CzabeCast Tuesday March 20, 2018

My Love Affair With Las Vegas

Notorious J-A-Y – Radio Producer WBAL
First Day In Radio?
Rolling Open Concept
He Called It! UMBC Pride!
What Does It Mean?
Intramural Point Guard
Uniforms Like Teen Wolf
What Happens Next?
More Tournament Talk
Sister Jean at Loyola
Has Izzo Lost His Rep?
Here Comes Kentucky/Duke
Grayson Allen: Embarrassment to White Dudes
Why Can’t Players Crack A Zone?
Mo Wagner & Sportsmanship
Glenn Big Baby Davis’ Bad Bust
Tyronn Lue Steps Aside for Health
Ravens Did Ryan Grant Dirty
Aaron Hernandez Gay?
Women Hold Grudges
Supermodel Splits With BF
50-Cent Pissed At Vivica Dis
F*** That Guy!

Uber Driverless Assassin Car

CzabeCast Monday March 19, 2018

The NFL Does Ryan Grant Dirty
Jets PSL’s: Shockingly, NOT A Good Investment

Drew Olsen: Big 920 – Milwaukee, WI
NCAA Tournament In Shambles
Athletes Better, Quality of Play Isn’t
Why Was UVA Upset Not That Exciting?
UMBC Twitter Account On Fire
Do Coaches Need to Be SOB’s To Win It All?
Radio Host In Trouble Over Tweet
MF’ing Old People
Ranking the Bad Losses
Stat of the Day: 0 Perfect Brackets Left
Jordy Nelson to Raiders
Taking A Paycut: No Way!
Brewer Tribute Video: Sandlot
Field of Dreams: Overrated Tripe
Tiger Comes Close… Again
Rory Goes Deep
Rubber Snake Theory of Golf
FTG: Drew: Rory McIlroy
FTG: Czabe: Ted Valentine

Tragic Bridge Collapse in Florida

CzabeCast Friday March 16, 2018

Arizona Poops It’s Shorts
Skip Bayless: Kiss of Death
Sideline Reporters Work Really Hard
Andy Pollin – DC Podcast
Alex Smith Is Dreamy
Spying OJ’s Junk?
Kirk vs. Alex Projection
Eddie Haskell Effect
Overrating Case Keenum
Ryan Grant Fails Physical
Skins Still Need Better D
John Skipper’s Wild Coke Tale
“Recreational” Cocaine Use?
Sean McDonough Ousted from MNF
Can MNF Be Great Again?
Andy Has Tiger Woods Wood Again
Tiger “Too Good To Be True?”
Back Injuries, Surgeries 101
Fantasy Masters Drama
Andy’s Family NCAA Pool
Andy’s DC Podcast: Kevin Grevey
Psycho Samurai Murder Chick

CzabeCast Thursday March 15, 2018

Four Ways March Madness Rules!
Baseball’s 10th Inning Tweak
New Rules of Golf
Daylight Savings Law Change
Stat of the Day: Joe Thomas
Jets QB Confusion
Sergio Names Kid After Golf Hole
You Are Not That Interesting

Notorious J-A-Y! – Producer, WBAL, Baltimore
Jamaica & Rum
NFL Free Agency
NCAA: Best Non-Highlight Moments
NCAA: Best Cinderellas
NCAA: Best NBA Phenom Breakouts
NCAA: Greatest Plays
NCAA: Greatest Coaches
NCAA: Greatest Things About Tourney
NCAA: Greatest Announcers
NCAA: Biggest Tourney Abominations

“F*** That Guy!”

Stupidity Is Shooting Itself in The Foot

CzabeCast Wednesday March 14, 2018

NFL Free Agency Pizza Raid
Dominoes Started Falling
The Dreck Left Behind
Why Vikes Guaranteed Cuz
Nerdlike Devotion To Craft
Question: Taylor Swift Fan?

Bob and Brian – 102.9 The Hog

Worried About Dying
Kids Should Have A Dog
B&B Dog History
Did My Mom Ditch My Dog As A Kid?
OJ Confession TV Special
Least Important Headline of Day
Stormy Daniels $130,000 Gag Order
Can Affair Really Sink Trump?
What Democrat Can Beat Trump in ‘20
Chinese Space Station in Michigan

United Airlines: Dog Killers

CzabeCast Tuesday March 13, 2018

Derrius Guice Question Controversy
Something Doesn’t Quite Add Up
My Alternate Theories
You Can Ask ME Anything!

Drew Olsen – Big 920 Milwaukee
Cricket vs. Baseball: Harder to Explain?
Explain Deshone Kizer Trade
Other Packer Moves: WR Speed Needed
Outsourcing Draft Nerdery
Talking About Things That Won’t Ever Happen
Most Annoying Bracket
Brewers Announce Game 1 Starter

Katy Perry: Nun Killer

CzabeCast Monday March 12, 2018

Tiger Woods’ comeback continues to be a thing of utter amazement, as he nearly got back into the winner’s circle Sunday at the Valspar – on a course he rarely plays on tour to boot! What I want to know, is why can’t he pull the trigger on a big driver when he’s essentially playing with “house money” at this point in his life/career? I elaborate today on the CzabeCast. Also I preview my upcoming battle royale with either Verizon/Apple over my iPhone, which is now compromised with a bad camera lens thanks to being under pool water for exactly 20 seconds at a depth of 1 foot – max! Water resistant my ass! I demand a new unit, and for them to stop advertising these phones with water splashes on them! Some quick stray thoughts on the NFL trades that just went down, and we’ve got Chris Knoche to talk tournament. All that plus the California bullet train project continues to burn cash like nothing else under the sun!

