CzabeCast Thursday June 28, 2018

GOAT Ranch 101. All the GOATS, all the time. Tim Tebow keeps hacking away in the minors. And he doesn’t totally suck. Should the Mets just bring him up? Depressing Redskins rushing STAT of THE DAY from 2018. Adam Silver’s new deal. Jayson Werth hangs ’em up. You can’t even post pretty pictures of girls who like sports on the interwebs anymore…. apparently. SPECIAL GUEST: Tim Murray, SB Nation AM.

CzabeCast Wednesday June 27, 2018

NFL Top 100 List. What would expansion draft look like? Why LeBron is afraid of going to LA. Yes, afraid. California privacy bill has Google spooked. 10 Day Penis. Uganda. Seinfeld. Horse faces. And more… SPECIAL GUEST: Mr. X, Gambling Expert.

CzabeCast Tuesday June 26, 2018

James Harden, your NBA MVP? Oh… really? Have him. I’ll take LeBron. Adventures in VAR. Solly. The NFL heads into the season, with several depressing storylines. Radio Hall of Fame. Scroll down for good news? Man to auction a 70,000 golf ball collection over 80 years. Saudi women burn rubber.

CzabeCast Monday June 25, 2018

An below ground, backyard pool: the American dream! The Jameis Winston story just got worse. And it could get even worser. An act of simple human kindness in the skies, rather than depravity. How uplifting! SPECIAL GUEST: Drew Olson, The Big 920 AM Milwaukee, WI.

CzabeCast Friday June 22, 2018

NBA Draft night edition. Why we all can’t help to compare white guy to white guy draft prospects. Woj ignores bosses, bombs away. Lavar Ball. Luca’s mom. Jameis Winston sacked for 3-games. Elastigirl’s thicc. SPECIAL GUEST: The Notorious J-A-Y. @jaycottrell34

Daily Czabe: This Is Not A Photoshop!

I can guarantee this photo from the NBA’s draft night will be used for years to come as prime click-bait on the internet. I see headlines like: “You Won’t Believe Why This Player’s Hat Won’t Fit!” Or: “It Was A Perfect Plan…Until THIS Happened!” And so on, and so forth. Moments like this are why the NBA Draft – far less watched, and far less surprising than the annual NFL 3-day gorge-fest – still delivers quality entertainment.

Hollywood Reporter: ESPN’s Internal Political Divide: Tradition vs. “Woke” Reformers

NY Post: Fox Didn’t Wilt Even When Phil Mickelson Did

Bleacher Report: Fire This Bum! Odds Out On First NFL Coaches To Get Canned

Daily Mail: Brett Favre On A Mission To End Youth Tackle Football

Variety: Kobe Bryant Rejected For Admission Into Film Academy

NY Post: Woj Bombs Were Flying Anyway on Draft Night

Yahoo: Air-Ball. LiAngelo Goes Undrafted, Foiling Lavar’s Master Plan

Happy Birthday: Dustin Johnson, ProTracer Porn Star



CzabeCast Thursday June 21, 2018

Summer solstice time means Stonehenge, baby! Jeff Triplette has been given a cushy TV job. For real? Phil Mickelson is sorry. Hot dog to the face! Airline groping defense measures. SPECIAL GUEST: Andy Pollin, “Andy’s DC Sports Podcast.”

CzabeCast Wednesday June 20, 2018

I want my legacy in sports radio to be TWO things! The “ALE” theory and “3-TV Set-ups.” I think I am on my way! Rumor season in the NFL. Popp visits Kawhi. Do NBA end-of-games need “fixing?” Defending the Caveman. Arguing past each other daily. SPECIAL GUEST: Me!

Daily Czabe: The Trotz-Walk Says More About Ted, Than Anybody

Leave it to my buddy and former colleague Thom Loverro of the Washington Times to hit it out of the park on this story. His logic is airtight. Ted has cycled through a long list of coaches who couldn’t get it done at the NHL level, and then let the guy who just did the damn thing walk away over money. And it’s pretty rich that GM Brian MacLellan said 5 more years for Trotz (on top of the 4 years here already) might be “too long” for a coach to be in one place. Hmmm. Trotz spent 15 years in Nashville, and was still beloved when he was finally fired. Never forget, sports isn’t just about winning. It’s about ego, and credit, and money…. especially when somebody starts doing some winning. Good luck to this Rierden guy. He better be good. He better at least make the playoffs, which is no lock in the quirky NHL.

Thom Loverro: “Trotz Exit Says More About Owner Than Coach”

Rich Tandler: “Trotz Departure Reminiscent of Gibbs Resignation in 1993”

The Big Lead: “ESPN’s Get Up Needs A Gut Rehab”

NY Times: “Mexico’s World Cup Captain Is On US Blacklist”

Geoff Shackelford: “Jason Day Finds Phil’s Antics Disappointing, Spieth Calls It Really Funny”

NBC News: “Project Debator Pits Computer on Internet vs. Human”

Japanese Soccer Fans Are the Nicest, Cleanest Sumbitches On The Planet!

Great News! “Creating A Real Jurassic Park Is Only 5 Years Away!”

CzabeCast Tuesday June 19, 2018

Mickelson’s ball-slap the way we’d like to hear it on TV someday. “Did Dustin just win?” Cowboys cheerleader suing team. World Cup replay, or “VAR” and Barry Trotz walks. Juan Soto breaks out. Summer of LeBron. FTG. SPECIAL GUEST: Tim Murray, SB Nation AM.

Daily Czabe: The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, pictured at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on August 21, 2011. (Michael Ainsworth/The Dallas Morning News)

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are as iconic and perfect to the game of football, as a tight spiral itself. But for years owners have been happy to let the thirsty nature of these girls allow for dirt cheap compensation to shake and jiggle their stuff wearing officially logoed NFL hot pants. Now, the lawsuits are coming fast and furious. Many of them are thin on merit. But this one might not be. Even though it’s *possible* to get a full squad of blazing hot women who can dance like Jennifer Beals on crank for as little as $4.95 an hour, it doesn’t mean it makes sense in the big picture. By keeping the compensation level so absurdly low, you are inviting side-hustles, lawsuits, and shenanigans. In the end, wouldn’t it make more sense to pay each cheerleader a reasonable $35,000 a year for being part of the elite NFL-caliber “game day presentation” and be done with it? For 32 separate billion dollar battleships floating on an endless sea of money, this would be a no brainer to me.

Former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Lawsuit: “I Only Made $4,700 A Season After Expenses”

This Is  The Phil Mickelson Play By Play Call We Wish We Had Seen!

Dustin Johnson’s Baby Momma and Hot Friends Don’t Pay Close Attention to Golf

Barry Trotz Bolts Washington Over Lack of Respect, And… Of Course… Money

What Is The Hypnotic Attraction of the Extended Kardashian Clan Over NBA Players?

Ed Werder Decides to Die On A Stupid Twitter Hill

Google May Be Able to Predict When You Die. Creepy!

The Weed… From Hell!

Veggie Trays Poisoning People Left and Right: Now You Know Why I Don’t Eat Them!

CzabeCast Monday June 18, 2018

World Cup fever has struck! Mexico with a massive upset of Germany! Landon Donovan has a new *2nd favorite team in soccer. Boo! Badass granny chokes out bobcat. Phil Mickelson’s meltdown. Never apologize. SPECIAL GUESTS: “The Capital Golf Gang.”

Daily Czabe: Dear Donovan: You HAVE NO OTHER Team!

There’s nothing more American than taking sweet and easy corporate sponsorship dollars for a 5 minute endorsement shoot. Hell, it’s why Krusty the Clown once said: “I heartily endorse this product or service.” That said, this is sports, and this is soccer, and hell-to-the-naw-naw on US soccer “star” Landon Donovan taking easy Wells Fargo cash to pretend that he’ll be rooting for the USA’s biggest rival, Mexico. Oh, no. No no no…. Boo. Boo, Landon.

Landon Donovan’s Bandwagon Mexican Fandom Stirs Emotions

Bishop Bullwinkle Classic: “Hell To the Naw-Naw”

NBA’s “Cotton Pickin'” Announcer Quietly Fired in OKC

Tony Finau Has Come A Long Way Since Playing for $2M Prize in Vegas

Thank God! Kim Kardashian Won’t Rule Out Presidential Bid

A Kid After My Own Heart: Calls 911 Over Salad!

Grandmother Chokes Out Rabid Bobcat With Bare Hands: Badass!!!

Not So Lucky…. Woman Eaten Alive By Python Checking Her Garden



CzabeCast Friday June 15, 2018

This summer is the 30th Anniversary of the movie “Bull Durham” and we have the author of the “Making Of…” who tells us the small miracle it took to even get the movie made. The US Open is hard, and many big names could be trunk slamming. Daylight savings time is awesome. What are you people talking about!? SPECIAL GUEST: Jim Cryns, “The Church of Baseball: Making of Bull Durham”

Daily Czabe: Animal Strong Beats Human Strong, All Day, Every Day

Being at the top of the food chain, us humans like to think we’re pretty badass. But take away our guns, knives, opposable thumbs, and understanding of science and nature… well… we ain’t shit in the brutish world of eat or be eaten. We’re not that strong, either. Not like we think. Here’s an adorable video of three buff dudes trying to pull a 2 year old lion cub off her block in a game of tug of war. Now remember: this is a CUB. Imagine how many men it would take to drag a full grown Mustafa just a few inches in a direction it didn’t want to go?

Packers Coach Winston Moss Is Annoyed At Mini-Camp Questions

Get Ready For The Ritual Attack of the Soccer Scolds

West Point Drummer Sues Fox & Friends for Axe Stunt Gone Bad

Former MLB Ace Kevin Brown, Plays Vigilante, Holds Mail Thieves At Gunpoint

Russia To JerryWorld’s Crappy Bleacher Seats: “Hold Our Beer…”