Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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Couch Nap For The Motherf***ing Win!

Czabe welcomes back PAUL CHARCHIAN from his “bye week” to discuss whether naps are “good” for you, or a sign of poor diet and sleep. Also, why are so many big stadium concert tours being canceled this summer? NFL Sunday Ticket lawsuit, who you rootin' for? Manny's vs. Murray's. Aaron Rodgers is back to his […]

Dan Hurley Swipes Left

Czabe goes solo. Here's the cut-list for today! 1 – Dan Hurley Stays Put 2 – Celts Take 2-0 Lead 3 – Stars Who Aren't Stars 4 – Get On The Party Bus 5 – Thailand Looking Better All The Time 6 – Opposite World 7 – Tomlin Extension 8 – Remember When Twitter Was […]

“Nine Quid For Two Ice Creams!”

Czabe and ANDY POLLIN make it “Easy Like Sunday Morning” again to start your week. The Caitlyn Clark jealousy tour continues unabated. We discuss her snub from the Olympic team. ESPN's NBA Finals halftime show is loud, self-absorbed and mercifully… short. Lambo's at Texas. Cost of ice cream is an outrage. Ghostbusters turns 40. Nicklaus […]

Special Guest: Fred Minnick – “Ascot Awards” Upset Winner!

Czabe gets his “bourbon-nerd” on with internationally acclaimed taster and judge FRED MINNICK to talk about the state of “Lewis-ville” Kentucky after the Scheffler arrest, the Derby, Mint Juleps, and his shocking cinderella story winner of his annual tasting awards. He also drops some NCAA wrestling knowledge on ya! Plus, who thought giving isolated tribes […]

2024 – Episode 19 – “Your Daddy’s The Caddy”

Czabe is joined by John Ronis, Jon Guhl, and Buddy Christensen to discuss Robert Macintyre's incredible win at the Canadian Open with his greenskeeper father on the bag. Also, a recap of the US Open qualifying Monday, the US Women's Open, drilling a sucker on the driving range, making a 10 on a par-3 and […]

Say Hello to Tuca-Pete-Rose-apino Marcano!

Czabe runs hard with NOTORIOUS J.A.Y. on the newest member of the “I Bet On My Sports Like An Idiot and Am Now Banned For Life” club. Jay comes at me hard, and clears his chest. Steven A. and Ms. McNutt go at it over Caitlyn Clark. Larry Allen was a legend. The ad, is […]

The Bambino’s Most Expensive Jersey

Czabe welcomes DARREN ROVELL of to discuss his new media venture on sports and entertainment collectibles. The ONE jersey he'd love to own. How much Babe Ruth's “called shot” jersey is likely to sell for, and more. Also Czabe talks about Justin Jefferson getting paid, cart c***ts, Tommy Pham is a tough guy, don't […]

The Real Hard Knocks

Czabe welcomes ANDY POLLIN back to his usual Monday spot. And there's a lot cookin'! 1 – Get That Bitch! 2 – The Kyrie Finals 3 – Caleb Is Ready for His Closeup 4 – He'll Play What We Tell Him To Play 5 – They'll Play *When* We Tell Them to Play 6 – […]

It’s In the Game . . . Probably

Czabe is joined by PAUL CHARCHIAN as they discuss whether he jinxed the Timberwolves by being overconfident. I also reminded him that the sports pain he is in means that at least he's alive! Try being a Browns fan, for god's sake! The NFL is thinking about re-vamping its off-season calendar. Luka has never committed […]

2024 – Episode 18 – Grayson Murray & Mental Health

Steve Czaban, John Ronis, Jon Guhl, Buddy Christensen. The best argument for playing golf I've ever heard. Going lowwww. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. “Between Clubs” game. The unspeakable Grayson Murray tragedy. Lexi Thompson calls it a career. MORE…. Advertising Inquiries:

Liar Liar, “Ruined” Cop Pants On Fire!

In an unfinished piece of business from last week, Czabe mops up the shocking video of the Scheffler arrest that basically shows NONE of what is claimed in the official police report. ANDY POLLIN joins the show to add perspective to Bill Walton's life and legacy. Steven A. Smith should be suspended for outrageously slandering […]

Bill Walton Was The Forrest Gump of Basketball

A weekend full of big NBA comebacks, a thrilling Indy 500, and a sobering suicide that rocks the PGA Tour. Bill Walton dead at 71, and the legend of his career defies belief. Czabe flies solo and tries to understand how a plastic chair mat can cost $ 60-fing-dollars! MORE . . . Our Sponsors:* […]

On the Brink of Hotness

Czabe is joined by NOTORIOUS J-A-Y for a wide variety of topics. Including the All-NBA Team announcements, and the fact this new TV deal will make Luca Doncic a $73M a year player. Antonio Brown is outta money. Shocker. Is Patrick Mahomes out of shape? My charter is too small. What's better, divorce or your […]

Roundball Rock Ready For It’s Re-Boot

Our boy Mr. Fantasy Football has a fevah, and the only cure is more buh-buh-buy-basketball! PAUL CHARCHIAN joins me to discuss the T'Wolves amazing series comeback against the champs. I play for him the origin story of John Tesh's iconic NBA on NBC theme “Roundball Rock”. Charch also has a dilemma on his hands about […]

2024 – Episode 17 – Xander Ascends To The Major Gods

Czabe, Jon Guhl, John Ronis, and Buddy Christensen recap the 2024 PGA Championship at Valhalla. Xander finally bags his first big one. Bryson's popularity on the rise. Was the course “too easy.” Scottie Scheffler's shocking arrest. Czabe and Buddy recap their golf trips to Pine Needles and The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. MORE…. Advertising […]

Scottie Scheffler Ain’t Boring No More

Basically the only way Scottie Scheffler can be stopped, is to literally arrest him for minor traffic violations. The strange saga of that rainy Friday morning in Louisville. CZABE goes solo after his golf trip to Pinehurst. The Timberwolves depose the champs. Reporters ask stupid questions and deserve to be clowned for them. Ant-Man and […]

The Tape Measure Never Lies

So what if Bronny James is just 6-1 and not 6-4? His dad is LeBron! Am I right!? Well . . . we'll see. NOTORIOUS J-A-Y joins the show, and run through the following topics: Caitlyn-sanity Kelsey Showin' Off The Plums Boring NBA Nicknames Doug Gottleib Part-Time Coach Kelce for RG3 Inside the NBA NFL […]

NFL Schedule Release Sits on Edge of Absurdity

I'm all for teasing things, but hey, come on NFL! The wait is finally over on Wednesday night. PAUL CHARCHIAN and I discuss why it's crucial to know WHEN you play certain opponents. Also is there truly any “bad” QB contract you can't get out from underneath? Who would you “buy the dip” on more: […]

2024 – Episode 16 – PGA Preview: Valhalla

Czabe, John Ronis, Buddy Christensen, Chris “CJ” Johnson Rory McIlroy Divorce Latest PGA-LIV Merger Drama Anthony Kim v. Brandel Chamblee Valhalla Venue: Consistent Drama Big Layout, Who Do The Boys Like? Does Ronis' Hole-in-One “Count”? Sweetens Cove Down Bad For Summer Jim Nantz Makes New Backyard Golf Hole MORE…. Advertising Inquiries:

New Shirt, Who Dis?

Czabe welcomes ANDY POLLIN to discuss how much hubbub a simple two feathers can create on a coaches shirt. But well, here we are people! Also discussed “bumble-ing” your way to dating through AI, Paul Pierce droppin' “N-bombs”, the NBA Lottery gets buried at noon on Sunday, the upcoming draft looks like a rummage sale, […]