What Cities In The U.S. Have The Most “Nice” Weather Days?

“Moderately warm temperatures, at least partial sunshine, a light breeze, low humidity and no precipitation. In other words, we’re highlighting comfortable days that don’t require a jacket, when you don’t feel like you’re stepping into a sauna, and when you won’t get poured on or blown away.”

  1. Nicest Weather Cities in America
  2. Aaron Rodgers Calls WR Effort in Practice “Piss Poor”
  3. Dallas Not Real Keen on Paying ESPN $300K For Bowl Game
  4. Braves Broadcaster Catches Heat for Soto Age Question
  5. The Wrong Tommy Fleetwood Gets British Open Check for $154,000
  6. Jack-in-the-Box Tries Out Good Ol’ Testicle Humor
  7. Kelly Kapowski Was A…. Feminist?
  8. Rory: Tiger Will Need to “Re-Learn” How To Win
  9. Dennis Hof: “Bye, Bye… Brothel!”
  10. Browns WR Antonio Calloway Is An Idiot

“There’s No Money In Being Right”

Cold Pizza host Skip Bayless on the ESPN set in Miami, Florida on February 1, 2007. (Photo by Allen Kee/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***

I ponder the odd economics of sports TV punditry, where both the loudly wrong and the timidly neutral can BOTH make upwards of $6 million a year. Mr. X weighs in on the upcoming football gambling season from his Maine hideaway. Ex-MLB pitchers become drug dealers. Grandmas tweet like maniacs.

The Real Finances Behind LeBron’s Fancy New Elementary School

“The coverage made it look like the whole thing is his,” said district spokesman Mark Williamson. “He did a lot, but taxpayers should know it’s their investment too.”



  1. Akron Taxpayers Will Pay For About 75%
  2. That’s Not A Bot… That’s Grandma!
  3. Mike Greenberg Is An Expert At Fence Straddling
  4. That Time Skip Bayless Said: Johnny Manziel > LeBron
  5. God Help Us, If The Redskins Ever Actually Build This Potato Chip
  6. DC Metro Orders All New Trains, Entire Fleet Needs Immediate Repairs
  7. Charles Oakley Is A Cheating Bitch at Poker
  8. Roanoke Times Sues Sportswriter…. Over His Twitter Handle
  9. Adam Sandler Is The King of Hollywood Kissers
  10. Congrats! You Won The “Underwater Challenge!”

The Ultimate “Catch-81” Who Was Better?

Both Randy Moss and Terrell Owens had their moments of being a total pain in the ass. Both guys could light it up against your team on any given Sunday. Both are now in the Hall. Notorious J-A-Y weighs in on the Ray Lewis speech, and much more. HOA disputes of lawns vs. meadows, and the Skins get desperate.

What The Heck? Redskins Home Opener Not A Sellout?

“Single Game Tickets Available Now!” reads the subject of an email the Redskins sent to their subscriber list on Monday, which includes links to purchase tickets to all eight regular season home games at FedEx Field, including the home opener Sept. 16 against the Colts. The Redskins have occasionally advertised single-game tickets before, typically claiming seats became available “due to visiting team ticket returns.”

  1. Redskins Drop “Waiting List” Myth, Start Selling Games 1 At A Time
  2. What’s The Difference Between A Lawn and a Meadow?
  3. Voter Fraud: Why Sportswriters Shouldn’t Do HOF’s Bidding
  4. He Died Doing What He Loved Most: Eating Fast Food
  5. J-Lo To Star As “Stripper Robin Hood” – I’m There!
  6. Homeless Woman Says Kellen Winslow Jr. Is A Very, Very, Bad Man
  7. The Five Big Questions for PGA Championship At Bellrieve
  8. Scammers Threaten To Reveal Your Porn Habits: Don’t Fall For It!
  9. Identical Twin Sisters Marry Identical Twin Brothers
  10. Rhino Rams SUV at Mexican Safari Park

The Phony Importance of the 3rd Pre-Season Game

NFL coaches are men of superstition, cliches, and tradition. Most of them do things because either a) everybody else is doing it or b) that’s the way it’s always been done. The Big 920’s Drew Olson and I dismantle the stupidity and group-think of how NFL teams handle training camp and August games. Urban Meyer situation has now taken a weird bounce. And Jerry Kramer (finally!) makes the Hall of Fame.

