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On the Brink of Hotness

Czabe is joined by NOTORIOUS J-A-Y for a wide variety of topics. Including the All-NBA Team announcements, and the fact this new TV deal will make Luca Doncic a $73M a year player. Antonio Brown is outta money. Shocker. Is Patrick Mahomes out of shape? My charter is too small. What's better, divorce or your […]

Roundball Rock Ready For It’s Re-Boot

Our boy Mr. Fantasy Football has a fevah, and the only cure is more buh-buh-buy-basketball! PAUL CHARCHIAN joins me to discuss the T'Wolves amazing series comeback against the champs. I play for him the origin story of John Tesh's iconic NBA on NBC theme “Roundball Rock”. Charch also has a dilemma on his hands about […]

2024 – Episode 17 – Xander Ascends To The Major Gods

Czabe, Jon Guhl, John Ronis, and Buddy Christensen recap the 2024 PGA Championship at Valhalla. Xander finally bags his first big one. Bryson's popularity on the rise. Was the course “too easy.” Scottie Scheffler's shocking arrest. Czabe and Buddy recap their golf trips to Pine Needles and The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. MORE…. Advertising […]

Scottie Scheffler Ain’t Boring No More

Basically the only way Scottie Scheffler can be stopped, is to literally arrest him for minor traffic violations. The strange saga of that rainy Friday morning in Louisville. CZABE goes solo after his golf trip to Pinehurst. The Timberwolves depose the champs. Reporters ask stupid questions and deserve to be clowned for them. Ant-Man and […]

The Tape Measure Never Lies

So what if Bronny James is just 6-1 and not 6-4? His dad is LeBron! Am I right!? Well . . . we'll see. NOTORIOUS J-A-Y joins the show, and run through the following topics: Caitlyn-sanity Kelsey Showin' Off The Plums Boring NBA Nicknames Doug Gottleib Part-Time Coach Kelce for RG3 Inside the NBA NFL […]

NFL Schedule Release Sits on Edge of Absurdity

I'm all for teasing things, but hey, come on NFL! The wait is finally over on Wednesday night. PAUL CHARCHIAN and I discuss why it's crucial to know WHEN you play certain opponents. Also is there truly any “bad” QB contract you can't get out from underneath? Who would you “buy the dip” on more: […]

2024 – Episode 16 – PGA Preview: Valhalla

Czabe, John Ronis, Buddy Christensen, Chris “CJ” Johnson Rory McIlroy Divorce Latest PGA-LIV Merger Drama Anthony Kim v. Brandel Chamblee Valhalla Venue: Consistent Drama Big Layout, Who Do The Boys Like? Does Ronis' Hole-in-One “Count”? Sweetens Cove Down Bad For Summer Jim Nantz Makes New Backyard Golf Hole MORE…. Advertising Inquiries:

New Shirt, Who Dis?

Czabe welcomes ANDY POLLIN to discuss how much hubbub a simple two feathers can create on a coaches shirt. But well, here we are people! Also discussed “bumble-ing” your way to dating through AI, Paul Pierce droppin' “N-bombs”, the NBA Lottery gets buried at noon on Sunday, the upcoming draft looks like a rummage sale, […]

The Art of Compliance

Digital Assets, With Minimal Dad-barassment What's In A Number? Riding Free, Riding Solo How Does Steven A Smith Feel? Who Cares! The NBA Has Become Un-Officiable Mini-Camps, Major Media Coverage EA Football's First Look Stormy Daniels Was Once Hot Anthony Kim and Brandel Chamblee Twitter Spat Xavier Lagette – Horse Guy Expensive Boat Fence Revenge […]

Jay’s Five Simple Rules for Being A Fan

Czabe welcomes NOTORIOUS J-A-Y and covers a wide range of topics. Starting with the Drake v. Kendrick Lamar beef, followed by Obi Toppin dunks, why Jay can't stand Nikki Glazer, Gregg Doyel's insufficient apology, what happened to Jillian Barberie, beating up Rick Flair, and most importantly his “5 Simple Rules For Being A Fan.*” *there […]

