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“Thank God, It Was Just A Meteor, Honey!”

Czabe talks with ANDY POLLIN about the weird sonic boom that rocked the DMV on Sunday. Also, Czabe riffs about things wildly over-priced, and under-priced. Is “Amazon Guilt” a thing? Is the Skip/Shannon divorce the beginning of the end of the $5M cable tv sports pundit? That time Czabe and Andy met Jack Nicklaus. “Late […]

Maura Tierney Is Alive, And Thriving!

Lord have mercy, but my favorite gal from E.R. has been in the recent TV series “The Affair” and why oh why did it take NOTORIOUS J-A-Y to tell me about it! We go deep on “American Gladiators” and the 30-for-30, Russian tennis player goes “OnlyFans.” Bill Simmons sad face moment. NBA Finals. FTG. More…. […]

My Dogs Are Killing Me!

Czabe is joined by PAUL CHARCHIAN who professes that having 2 rescue dogs ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. The Raiders unthinkably bad drafting under Mike Mayock. Charch is a pirate. “Narc” Cuban. Bud Light keeps taking on water. MORE…… Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

Celtics, Melted……

The NBA Finals and NHL Final (no “s”) are set! Imagine going from South Beach to Vegas and back for 7 straight games? Sign me up! ANDY POLLIN joins me and explains why he leaves vacation days on the table in radio. Also the Raiders have played themselves. And a totally idiotic way to lose […]

The Elevator Snub That Hasn’t Gone Away

Notorious J-A-Y joins me to talk about his beloved Orioles, “confederate money” his enduring disdain for ESPN’s Mike Greenberg, thoughts on Glen Kuiper’s firing, strip club dress codes, horrible movie re-makes, and more. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

The Breathless NFL Reporting of Popcorn Farts In The Wind

When there’s nothing else going on in the NFL, and the actual games are still a painful 3.5 months away, what else can you do besides report studiously on shit that does not matter. CZABE flies solo again, but covers alot of ground, including Carmelo Anthony’s retirement, the “self-scout” he should have done on a […]

Joke’s On You, Lakers!

The Nuggets just bumrushed LeBron and Company out of the Western Finals. Can anybody stop them? It looks like it’s up to the Heat. How Jokic is breaking NBA brains. Brooks Koepka wins PGA, Michael Block wins hearts and minds. The NFL is taking the draft to the Frozen Tundra. Commanders sale hits a snag? […]

Power Lunch: Julie Donaldson & Carol Maloney

Czabe shares the “tea” with two longtime sports TV vets, as Julie Donaldson discusses the new era dawning with the Commanders, plus the NBA playoffs, Becky Hammon suspension and WNBA players getting pregnant, a terrible new iPhone feature, Martha Stewart in a bathing suit, and much more! (Thanks to Erik Larson and the Palm at […]

You Can’t Hide Your Lyin’ Eyes

Aaron Judge gets caught sneakin’ a peak in Toronto. But was he cheatin? Czabe flies SOLO, and has some thoughts on Bryson’s diet, that scumbag Jackson Mahomes, Slave Fishing, Britney, the SI Swimsuit Issue, doggie DUI’s, and “hey, that’s my song!” Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

You Will Pay The Peacock!

Czabe is joined by sports business and marketing professor Marty Conway to discuss why changing the Commanders name right away is actually a terrible move optically. We also discuss the state of play for Bally Sports and their bankruptcy proceedings, the XFL and more. Also Kwame Brown unloads on Ja Morant. And yes, YOU WILL […]

A Two-Pack of Losers

Embid and Harden go out like bitches after blowing 3-1 series lead. If you want the opposite of “clutch” these guys are it. Czabe talks to ANDY POLLIN about the typical Philly sports fan savaging his own sports teams with gusto, Ja Morant still doesn’t get it, and what are the first three things that […]

Power Lunch: The Beltway Boys Tell No Lies

Czabe is joined at the Palm in Tysons Corner, VA for a “Power Lunch” (h/t Erik Larsen) where a WIDE range of topics are covered. From TNT’s Inside the NBA, to the NFL Schedule, ghosts encounters and more! STEVE BUCKHANTZ, JOHNNY “ONE-ACCOUNT” RHODES and CHRIST JOHNSON join the fray. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out: […]

Billionaire Baby Tries to Take His Ball And Go Home

Czabe is joined by Notorious J-A-Y to discuss several career ending slip-ups on live TV and radio. Man people are sometimes total idiots. McAfee to ESPN? Will Bronnie avoid “Freddy Adu Syndrome?” Punt God vindicated, but still unemployed. NFL Schedule. FTG and MORE….. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

Live From Western Nebraska, It’s Charch Roxy & The Dogs!

Czabe connects with GUILLOTINE LEAGUES PAUL CHARCHIAN as he sets out upon the great American landscape in his new Toyota Tundra and camper for the first foray of the spring/summer. We discuss how it’s going. Camping site “witches” tornados, making camping mistakes and more. Czabe is ready to cut the cord on DirecTV. Debate about […]

It Ain’t About The Haircut, Cam!

Lamar Jackson signs his monster new deal, and well look at that, they didn’t worry about his glorious explosion of locks now did they, Cameron Jerelle Newton, did they? ANDY POLLIN joins me to talk about the Kentucky Derby, the relentless brilliance of LeBron James, the interesting possibilities of son Bronny joining him on a […]

“I’m With Stupid”

NOTORIOUS J-A-Y Jackson Mahomes. Out on Deion. NBA playoffs. “Lizzo Sized Lunch.” Joey Porter, Jr. Every athlete is soft and overpaid. Jerry Springer. AD. Holly’s OnlyFans “League.” MORE…. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

It’s “Well And Wonder” In Carol’s World!

Czabe pays a visit to former NBC4 Sports Director Carol Maloney’s new yoga and wellness studio to talk about the decline of RSN’s, how current TV presenters need to “sex it up” for the ‘gram, Aaron Rodgers, Steph vs. LeBron, when it is ever okay to call another woman in the business a c*** and […]

In Favor Of “One… And Done!”

Czabe is joined by PAUL CHARCHIAN to discuss the tension between wanting the BEST teams to make it far in playoffs, vs. the appeal of “upsets.” Charch still wants SINGLE elimination in the pros. Minnesota’s sports misery continues. Czabe’s stupid rotator cuff injury. What is “failure” in sports? MORE…… Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out: […]

That Time The Bucs Completely Whiffed The 1/1 Pick

The NFL Draft 2023 is in the books. ANDY POLLIN joins me to discuss. Things you’ll never see in the newer, smarter NFL. 5th year options. My mom can sniff bullshit from a mile away. War rooms, and tear-jerkers. How quickly NFL life comes and goes. LeBron punks Dillon Brooks. How much money, is “too […]

The Fred Smoot Guide To the 2023 NFL Draft

Nobody loves the draft quite like the former #27, Fred Smoot. He unveils a “Married QB Superbowl” theory, along with a “Beware the 2nd Quarterback Taken” advisory. He also knows a little bit why NYC was appealing to Aaron Rodgers. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

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