Al-louett-a, Johnny Alouetta… Four Picks In A Half

“It sucks. Nevertheless, I don’t think this defines me coming up here as a CFL player. I don’t think one game, good, bad, indifferent, or anything makes your career. If I would’ve been judged after one game at Texas A&M, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

  1. Johnny Manziel Has Disastrous CFL Debut
  2. Horrible Idea: HOF Mulls New Rules on No Shows
  3. Phil Mickelson Must Really Need That Shirt Money
  4. Tiger’s Firestone Mojo Takes The Weekend Off
  5. The Chinese Really Hate Winnie The Pooh
  6. Rapper Fights Teammate in Minor League Basketball Game
  7. NASCAR: We’re On To Your Tricky, Cheatin’ Paint Schemes
  8. The Astros Keep Releasing Statements About Roberto Osuna
  9. Newseum Buckles to Hysterical Mob, Removes Funny T-Shirt
  10. We Talkin’ ‘Bout Practice! Eagles Pack 40,000 Into Linc

Maryland Seems Ready To Throw Away It’s Gem of A Golf Course

Leave it to geniuses that know nothing about nothing, and you’ll get outrageous nonsense like this. The administration at Maryland is thinking about taking FOUR HOLES of the existing University owned course, to build MORE parking, intramural fields, and a new place for… wait…  shot put facilities. I kid you not. This golf course is an absolute parkland gem, that recently underwent a major renovation which made it good enough to host a Web.com Tour event in 2010.

So what happens when you are left with a 14 hole golf course? The admin basically says, “who knows, and who cares!” They propose the golfers who are rallying to prevent this could raise money (or ask for it, from someone, somewhere in the admin) to re-build 4 new holes to make it 18 again. Even though there’s no land for it. They say: cut a few holes in half, reduce the par. Oh sure. That’s like taking somebody’s vital organ that comes in pairs, and telling them to cut the other one half.

Others say to just make it a 9 hole course. With a clubhouse that would sit some 500 yards from the 1st tee. Right. If it goes to 14, it’ll go to 9, and then it’ll go to zero. In a hurry. And when it’s gone.. it’s gone. Of course, the University tried to murder this thing back 5 years ago, so they could give a developer a fat payday to build an “academic village” (whatever that is) plus condos and “big box stores.” Oh, the charm.

The Big 10 conference has 14 schools, which currently own 18 golf courses. Maryland would become the first school in the league without one. A rare piece of unspoiled 150 acres of greenspace INSIDE the noisy beltway, would be forever swallowed by sprawl and infill. This is insanity. The golf course is an economic engine that raises almost $500,000 a year via charity tournaments and fundraisers for fellow UMD athletic programs. When you want to organize alumni weekends, how far will you want your alums to drive, and how much do you want to pay to play golf somewhere else in the DMV?

Or maybe, you can invite them play some intramural football, or toss the shot put around. How much money can you raise in a charity discus competition?

If you care about the University of Maryland remaining a first class Division 1 university, with top flight amenities and environmentally friendly open space, you better get on the horn to stop these pinheads. Because when it’s gone, it’ll be gone. We spoke about this issue at length in this week’s Capital Golf Gang. Listen in at the 21 minute mark if you would to know more about how to make your voice heard.

“If Kaepernick Is Not In The Game, He’s NOT In The Game!”

EA Sports has been known for their hyper-realism when it comes to the Madden video game franchise, but this was perhaps a step too far. The new helmet rule in the NFL made a disastrous debut in Canton, Ohio. Urban Meyer has lost his gig as “Breakfast Coach.” Changes at 980, and perspective from SPECIAL GUEST, Andy Pollin. (WTOP, WJFK, Andy’s DC Podcast).

