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Power Lunch Podcast “Scorigami”

Czabe tries a new combination of some of the most loved – and hated – guests in his rotation. CAROL MALONEY and NOTORIOUS J-A-Y. Carol talks about her trip to the Women's Final Four, and her deep Iowa basketball roots. Why the UConn jealousy? Calipari. Curb Your Enthusiasm. Eat the whole menu for $66. Carnivore […]

We’re Not Exactly The Smartest People Around

The eclipse was cool – I guess – for 4 minutes. But man, some people's reactions and takes on the eclipse were just bonkers stupid. I welcome back PAUL CHARCHIAN and explain why I needed a “load management” day. Also, UConn finishes what it's started. Coach Cal gets out of dodge, while strollering his doggo. […]

The Storybook Ending Gets Stuffed In A Locker

Normally, an undefeated juggernaut that had overcome losing 5 starters from a team that went to the Final Four and lost (to Iowa, no less!) coming back to avenge said loss and then cutting down the nets… would have been “chef's kiss” perfection. Instead, it denied the sports world the ultimate Caitlyn-gasm ending. ANDY POLLIN […]

Stephon Diggs His Way Out of Buffalo

A shock trade on a Wednesday afternoon in the NFL, as the Bills were desperate to get out of the Stefon Diggs deal for just a 2nd rounder and a giant “dead cap sandwich” to eat. On paper, the Texans look awesome and guest PAUL CHARCHIAN already has a 22-1 SB ticket on Houston for […]

Do You Smell, What the Vince-less WWE Is Cookin?

Czabe welcome back AL GALDI to the pod, to discuss WWE's white-hot run lately both in financials and storylines now that Vince McMahon is buried in legal woes. Also, LSU-Iowa smashes more TV records for the women's game, “it's the ball!” says #InflateGate conspiracy theorists, does DJ Burns have an NFL future?, Big Al is […]

Miss Shoot-A-Tron 4000 Gets Her Bayou Revenge

Czabe watched his ONE women's game per year last night. And he has questions about the greatest long range bomber the women's game has ever seen. Also, why you can't just say “I don't care about” whatever Caleb Williams is “about” off the field. Finding out just WHO the guy you are making the centerpiece […]

Cue The DJ: NC State Is A Banger!

Is it the “greatest run” in NCAA Tournament history? Depends on how you classify “run”? Do you have to win it all? Or just make the Final Four? Does relative conference strength matter? Or just the improbability of it all? Any way you slice it, NC State is one of the best sports stories in […]

Notorious J-A-Y Gives Me The “Diddy 101”

Spoiler alert: he's an idiot and Jay has no sympathy! Bridge Collapse Prop Bet Shaving Draymond Green Diddy 101 Caleb's Flamboyant Style Late December Football Orgy College Portal Madness ESPN and MLB McDonuts? Can't Quit You Our Sponsors:* Check our new advertiser on the CzabeCast:* Check out Indeed and use my code CZABE for […]

Charch Is “Feeling Zion”

Czabe connects with Guillotine Leagues' PAUL CHARCHIAN on his great tour of the open sky west in his camper and bride Roxy. Fellow love of the TV show Deadwood. Evil characters make a great show, or movie. The petrified forest is amazing. Charch loves sneet. That camper had 1 inch of clearance! NFL rules keep […]

Mr. X and x2 Recap 1st Weekend of Tournament

So…. how did we do after the first 2 rounds? Well, if you bet the favorites, you cleaned up! MR X and his son X2 join Czabe to recap the trends, and talk strategy both good and bad. Also they discuss the Shohei Ohtani situation. Our Sponsors:* Check our new advertiser on the CzabeCast:* […]

The Squareheaded Gunner Electrifies The Dance

Czabe goes 16 questions in 16 (-ish) minutes with CHRIS KNOCHE of the DC Coaches Basketball Podcast about the first four days of March Madness. Including a Kentucky fan who roasted Cal in a viral (but educational) video. Shoehei tries to get his story straight. While I explain how come bookies let smaller fish get […]

The ACC Has Become The Hotel California

As Clemson tries to sue their way out of the ACC, the billable hours are going to start piling up in a hurry. We chat with former WFNZ colleague MARK PACKER of The ACC Network on ESPN, about that, plus NC State's place in the Tarheel State hoops heirarchy. Plus, it wouldn't be Thursday without […]

The Law Firm of “Mr. X & X2” Will See You Now

Czabe leans into his 2 biggest degenerate buddies the legend MR X and his son “X2” who is a roundball fanatic. They go through region by region, with nuggets, sarcasm, and brutal honesty that the so-called “experts” on TV won't give you. If there was ONE essential podcast to help fill our your bracket… THIS […]

From A $5 Bet To Livin’ The Life in Vegas!

Former update man on “The First Team on Fox” from 2010-2013 TIM MURRAY now of VSIN in Vegas joins me to pepper you with NCAA Tournament “nuggets” before you make those pool sheets final. Also, it's not you, there ARE more Cinderellas than ever before! Yasir gets the ear of Tiger and several Tour “stars” […]

Let The Madness Begin

Czabe and ANDY POLLIN take a first look at this year's bracket, plus discuss the unreal series of events this weekend in the conference championships. Bonehead plays. 5 wins in 5 days for NC State. A fired coach going dancing! Plus the Bears dump Fields for just a 6th round pick? MORE…. Our Sponsors:* Check […]

Ayo Bart! You Mind If I Rock That One-Five Bro?

Czabe goes solo today, and it's a banger! Nick Saban testifies about the money washing away the foundation of college sports. Czabe likens D1 athletes to interns. Necessary, but not of any real value. Will money and Title IX end up destroying vast swaths of college athletics? Or are people way too doom and gloom. […]

A Bidding War For This Guy?

The saltiest CHARCH ever, unloads on the Vikings signing Sam Darnold to a 1 year $10M deal to replace Kirko Chains. What is Pueblo, CO known for? The cap is real, but it's not God. “Town Slut” QBs. Other free agent moves. MORE….. Our Sponsors:* Check out Indeed and use my code CZABE for a […]

“Kirko Chains” Scores Again!

The value of being a proven, focused, no-bullshine hard worker at the hardest position in sports has paid off again for Kirk Cousins. Czabe welcomes back old friend and ginormous Tar Heel basketball fan GARY WILLIAMS of “5 Clubs Golf” to talk about Duke vs. Carolina, the fun they had back at WFNZ driving the […]

Daylight Savings Time Explained For Morons

Czabe is 100% on “Team Change The Clocks” every spring and fall. HE gets it. So why don't so many others? ANDY POLLIN joins to discuss the latest QB leanings ahead of the NFL draft, how and why Ted's new stadium playground in Virginia may have been dealt a death blow, Kyle Filipowski won't stop […]

Even The Nicktator Said: “Enough of This Bullsh**”

The portal and NIL money has claimed another. Even though he said it wasn't the *only* reason he retired while still on top, Nick Saban points the bloody shoeprints right at the expected culprit. Czabe recaps his visit to Brewers spring training, get ready for the Field of 76 (wut?) Bezos' ex wants to give […]