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Evil, Wrapped In A Pretty Face

Trevor Bauer has reached the summit of his total exoneration. Now, who in the media will admit they were wrong? Spoiler: very few. It was Xander Schauffle not Cantlay, who was the turd in the punchbowl at the Ryder Cup. Is the NFL “simping” for Taylor Swift? Rodney Harrison is a chump. MORE…… Our Sponsors:* […]

Commanders Go For The “Moral Victory”

Czabe is joined by ANDY POLLIN to break down Week 4 in the league. And let’s stop calling Ron Rivera “Riverboat” after a particularly scurred decision against the Eagles. How many Taylor Swift songs does Andy know? What’s REALLY going on with this just-a-bit too perfect new “relationship?” Belichick routed in Dallas. The Bears find […]

Dame Time Will Now Run On Central Standard

The NBA is rocked by a blockbuster trade. Did the Bucks pull a “Mr. Chao” on Miami. Jimmy Buckets is Jimmy Bitter! NOTORIOUS J-A-Y joins me to discuss a remake of “Night Shift” with him and a buddy. Why is Zach Wilson so HATED by his own team? FTG, more…. Our Sponsors:* Check out Drizly […]

Is It Time For “Load Management” in the NFL?

Czabe is joined by PAUL CHARCHIAN of to discuss the latest Vikings debacle, his own tale of concert going woe. Also, should NFL teams start to think more strategically about how much to play their star players during a long NFL season? Are TWO MNF games great, meh, or suck? is the new iPhone […]

There Is No “Bad” Strategy…. IF It Works!

Czabe goes solo on a Tuesday, and digs deeper into the idiotic coaching moves from Sunday. Also, TV sports personalities are saying dumber and dumber shit all the time. Did somebody announce a race to the bottom, and who is winning? Plus while the masses were obsessing about Taylor Swift, the government was busy looting […]

Loving Him Is Red

Week 3 in the NFL delivered another afternoon of W-O-W including Taylor Swift emphatically confirming rumors that her and Travis Kelce are more than just “hanging out.” ANDY POLLIN joins me to talk about the Dolphins deciding NOT to go for a scoring record, coaches going WWE on each other, and Czabe defends his ALE […]

Here For One Reason: “To Fuck Us!”

Czabe is joined by NOTORIOUS J-A-Y to discuss…. unreasonable Czabe producer demands, the Steelers have become Iowa, Justin Fields blaming coaches, Deion and forgiveness, how soon will the room “clear out” on the Colorado phase, the ESPN version of the “Mobile Strike Studio” stadium fights, Earl Weaver and the new “Antoine Dodson.” MORE….. Our Sponsors:* […]

Football Is Violent, In Case You Were Wondering

There is NO “safe” way to play the game. Period. But, the ninnies won’t stop trying. Poor Nick Chubb. PAUL CHARCHIAN joins me to discuss the awful injury on MNF, and the state of RB’s in the NFL. Also, when is it too early to start “drawing conclusions” on teams or players? Fantasy talk, targeting, […]

A Shekel For Andy’s Thoughts

Commander fever is sweeping the DMV. And no, I am not coming back. But I’m happy for everyone! ANDY POLLIN joins me to discuss, plus why pro sports stadiums are a ripoff, but one that cities should splurge for anyway. Does Deion have a “formula” or lightning in a bottle? New block FG trick? Nick […]

The Inexplicable Suckitude of Joe Burrow

Perhaps the Bengals went into this season in “just roll out the ball” mode? Or does it run deeper? Week 2 recap, as El Baldo takes you on a detailed SOLO ride as he has great recaps on all the Sunday games. Also, WHY is 0-3 such a death knell in the NFL for playoff […]

“Who Makes Steve Guttenberg A Star? We Do!”

Czabe is joined by NOTORIOUS J-A-Y to discuss the NBA’s new “anti-load management” rules designed for the networks. It reminded Czabe of the “Stonecutters” in the Simpsons. Vince McMahon is out of the rasslin’ biz. Of course the PA manhunt ends in a bloody Eagles hoodie. Punter Sam Martin executes the SAWFTEST move in the […]

What The Hell Has Happened to Josh Allen?

Czabe is joined by PAUL CHARCHIAN of Guillotine Leagues, to discuss the trade possibilities facing the Jets at QB. The sudden despair after just 1 loss in Minnesota. What the hell happened to Josh Allen, who is now a turnover machine. Why Czabe went 1-and-done in the Whiskey League. Plus thoughts on why do I […]

The Jets Circle A New Level of NFL Hell

The Aaron Rodgers era lasted all of 4 plays in New York, and it confirms to the world that in some lifetime, the New York Jets did the football gods wrong. Czabe goes solo, and talks about the rise of the Twitter Football Doc complex, what he didn’t like about Rodgers exit from Green Bay, […]

Smash Hit Opening Night For Josh Harris Group!

Czabe gives the Commanders center stage, after the nearly perfect debut of the Josh Harris ownership group in Washington. He could have merely sat back and been “not Dan Snyder” but instead the “people’s owner” really has a feel for what can be done to turn around the franchise. ANDY POLLIN joins as well. Packers […]

“Hey Buddy, Move That Island…..!”

I was *today* years old when I heard about the floating “island” at Lake Chippewa in Wisconsin. NOTORIOUS J-A-Y joins me and we discuss “receipts” he kept on Deion at Colorado, the wonder of Jose Altuve, some gratuitous Dabo-bashing, and of course, FTG! MORE… Our Sponsors:* Check out Drizly and use my code No promotion […]

Peyton Manning Simply Doesn’t Miss

The Manningcast is allegedly adding a 3rd host to Peyton and Eli. How did this “alt” broadcast become such a valuable piece of media property? PAUL CHARCHIAN joins me to discuss his 1st day of school photo tradition with his daughter. Also to pimp the lamest looking psuedo “Gameboy” I’ve ever seen. Plus, the future […]

Deion Delivers the Louis Vuitton Luggage

Never working Labor Day again. Burning Man mud bog. My Crazy Uncle. Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day. “We’re On the Crab!” Deion delivers. Can’t Break College Football. The ACC’s “Layover House.” What happens when the football money goes away? Commanders owners puts $40M into FedEx. Jimmy Buffet, RIP. MORE…. Our Sponsors:* Check out Drizly […]

“Which QB Looks Better, One… or.. Two…”

Czabe welcomes NOTORIOUS J-A-Y to the pod where he runs JayCo through the QB “eye-test” in a “which one would you rather have” exercise. Also, Jay’s thoughts on Trey Lance to the Cowboys, the woman with a gun hidden in her FAT, plus some robust FTG’s! MORE…. Our Sponsors:* Check out Drizly and use my […]

Of Course, Charch Is As Much of A Nerd About Pinball, Too

Czabe is joined by PAUL CHARCHIAN of and he discussed the sub-optimal NFL decision making on the QB position, in addition to the trend of fantasy leagues using “feats of skill” to determine draft order. Which led Czabe and Charch down a long winding pinball alley of nerdery. Charch’s Damione Pierce sleeper is now […]

“Conference Re-alignment? More Like A Refugee Crisis”

Czabe is joined by Georgetown University professor MARTY CONWAY to talk about how the dominos are falling in college sports. Networks need eyeballs. Buy schools. Schools need money. Agree to play anywhere. And we’re only just beginning. Also, the Saudi soccer spree, Neilson changes its ratings rules, plus Matt Stafford needs a cheat sheet, and […]

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