Urban Meyer Doing The “Right” Thing Isn’t As Easy As You Think

So let’s say the minute Urban Meyer hears of a domestic violence incident he “swings into action.” What action should that be? Whom should he tell? What should he do? How can he know if he’s making the situation better, or worse? Over-reacting to training camp nuggets is absurd and utterly misleading, but reporters do it anyway. Gotta “feed the beast!” Shawn Kelley’s glove throw. Clubhouse rats. And more! Special Guest: Drew Olson, The Big 920, Milwaukee, WI.

Old & Busted: Tennis Lessons, Hot & Fresh: Fortnite Lessons

Hiring a “Fortnite” coach for a child is no different than enlisting an expert to help a child excel at basketball or chess, parents say. Some sit in on lessons to make sure coaches are professional and that their children, well, level up.” 


  1. Parents Now Paying For Kids To Get Lessons in Video Games
  2. Dan Wetzel: Two Key Elements of Urban Meyer’s Predicament
  3. Here We Go Again! Yanks Sonny Gray Has Dicey Tweets Re-Surface
  4. Source: Tiger vs. Phil For $10M Tentatively Set for Thanksgiving
  5. Bears 1st Round Pick Holding Out Over Helmet Rule Language
  6. NFL Releases (Not Really) Helpful “Fact Sheet” On Rule
  7. J.R. Smith Now Throwing Cell Phones, Not Soup
  8. Dak Prescott Stands Firm on Anthem Opinion
  9. Democrats Take Their Ball, And Go Home
  10. Gator Wideout Pulled Over With Loaded AR-15 In Back Seat

“You Know It’s Easy To Get Fat On A Cruise”

I’m back from another glorious weekend of golfing in cheese country! LeBron James builds an amazing charter school for unlucky kids and their families. Now, how will it turn out? Why Facebook feuds are a terrible, possibly life ruining, idea. Notorious J-A-Y discovers the glories of cruises, and eating whenever you want. Baseball trades. Gettin’ paid in the NFL, and delete that tweet young man!

It’s An Idea So Simple, You Wonder Why It Took This Long

“There’s a lot of fans that think that sitting in the same seat over and over again is unattractive,” said A’s chief operating officer Chris Giles. “As we look to designing a new ballpark for our team, we look to doing it with this type of optionality in mind.”

  1. A’s To Offer Season Tickets With Variable Seating: Brilliant!
  2. Yes, The CzabeCast Has It’s Own Sub-Reddit! Jump on in!
  3. Funeral Homes Increasingly Playing “Dress Up” With Their Dead
  4. Richie Incognito, Maybe Your Next Senator!
  5. USGA Ready To Outlaw Numbers and Drawings on Paper
  6. Lawsuit: “Where’s the Ginger?”
  7. Send It!
  8. This Video Will Make Your Stomach Hurt
  9. Have You No Shame! Zoo Paints Donkey, Into A Zebra
  10. Flakka Drug Make You Go “Ba…Boom Boom… BAM!”

One Thing For Sure, It’ll Never Have the Simple Ring of “The Mecca”

“One might reasonably point out that if doing business in Wisconsin was so financially arduous for Fiserv that they essentially needed a bribe in order to stay there, it’s a bit surprising that they just happen to have enough spare change in their pockets to ink a 25-year naming rights deal, no? Hmmmm.”

  1. Milwaukee’s New Arena Named After Company That Got Public Handout
  2. Stadium Naming Rights Suck? Get A “Naming Wrongs” T-Shirt!
  3. Psycho Calls Cable Company To Change Local Bar’s Sports Package
  4. Astros Roll The Dice With Domestic Abuser Roberto Osuna
  5. Czabe’s “ALE Theory” By Way of Advanced Metrics
  6. Geezuz…. Don’t Do This!
  7. “Shut Up…. Jerry!”
  8. Idiots Steal Shark From Zoo By Swaddling It Like A Baby
  9. How An Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly For Millions
  10. Of Course There’s A “Hot Water Challenge” Because… The Internet