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Tony Romo Is Falling Apart

It's unfair to nit-pick every aspect of an NFL broadcaster or analysts 3 hour run on the mic ever single week, but it's become apparent that Tony Romo is not just not getting any better, he's getting inexplicably worse. Sunday was the latest example. HATCH & RONIS were lured into the Kia (Not)-Mini-Van to talk […]

The Thumb Is On The Scale For Philly

I mean, I hate to say it, but I'll say it. The Eagles are damn good. But the league clearly wants them BACK against KC. And they'll likely get it. Thanks in part to the unstoppable Tush Push and ice-cold assassin Jake Elliot, whose 60 yarder in the damn rain saved the Eagles asses. ANDY […]

“Please Don’t Throw Me The Ball Again”

Poor MVS. Once a ball dropper, always a ball dropper. Happens to the best of them – occassionally – but in his case, it's the YIPS. My guy BRYANT HATCHER joins me to talk about his experience playing WR in college. Why can't anybody stop the Eagles nuclear weapon. Azinger out at NBC/Golf Channel. And […]

The Greatest Media Cinderella Story Ever Told

What a world when a humble comment section antagonist can ascend to the realm of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, LeBron James and others as the chosen “celebrity” picker on College Game Day. PFT Commenter is livin' the dream! Czabe welcomes GILL ALEXANDER from VSiN to discuss the backroom dealings Vegas did to land F1, and […]

That Big Binoc Energy, Yo!

Czabe welcomes ANDY POLLIN for the Monday recap. He has knives out for Charissa Thompson, but not so much Ron Rivera. Czabe describes his newfound love of binoculars at football games, Caleb Williams and Deion's CFB seasons finish with a whimper not a bang. And shout out to all the “CzabeCast Widows” out there. ALE […]

Rules Are Rules, Even The Stupidest of Them

Czabe goes solo today. And he'll explain the “why” behind the NCAA's firm stance on JMU's bowl ban. Also, the pitch clock is getting faster, Bill Belichick about to go from the outhouse to the penthouse, and yes, it's safe to go to Thanksgiving with your family. MORE…. Our Sponsors:* Check out Rosetta Stone and […]

John Madden Must Be Rolling In His Grave

Czabe welcomes PAUL CHARCHIAN to discuss why NFL coaches and QB's must absolutely hate the public availability of the “All-22” film now. The Bills over-react and fire Ken Dorsey, and yet Czabe is apoplectic that the Packers are constantly UNDER-reacting. The boys have an audacious NYE plan for Vikings-Packers, but three daunting wildcards stand in […]

Herbie The Love Dog

Czabe welcomes RONIS and HATCH to the van to discuss Kirk Herbstreit's adorable golden retriever, the first ever double-firing of coaches in college football, who's any good in the NFL, plus a whole lot more! **NOTE** – There was a crazy stupid glitch in my RodeCaster Pro that wrecked a chunk of the episode. I […]

Michigan Football Approaching “Peak Victimhood”

Czabe is here to collect his “told ya so” from ANDY POLLIN about Jim Harbaugh getting suspended. But what is Michigan's play here? Also the fake, needless vulgar, and embarrassing post-game interview with Sherrone Moore. Texas A&M chokes down a massive buy-out of Jimbo Fisher. Throw away the receipt on Sam Howell, and where do […]

The “Big Ginger” Won’t Be Betting Verstappen at -325!

Czabe welcomes back TIM MURRAY from VSiN to talk college football, the F1 race that has taken over the strip, Jim Harbaugh's escape plan, the comical indecision between the NCAA and the Big10, and why he still isn't *really* a Commanders fan. Also, “we need some consultants, to get rid of… all these consultants.” MORE….. […]

The Dobbs Phenomenon

Czabe welcomes CHARCH to discuss a wide range of topics, starting with “sports betrayal” in the wake of Craig Counsell going to the rival Cubs. That time Favre was a Viking (awesome!) Pooping in line at Disney. Things that shouldn't bother me as much as they do. MORE….. Our Sponsors:* Check out Factor at:* […]

Hoosier Guard Joe Hillman Remembers Coach Knight

He was on the court for the 1987 Championship winning shot by Keith Smart, and he handled the worst ass-chewing Knight could dish out, and he would do it all over again. Czabe welcomes JOE HILLMAN to celebrate the life and career of Bobby Knight. Also, the “ticky tack” league, the “Steze” Czaban backstory remembered, […]

There’s No Crying In Football

Caleb Williams – The Profane Fingernail Kid – poured his heart out in a loss to Washington, and then started sob-heaving in his momma's arms. SAWFT? Or, a guy who just wants to win? ANDY POLLIN joins me, and we discuss the “bigger bus” coming for Jim Harbaugh. Also people who whine about Daylight Savings […]

Robert Montgomery Knight: Legend 1940-2023

Some old Big 10 refs are about to get it now that Bobby Knight has passed. There will never be another one like him. He was his own worst enemy at times, but he also took boys and coached them into men. RIP, General. AL GALDI joins the pod, to discuss the Commanders sell-off, and […]

The Kirk Cope is Going Down Hard

Just when he was on an MVP track and about to vindicate PAUL CHARCHIAN'S lonely fight on “Cousins Island” disaster strikes. He's now “bargaining” his way through it. What is a “super soaker?” Packers have many problems, and yeah, blocking is a big one. Halloween Candy Sicko Scale. Charch hands out scares and rocks. “It's […]

“Aarrgh. We’re On To Cincinnati, By Pirate Ship!”

Member that time Bill Belichick -aka “Coach Mumbles” – actually had some FUN with his then girlfriend and Randy Moss at a Halloween party? I do. But apparently, Alex Smith had never heard of it! MARTY CONWAY joins the show, to discuss how Google is going to LOSE money on the NFL Sunday Ticket package […]

Fire This Moron!

How many colossal screw ups, clueless snafus, and general cluelessness must Commanders players and fans endure? Goodbye, you earned it, Ron. ANDY POLLIN joins me to discuss the NFL Week 8, Czabe's frigid, voice cracking Sunday at Lambeau watching the Packers “not touchdown” en route to their 4th straight loss. Also, Mad Dog's retirement “stunt” […]

“Crap Seven, Clear The Line”

The Phillies lose a stunner in Game 7 to the heavy underdog D'Backs. Do graphics matter? Fake loser leave town match. Bud Light throws marketing Hail Mary. Gen Z isn't coping with “adulting” very well. GLEN G-UNIT YOUNES from the Ed Reed Foundation joins me to discuss Michigan's sign stealing, is Pat McAfee “too much” […]

“If They Die…. They Die”

Czabe channels his inner Ivan Drago when it comes to a possible “Banana Extinction Event.” Ron Rivera: Chief Delusionist. Jackson Mahomes. PAUL CHARCHIAN. Kirk's big night. The illogical league. The original “Balloon Boy.” Feedback. Charch haters. Jibberish songs. NFL vs. College Rules. MORE…. Our Sponsors:* Check out Drizly:* Check out Factor at:* Check […]

There’s No Dipstick For Pitchers Arm Strength

Czabe goes SOLO today, and talks about the new “analytics” based way managers run a game. Some funky calls in the NFL this week. Gay ref? Non-binary? Who cares? Call the game! Off-duty pilot tries to lawn-dart Alaskan Airlines jet. The worst robots we'll ever have in our lifetime. Meet “Tut Tarantino.” Feedback and an […]

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