CzabeCast Friday March 2, 2018

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before…. “let’s get a boycott of the NCAA Final Four going… that’ll show ’em!” I know I’ve heard it before. You spend 28 years hosting sports radio shows, you hear all kinds of things, and what Jay Williams of ESPN (along with Jalen Rose) is suggesting is nothing new. It’s also never going to happen, for a wide variety of reasons not even worth getting into detail about. That said, maybe if Jay wants to “cape up” on behalf of the poor, poor, student athletes, then he should spend a few minutes putting some scaffolding under such a rickety “take.”

Notorious J-A-Y closes our week, with a takedown of Fergie’s anthem at the All-Star game, and another swipe at Kevin Hart and Rob Riggle – two not-that-funny guys who keep getting gigs from TV execs who probably think they are George Carlin and Eddie Murphy in their primes. Jay also weighs in on the Bill Polian/Ryan Clark QB debate regarding Lamar Jackson.

All that and more, is yours on today’s CzabeCast! Download and enjoy at your leisure!

CzabeCast Thursday March 1, 2018

Boy, does Johnny Manziel have a deal for you! How about you, sign him, to a practice squad contract…. and he’ll play for NO MONEY DOWN! Huh? Bargain, AMIRITE? While I admire Johnny’s frantic desire to get back into the league, it doesn’t make it any less desperate than his bookend washout RG3. Griffin had more short-term success than Manziel, and was not an alcoholic idiot, but RG3 was douchey in his own ways, as well as immature in certain respects. Good luck indeed, Johnny. But second chances are not guaranteed in life, or sports. You’ll have to accept the fact that… you blew it.

Meanwhile in today’s CzabeCast, I try to get Andy Pollin to drop his terrible Gold’s Gym membership and join a real workout palace somewhere in Rockville. At least one where they open the doors on time. We also remember a time in which business cards didn’t have EMAIL addresses on them! God, we are old.

All that and more, is yours on today’s CzabeCast! Download and enjoy at your leisure!


CzabeCast Wednesday February 28, 2018

Oct 22, 2016; Louisville, KY, USA; Louisville Cardinals quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) runs the ball against North Carolina State Wolfpack linebacker Airius Moore (58) during the first quarter at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Lamar Jackson looks like he’ll be the most interesting, polarizing, and hot-take generating player in this year’s NFL Draft. He’s already generated a kerfuffle over a Bill Polian suggestion that he should transition to wide receiver. Also, Jackson says he’s going to have his mom – yep, his mom! – serve as his “agent” during the draft process. Ooooohhhh-kay. I get that it’ll save some money – since rookie salaries are so tightly slotted according to a pre-determined scale – but I would think a good agent can help manage media and team perceptions of him as a QB. Also in today’s ‘cast, Bob and Brian join me, as we discuss the time we had a cabbie in Vegas last year who was like the Vince Lombardi for hookers. Trust me, it’ll make sense when you hear it!

CzabeCast Tuesday February 27, 2018

I’m back and finally rested from our Mervis Diamonds/Team 980 week long adventure to South Africa. It was amazing, as expected, and then some. In today’s CzabeCast, I will tell you why I will never get over NOT being able to say that I was the one who took the above photograph! That belonged to listener David Black, who was not just a great photog, but a great guy with a handsome family! Still, damn him for outdoing me on this one! WOW! Look at that thing!

Drew Olsen joins me today, and we talk Kirk Cousins to Vikings, NCAA scandal, Catch Rule Re-Write, and Heather Locklear’s arrest for extreme crazy. All that plus FTG, and calling things what they are, even if it sounds a little bit judgemental.

All that and more, is yours on today’s CzabeCast! Download and enjoy at your leisure!

Ronnie Mervis and I navigate the links at Cape Royal GC.

Feeding celebrity elephant Sebakwe, the face of Amarula liquor.

Ready to head out on a game drive with fearless driver Corne and ace tracker Michael.

This was MY shot of a leopard we spotted last day. Not bad, but not as glorious as the one above!

A tough manual focus shot, through the branches, in very dark lighting. Pretty good. Not epic.

Ace photog David Black (background) with his son Jason getting ready to load up.

The Great Reckoning Is Here

If you believe the details emerging from the Pete Thamel story on about the upcoming nuke that’s about to hit college basketball, then we all might want to prepare for some really crappy looking tournament brackets in the years to come. Thamel says perhaps 30+ programs will be touched, Hall of Fame coaches may see their careers and reputations go up in flames, and of course many will cheer all of this as a potential pre-cursor to the end of the NCAA and players finally getting paid. In today’s CzabeCast I lay out what a post-apocalyptic landscape might look like. Spoiler: it won’t be the pay-for-play utopia that many are envisioning. I visit Andy Pollin’s basement this week, lest we get arrested for “car sitting” outside QDoba too many times. Andy even showed me some of his memorabilia, including this sweet ABC Sports banner he grabbed back in 1978!

Johnny Football Starts Down The Long Road Back

ORCHARD PARK, NY - NOVEMBER 30: Johnny Manziel #2 of the Cleveland Browns celebrates a touchdown against the Buffalo Bills during the second half at Ralph Wilson Stadium on November 30, 2014 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

Comeback stories are the best. They are the essence of sports. Who doesn’t like a good comeback? We’re about to find out if Johnny Manziel has what it takes to crawl out from the wreckage of one of the biggest crash-and-burn flameouts in sports history. From college superstar diva and first round pick, to a bad punchline and endless social media photos of him boozing it up on a road to nowhere. Good luck, Johnny. Meanwhile, I talk about what the hell is “The Spring League” in today’s CzabeCast, take note of the latest sports radio casualty for “crossing the line” and mix-it-up with the “Notorious J-A-Y” on LeBron, Steve Kerr, his scouting system for women, and Trey Young. Your CzabeCast is ready to eat! Subscribe today via iTunes, Google Play, and more to never miss an episode!