Ah... young Tiger. Full of VIM and VIGOR! Happy Birthday, you old coot. Forty sucks. And it gets worse from there....

"Okay Smithers..... get ready for the ol' cannon leg!"

This sums up just about everyone's experience with the internet at some point....

A very expensive little bit of frustration, Mr. Beckham. Clean it up, son. Have some respect for your fellow gladiators.

Johnny Football goes... smash... Smash... SMASH! with the fancy Microsoft play tablet!!!

Julian Edelman gets LAID THE F OUT!!!!

A.J. McCarron's girl Katherine Webb, on "Diving With the Stars."

Hey bruh.... thanks for the hardware. Now.... move.

Keep whackin' at it.... you ain't changing anybody's mind!

Come on, Prince! Get that fat ass over the railing!