednesday April 18, 2018

When I say nobody knows if Lamar Jackson will be a good NFL quarterback, it’s no exaggeration. NOBODY really knows. But the detailed scouting reports on him and others are truly fascinating. Was the cussing in Deadwood accurate? No. Was it necessary? Hell, f***ing yes! Charles Barkley yells at a rude co-worker. SPECIAL GUESTS: Bob and Brian in The Morning, 102.9 The Hog, Milwaukee.

CzabeCast Tuesday April 17, 2018

Is Josh Rosen “too smart” for NFL teams, or is that code word for an ugly sterotype. Either way, Rosen will be one of the great mysteries of the upcoming draft. Shouldn’t NFL teams involve their star QBs in critical decisions about the offense, at least? Can you franchise Aaron Rodgers in 2 years and get away with it? Beasts and surprises so far in MLB, Bucks-Celtics, and FTG! Special Guest: Drew Olsen, Big 920 in Milwaukee.

CzabeCast Monday April 16, 2018

The Capitals are well on their way to another epic choke and I was there in person to witness it. The 5 Stages of Caps Fan Grief. Poppovich and the art of asking “good” questions. Imagine a LeBron 1st round exit. Pack should go grab Dez. Period. Cal Ripken’s estate up for auction. James Harrison retires, and R. Lee Ermy dies.

CzabeCast Friday April 13, 2018

How do you tell if it’s “luck” or “skill” in sports? Easy. Luck is when it happens to your opponent! Is there any way to fix the sinking ship “Get Up!” Andy has low expectations for ALL of our DC area sports teams. Instant replay in HS football. Special Guest: Andy Pollin.

CzabeCast Thursday April 12, 2018

Wheel of Fortune guy gets royally screwed. Will Andrew Luck ever be good again? Aldon Smith extreme DUI. Meek Mill 101. Eating crow on Shohei Otani. Japanese baseball vs. American. Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. Special Guest: The Notorious J-A-Y.

CzabeCast Wednesday April 11, 2018

Bob Kraft lobbies harder for Meek Mill’s release than Tom Brady’s suspension! My new plan for NBA playoff seedings. Rookie of the year cat fight. Derek Jeter is a total weasel. The Simpsons “Apu Problem.” Digital “junk food” diet. SPECIAL GUESTS: Bob and Brian.

CzabeCast Tuesday April 10, 2018

What is the Golf Channel doing broadcasting Stanley Cup playoff games? Let’s make baseball warm again. TV news fights. Stupidity of mock drafts. Umpires out of control. And stop eating super hot peppers! SPECIAL GUEST: Drew Olsen!