CzabeCast Tuesday May 29, 2018

The Capitals fall to the Vegas Golden Knights, 6-4. LeBron and Warriors meet for the 4 straight time. Powerwashing porn, landscaping is a waste of time and money. Harden vs. LeBron as MVP. Amy Schumer gets podcast deal. SPECIAL GUEST: Drew Olsen, Big 920, Milwaukee, WI.

CzabeCast Friday May 25, 2018

Now that the Caps are in the Stanley Cup Finals, it’s actually okay to start thinking about where would the parade be. So me and Andy do just that. The NBA product evolves, but is it getting any better. Bonus Jackie Moon clip from Semi-Pro! All that, plus Facebook wants your nudes! SPECIAL GUEST: Andy Pollin, Andy Pollin’s DC Podcast.

CzabeCast Thursday May 24, 2018

The Capitals power their way through to Stanley Cup Finals. For once, the Caps… didn’t Cap. My god, it feels so good! My Game 7 recap, with audio clips, and that time Mike Milbury declared Ovie NOT a “superstar.” Anthem talk. BBQ cancer. SPECIAL GUEST: Drew Magary, Deadspin, GQ.

CzabeCast Wednesday May 23, 2018

Notorious JAY makes his triumphant return! The LA NFL stadium costs are going through the roof because… earthquakes. Big Ben is hated by most Steeler fans. Working in radio. Warriors and dumb basketball. Don’t go to Publix for your “Cum Cakes.” SPECIAL GUEST: Jay Cottrell, Radio Veteran

CzabeCast Tuesday May 22, 2018

The Capitals deliver a rock-em-sock-em gut check performance to stay alive vs. Tampa. Big Ginger, Tim Murray joins me to discuss and to hopefully not jinx us for Game 7. Also the NBA playoffs, 3-point shooters, and who will be the *next* NBA champ NOT named “Golden State.” SPECIAL GUEST: Tim Murray, SB Nation AM.

CzabeCast Monday May 20, 2018

Should you buy a $300 lawnmower every 5 years, or a $1000 one that lasts 15+? Trick question: hire somebody to do it! Drew Olson drops by to talk sports misery, karmic nut kicks, and more. All of that, plus a special double-FTG from both of us! SPECIAL GUEST: Drew Olson – The Big 920, Milwaukee, WI.

CzabeCast Wednesday May 16, 2018

Six of the Top 10 drunkest cities in America, are all in Wisconsin. Hope you are proud, you cheeseheads! Legalized sports gambling & unintended consequences, the modern NBA game vs. the “ancient” 1980’s. Lucas Glover and the secret lives of Tour wives. SPECIAL GUEST: Drew Olson The Big 920, Milwaukee, WI.

Daily Czabe: Lucas Glover’s Wife Goes HAM After Bad Round

I don’t know what you see, but when I look into that woman’s beady little evil eyes, I see somebody who is thinking “as soon as I get out of this police station and get back home again, I am going to rip my pussy husband a new asshole for being a little bitch and calling the police on me.”

So I guess this is an instructional case of how domestic violence can go both ways, huh kids? Poor Josh Brown of the NY Giants did nothing more than yell at his wife’s son and grab her wrist briefly, next think you know she’s ringing 911 off the hook and his career is over.

Not only is this unhinged Xanax harpie not going to lose her career – she has none, other than spending Lucas’ golf money – but it looks like she’s made a proper calculation of the size of Lucas’ nutsack: size… small! He’s already making excuses for her, and not going to press charges.

Fuck all that, man. This bitch is in severe need for a hard life lesson. She attacked a guy playing a maddeningly difficult sport, where there’s no guaranteed money, for one bad round. Then on the eve of Mother’s Day, savagely attacked her mother-in-law, all while the kids were (not) sleeping upstairs.

Then just in case anybody thought they could top her high score of psycho, she goes spider monkey in the cop car, tells the police this is “why they get shot in the face” and wait until the Tour hears about this, YOU are in sooooo much trouble.

There’s no redeeming this one, Lucas. Take the L and move on. You deserve better, and so do the kids.


Baseball Player Sues Coach Who Told Him… To Slide

Poor Babies: Buck and Aikman WILL Have to Work… 2 Games A Week

Hawks PG Dennis Schroder Ask for Trade in the Most Millenial Way Possible

Woman Charged With Stalking Online Boyfriend After Texting Him 65,000 Times

Gruesome Flesh Eating Death: By Days Inn Hot Tub

New Kansas Law: No Police Sex With Traffic Stop Motorists. Bad Form…

“And YOU Get To Be A Cheerleader, and YOU Get To Be….”

Go Ahead: Piss On The Open Wound on My Finger: I Dare You!

A Brief Timeline of Bi-Ped Robots


CzabeCast Tuesday May 15, 2018

The Supremes have dunked on PASPA and a whole new world is about to open up to sports and gambling in America. Will it be paradise, or Dante’s Inferno? Maybe a little bit of both? We have full Team Coverage here on the CzabeCast! SPECIAL GUESTS: Paul Charchian,, “Mr. X” of Degenerex Industries.

Daily Czabe: Let The Gambling Floodgates Open!

Just how big will legalized sports wagering in America be upon full roll out? Big. Very big. In fact… YUGE. Wizards owner Ted Leonsis, who has been rabidly pro-gambling for a while now, tells CNBC the market could be bigger than Wall Street. And given the fishy nature of how some companies report earnings, hide bad company news, etc. – while letting investors and institutions “bet” on those companies’ futures – then maybe betting on an NBA game is a more honest proposition. Maybe. Now the wheels are in motion on how to regulate all of this new activity, and I would predict it’ll be a rough ride at first.’s Michael McCann Walks Through All The Implications/Next Steps In “The Process”

The NFL Will Come Crying Poor to Congress For Gambling “Integrity Fees”

Eli Manning Settles Memorabilia Fraud Case, Now Goodell… Suspend His Ass! Six Games!

Researchers Have New Theory on Stonehenge. Hint: It’s Boring

Champion Mountain Biker To Retire…. Due To … Pollen?

This Is Not How To Make the NBA: Threaten The Commissioner

Defensive Shifts Are Getting Way Out of Control In MLB

Don’t Try To Zing Jason Duffner On His “Bad” Putting

NCAA Sees More Dollar Signs In…. Player Data?





CzabeCast Monday May 14, 2018

A full Saturday of hard labor later, Czabe has some definite thoughts on doing it “the wrong way” when it comes to weed barriers and such. We talk Capitals cruising to a 2-0 lead, and Vegas Knights Mania. That, plus tattletale bitches are… the worst. SPECIAL GUEST: Gill Alexander, VSIN – Las Vegas, NV

Daily Czabe: MMA as Human Cockfighting? Nahhh…..

At UFC 224 there was a girl fight as part of the card. And hey, more power to the gals. But this one went pretty south, pretty quick. As this poor gal you see here, was losing soundly after 4 rounds, and wanted to tap out and not come out for the 5th round. Her “corner” gave her the big ol’ “come on girl, dig deep! You can’t quit now!” and basically pushed her out there to get murdered so more. Well, she ended up in the hospital. Chat amongst yourselves.

Daily Czabe Links

Bullpen Racoon Captured! Film at 11

The Sixers Adding BOTH LeBron AND Kawhi Leonard? Overkill? Nah….

Robot Dragon Catches Fire at Disneyworld. Move Along Folks, Move Along

Monster Energy Is The Devil’s Drink! (You Knew That, Right?….)

And They Laughed When I Said… “Robot Football” Is The Only Savior to Human Football

College Males Starting to Figure Out: “Beat Her To the Rape Button!”

Sage Steele and Kevin Neghandi Get Permanent 6 p.m. SportsCenter Spot

Over/Unders For Rookie QB Starts!? Oh Boy, Let Me At Them!

Super Golf Nerd Bryson DeChambeau Talks Putting Science



CzabeCast Friday May 11, 2013

Czabe give his impressions of meeting and interviewing RB Derrius Guice. What will the Lions do now, in the wake of the Matt Patricia dismissed sexual assault charge? The Ginger Hammer breaks down the conference finals, with predictions and over/unders. And of course, FTG! SPECIAL GUEST: Tim Murray, SB Nation AM.

Daily Czabe: Phil Mickelson Tries to Popularize Terrible Golf Shirt

They say in style “to each his own.” On the other hand, years of informal experimentation usually end up producing the best garment for the job. In the case of golf, a sport usually played during hot (sometimes blazing!) summer months, the best garment is a loose fitting short sleeve shirt, with a collar and 3 buttons.

It is not, a dress shirt.

Yet here’s Phil Mickelson, pushing ahead with a shirt sponsorship that is 100% dead-on-arrival. Even if you believe that “any publicity is good publicity” I have a hard time seeing anybody getting what they want out of this marketing agreement.

The best I can see, is a regular foursome buying one of these shirts to make their weekly loser wear the following week on the course. A kind of “punishment” shirt to keep everybody grinding. Good luck Phil! Terrible idea! Looks great on you!

Mike Myers Wants to Do Austin Powers Sequel From Dr. Evil’s Perspective

New Upstart Pay Sportswriting Site, Hires Tired Old Overpaid Hack

Yankee Fan Idiots Are Still Interfering With Home Run Balls in The Outfield

Wow, Look at that Huge Shark…. Wait… What The Hell Are Those ABS!?

Tristan Thompson Doin’ That New Father Thing With Chloe. Cheating? What Cheating?

Brad Stevens Got Exactly the Number of Coach of Year Votes He Deserved: ZERO

Antonio Cromartie Retires, All 14 of His Kids Join Him For the Party…. Well… Most of Them…

“Sniff… sniff… Is That A Burrito I Smell… Or Exploded Urine?”

Oregon State Pitcher, Former Convicted Child Molestor, Faces Uncertain Future

Former Duke Basketball Player Wendell Carter’s Mom Goes To the Ol’ “Slavery Well”



CzabeCast Thursday May 10, 2018

John Skipper is still in demand after his numerous ESPN disasters. Funny, huh? What if you had to buy your internet “by the foot?” The frivolous high school soccer suspension lawsuit at Arrowhead HS. And even Tom Brady is pussywhipped, to a certain extent. SPECIAL GUESTS: Bob and Brian, 102.9 The Hog, Milwaukee, WI.