2024 – Episode 15 – Buddy’s Excellent Far East Adventure

Czabe, John Ronis, Jon Guhl, Buddy Christensen Buddy recaps his trip to Japan and Korea for the new parent company. Why has Japan cooled on golf, while Korea is surging? How many “golfers” in Korea never actually set foot on a course. QUICK 9 Essential Golf Trip Amenities PGA Championship Doles Out The LIV Tickets […]

Fit To Be Dethroned

CHARCH's Timberwolves have the defending champs on the ropes. Can they finish? The long and wide swath of Minnesota Sports Misery. Replay: fixing half the mistakes, maybe, but taking way too long. Oh, now they care! Midwest vs. Everybody? Brady roast. Winners and losers. Easter eggs from an amazing target rich dynasty run. Dune buggies […]

Whacked Ham Slamwich

LeBron James remains the GOAT – of killing coaches who didn't deserve it. Another Laker exit and another coach GONE under King James! ANDY POLLIN joins me to discuss. Also on the docket: Worst Weather Ever Lucide Shelf Pretties Derby Photo Finish Can't Kill Horse Racing Pat Beverly Is A Clown NFL Network Cheapos No […]

“There’s Something About J.J.”

Czabe hosts a post-NFL-draft POWER LUNCH at the Palm with former Redskin and Viking CB FRED SMOOT with Czabe's golf buddy HATCH the Cincinnati Bearcat. Amongst the other lively debates, the fellas are betting a steak dinner on whether J.J. McCarthy will be a baller, or a bust. Our Sponsors:* Check out Indeed:* Go […]

“Just Stop F***ing Fouling”

Czabe is joined by PAUL CHARCHIAN who had himself a big ol' week in the Twin Cities! Not only did the Vikings grab who they *think* will be a great new franchise QB, but the Timberwolves recorded the 1st 4-0 sweep in the city's long sports history. Also “Undefeated Sausage”, Tom Brady roast, and tornado […]

2024 – Episode 14 – Lou Stagner – Golf Data Pro

Czabe, Ronis and Guhl are joined by LOU STAGNER who embraces the mountain of golf data being collected both on tour now, and also recreationally via Arccos and other apps. What is myth, vs. what is data backed fact? Also Czabe looks for a place to hang his GHIN hat for 2024. LIV Adelaide. Rules […]

Package Deal Coming Soon To An NBA City

Has LeBron James already decided he's out as a Laker after their playoff run has ended? Will it be a “draft my kid, and get me too!” type of deal? With Mr. “Taking My Talents To South Beach,” I wouldn't put anything past him. MR X joins me to give his take on the Galaxy […]

The Falcons Do Kirk Dirty on Draft Night

Czabe is joined by ANDY POLLIN to recap the annual spectacle that is the NFL Draft. Can you defend the Falcons over-drafting of Michael Penix Jr? Sean Payton's best PR man is Adam Schefter. David Tepper takes billionaire asshole to new level. Commanders get their guy, but is he “RG4?” Bills still haven't learned not […]

Reggie And His Heisman, Finally Reunited!

Time to “get your story straight” on the NFL Draft. If only teams could know for sure, which QB's are gonna suck, and which ones will be good. NOTORIOUS J-A-Y joins the show, and we talk about Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, bust rates, Gregg Doyel, the Swifties, white cornerbacks, and the long-awaited reuniting of Reggie […]

2024 – Episode 13 – Kevin Van Valkenburg – No Laying Up!

Czabe and Ronis welcome KVV from the NLU podcast to discuss Scottie Scheffler and his athletic ambitions, plus where Augusta still needs to evolve. What's driving down TV ratings? Also the life lessons the game of golf can teach, that are not found almost anywhere else. MORE…. Advertising Inquiries: