Knock, Knock. CzabeCast Premium is Here


Maintain Your 1%’r Status

Since launching the CzabeCast at the start of 2018, one of the big questions and topics of conversation has been — how long can Czabe keep doing this for free?

Well today we’re pleased to announce the launch of CzabeCast Premium

Don’t worry, most of it will still be free.  However in order to keep the show growing and to be able to start doing some cool new things, it needs to start to generate some revenue, so we’re simply asking for some spare change every month.  It’s where the 1%’rs are going to be, and the cost of entry is less than $5 per month.

What You Get With CzabeCast Premium

Beginning on Friday, September 7th and each Friday thereafter, subscribers will get access to a subscriber-only “Football 5-Ways”.  This jam-packed episode will include everything to get you ready for the upcoming weekends on the gridiron, including:

  • The original, unduplicatable “You Are Looking Live” rundown of the weekend 1%’rs have come to know and love.
  • For the gambling degenerates among the group, Mr. X will dial in and give you his weekly picks.  Lock it up!
  • The college game tickle your fancy? We’ll have a weekly revolving cast of guest experts giving you the insights to the big games of the weekend.
  • For you fantasy nerds out there, who else but the incomparable Paul Charchian “Charch” to give you his latest fantasy tips to win the weekend.
  • And much much more.

Plus, Czabe’s going to unlock some archives from the old, old days and some other cool things including discounts on merch. What happens after the final horn on February 3, 2019, at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta?  Well, more football of course, but we’ll also mix in some NCAA basketball and then NBA as well. But as you know, the NFL is a year-round TV show now, so it’s really “Football every day!”


Free “ALE” Coin to the First 500 Subscribers – SOLD OUT!

To sweeten the deal a bit — as if “Football 5-Ways” isn’t enough, the first 500 subscribers will get this customized, one of a kind, never to be reprinted, collectible Czabe “A.L.E.” coin.  You know me, I always vote to “Always. Leave. Early.”  But for those times when you’re struggling internally with the decision, or you’re at the game with that friend who demands to stay until the final buzzer, even though the game is well out of hand, well then you can just let the flip of the ALE coin decide your fate.

  • ALE and you’re off to the races, screeching wheels out of the parking lot.
  • STAY and you at least can tell yourself over and over while you sit in traffic that you are the world’s greatest fan.

You have to be one of the first 500 to subscribe to get your ALE coin, but you must act soon ’cause these bad boys are going fast and once they’re gone . . . they gone!  If you’re one of the first 500 to subscribe, we will send you an email to let you know and ask you to enter your mailing address.

How to Subscribe:

Subscribing is simple, just go to and fill out the form to set up your Libsyn account and enter your precious payment details. Don’t worry, you can cancel at any time. But don’t delay, those ALE coins won’t be around for long — only the first 500 subscribers get one.

The cost?  $4.99 a month. See told you it was under $5!

Your credit card will be charged each month. Don’t worry, you can cancel at any time.



Download the CzabeCast App to Listen to CzabeCast Premium & All CzabeCast Episodes

To check out the latest episodes of the CzabeCast (both the free ones Monday thru Thursday and the premium Football 5-Ways), the most convenient way is to check out the CzabeCast apps for both Android and iOS.

You can log in and unlock all the premium content with the username and password that you created when you purchased a subscription at 

Having trouble with the app? Use the app’s troubleshooting button found under Contact in the app and you can communicate directly with the developer.



Burgundy Jesus With His Panties In A Bunch

Adrian Peterson believes he’s going to be a big part of the Redskins season. I love his confidence. But history says it’s highly unlikely. Not just that, but several prominent ex-players like Shannon Sharpe and Cris Carter have come out and said they expect him to basically stink. Well, AP didn’t like that very much. Andy Pollin helps me shut down the 1801 Rockville Pike studios of WTEM. He also weighs in on the ESPN disaster known as “Get Up!” Czabe announces “CzabeCast Premium” and “The ALE Coin.”

Pre-tay, Pre-tay…. Good: Brewers Win Wildest Game of 2018

Nothing like a 6-for-6 night including a cycle by Christian Yelich, a totally horseshit call by the boys in blue on what should have been a 3rd-strike-foul-tip (I guess replay couldn’t fix that one, eh?) and a couple of late bombs by Moustakas and Aguilar to seal the deal. Oh, and there was a rain delay to boot. Baseball, funny game!

  1. Brewers Prevail In Crazy Extra Inning Game That Had It All
  2. Mychal Kendricks Insider Trading Charges Could Include Serious Jail Time
  3. Don’t Kid Youself: Adrian Peterson Is Going to Suck As A Redskin
  4. Inside Aaron Rodgers Massive New Contract Extension
  5. Knicks Fan Sells His “Fandom” To Lakers For $3450
  6. Lots of Tech Experts Were Sure The iPhone Was Gonna Suck
  7. Ugly Ryder Cup ’99 USA Shirt Sold at Auction for $3,906
  8. Soccer Coach Tells Reporter to Respect His 3 Rings
  9. The Age of Celebrity Politics Is Here To Stay
  10. The “Holy Grail” of Diet Pills?

Aaron Rodgers Has All The Money

Packer fans enjoyed their best day since winning the Super Bowl in Dallas almost 7 years ago. Minor-league out-of-bounds slinger Brett Hundley and his too-tight helmet got shipped out, and Aaron Rodgers got locked up with a mega-deal. Charch has last minute fantasy drafting advice. LeBron James’ new show “The Shop” gets mixed reviews.

The Hero America Needs Right Now

In these times of rampant nonsense, nothing cleanses the psychic palate like a work of modern, digital viral video art. You sir, “Paul Flart” aka: the flatulent security guard, are a genius. They say that true art, is seeing the possible where it doesn’t exist. It is finding the beautiful, amid a sea of ugly. It’s turning the smelly and disgusting, into something that brings joy and laughter to millions. So what if you got fired? You had the balls and the sphincter to keep that cell phone rolling in vertical video the whole time. You are internet legend.

  1. Security Guard Films Himself Farting For 6 Months At Work….
  2. ….. Then Is Promptly Fired Once Video Goes Viral
  3. Major Overhaul Headed For PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup
  4. Hurricanes Debut Uniforms Made From… Ocean Trash?
  5. The Reporter Who Won’t Let the NFL Go “Off Record”
  6. Kirk Cousins Is The NFL’s Greatest Gambler
  7. Doctor Death: Husband Kills Wife With Carbon Monoxide Yoga Balls
  8. Ted Leonsis To Give All 500 Employees Stanley Cup Rings
  9. Drone Records Whisker Close Near-Miss With Helicopter
  10. The Men of #MeToo Are Crawling Out From Hiding

Ryan Braun Was The Gummy Monster

Our guest today Drew Olson of the Big 920 in Milwaukee alerts us to a book excerpt where convicted ‘roid pusher Tony Bosch explained how the Brewers slugger somehow got busted despite a seemingly “undetectable” juicing regimen. Czabe thinks Maurice Clarett is not a great spokesman for tougher academic standards for football players. Mike Franscesa reads single digit numbers, one at a time, for a long time.

A Very Rich Bag of Almost Crazy

The New York Giants “load the boat” on Odell Beckham Jr. (what, too soon?) The kind of broken soul who would shoot up a Madden tournament just because he lost. ESPN changes. Not playing your starters in August – at all! Tiger vs. Phil and how it used to be done. Notorious J-A-Y ends “The Summer of Jay.” All that, plus FTG!

Trump and the Art of Losing Money At Golf Course Deals


Last week me and lads got to see two of Donald Trump’s gleaming golf playpens in Scotland. Turnberry first, and then his own signature course about 4 hours to the north in Aberdeen, Trump International Scotland. Both are spectacular. Both are, I’m certain, losing money hand over fist.

So what’s the plan? Will they ever turn the corner? Is Trump going to watch these  real estate investments go belly up like many of his other swing-and-miss projects (even before he became president, Trump was well known as a hi-risk developer, with lots of bankruptcies and lawsuits to follow).

I recently came across this article in The New Yorker that described how Trump had abruptly shifted his basic real-estate strategy of doing things with “OPM” (other people’s money) and instead has poured a huge amount of his own cash into this particular project. The authors stopped short of calling it fishy, but they did make the point that it’s not how he usually does business.

As a golfer, all I really care about is great courses thriving and staying open to play. And better yet, I care about great courses being made even better when somebody with a lot of money comes in and puts a shine to them. And I’m not alone in agreeing to such a cold-eyed, non-partisan, faustian bargain. Trump did that and more at Turnberry. When we played it in 2012, it was already one of my all-time favorites. A brawny, sort of Scottish-Pebble-Beach… on steroids.

Czabe hits 6-iron to 1-foot for a near ace on the newly created par-3 11th at Turnberry’s Ailsa Course.

But then when Trump hired architect Martin Ebert- and told him to re-route the portion of the course that kisses the ocean – the course went from being a soap opera star, to a bonafide supermodel. Don’t believe me? Read the reviews here, here, and here.

My only regret to our visit to Turnberry, is that the sun didn’t shine for more than maybe 5 holes at best (out of 36). On a clear day, when the late evening sun washes over the entire property from the lighthouse on up to the hotel, it is so stunning you will feel like you are in a dream.

“Champion Golfer of The Week” Dan Benedum lines up a birdie putt at 17 at Turnberry. (Made it!)

Meanwhile, we ended at Trump’s most controversial project up north in Aberdeen. I had heard about, and read about this course for years. The entire project is a shitshow. You can’t sugar coat it.

But…. the photos of the place looked spectacular, and terrifying. There are holes that wind through massive valleys of sand, clogged with 2 foot high ball-gobbling rough, and I understood that a place even further north would be colder and windier than the usual Scottish elements. I simply had to see it. And after our round on Sunday in blistering 30 mph winds (a distinct CROSS-wind no less, that made essentially every hole that runs up and down the coast uncomfortable) I can say without doubt, it’s insane. Amazing. Brutal.

It’s also a bit odd, in that the two nines are so mis-matched. The front nine features holes that are almost constantly un-realistic for the average player, even bordering on sadistic. A par-5 that has marshy hazard right off the tee, a pot bunker pinching the fairway left, more pot-bunkers eliminating a safe lay-up spot, then a green that climbs 80 feet up the hillside and features a TRIPLE tier surface. I mean….. really?

The insane par-3 6th at Trump International Scotland. Everything right of the walk-path is “instant X.” 30 MPH L-R crosswind. Czabe made 2 with hybrid from 197.

The back nine, however, is far more generous off the tee, has reasonable green complexes, and plays firm and fast. It also veers away from the ocean to take advantage of the sandy high ground that loops around a wide valley – where supposedly, another 18 could be fit. As a golfer, I prefer courses in which both nines are at least roughly matched in character. It’s a nit to pick, but we’re grading on a scale of near perfection here.

We played 18 from the tippy-top tee box, which is probably a good 150 feet above the fairway right alongside the ocean. It’s a 654 yard par-5. I hit: driver (250), 3-wood (220) and then hybrid (190) to about 18 feet and made par. Suck it, Donald!

And yes, the windmills Trump un-successfully fought do indeed ruin the views. It’s a pity, because without them, you would be talking about a truly magical setting. Which great golf courses are all about. Instead, you can’t help but look out at them, and wonder: geezus, of all the ocean in Scotland, they just HAD to put them right here?

Politics aside, the two venues are both incredible, and worth a visit if you are planning a trip (Turnberry is a must, Trump International a mere option). I have no idea where they will be in 10 years, and in whose hands financially.  Trump has poured in a lot of his own cash, and made lots of Scottish enemies along the way. Good luck to him. But for now, the good luck is ours as golfers, who want to experience something unique and amazing.

Mike O’Neil rips his tee-shot on the 654-yard par-5 18th at Trump International. The views are breathtaking. The hole, a beast.

Medium Take Alert! Urban Meyer Punishment Was About Right

It’s easy to climb aboard one’s media soapbox and demand a football coach’s scalp and many did this week regarding Ohio State. But as I see it, this was a far more complicated case than the usual clucking-hens of righteousness were willing to admit. Yes, Urban Meyer is a liar, and a bad one at that. But maybe now this will help hammer home the fact that football coaches aren’t police, and they aren’t marriage counsellors. Plus, Adrian Petersen as “Burgundy Jesus”and a robust recap of my Scotland golf trip. (Skip ahead to 28:20 to avoid!)

Eagles Now Singing the Red Jersey Blues

How much should you play your important, non-replaceable players in meaningless August games? I say none, after what happened to Nick Foles against the Patriots. But then why the hell did Brady play an entire half!?  The Redskins debut Da’Ron Payne and Alex Smith. ESPN’s new MNF crew. Pouring one out for Cooley and Kevin. Ronnie Pook, Scotland Golf Tours, on Czabe’s 50th Birthday links adventure. Balloon ban?

This Is A Man’s Game, Always Has Been

The curious case of Su’a Cravens. How did it unravel so quickly in DC? Drew Olson warns: Hey dads, forget trying to look “cool” on a campus visit with your kid. Would an electronic strike zone be any better? Gronk likes keeping his money close. Fake news.

Did John Elway’s Big Mouth Just Give Kap’s Lawyers More Ammo?

Jan 1, 2017; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) passes the football against Seattle Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark (55) during the fourth quarter at Levis Stadium Seahawks defeated the 49ers 25-23. Mandatory Credit: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

“You know what, and I said this a while ago: Colin had his chance to be here. We offered him a contract. He didn’t take it. And as I said at my deposition—and I don’t know if I’ll be legally able to say this—but he had his chance to be here. He passed it.”

  1. When You Think You Shouldn’t Say Something… Don’t
  2. UMD’s “Bowtie Wally” Rejected Plan To Improve Athlete Treatment
  3. Notre Dame Whips Up Yankee Themed Special ALT Uni’s
  4. Joe Tessitore Charged With Re-Booting Sagging MNF Booth on ESPN
  5. Chip Kelly Rested, Ready to Come Back And Kick Some Ass
  6. ESPN Revamps “Bottom Line” Score Strip
  7. And May Beg Chris Berman To Return? Berman!?
  8. Keith Hernandez Is One Fat, Retired, Baseball Tough Guy
  9. Little League Coach Pulls Ice Cold Move, Benches Son
  10. RIP Aretha: You Made Us All “Think”

The QB World According to Jags CB Jalen Ramsey

In an interview with GQ published Wednesday, Ramsey offered candid takes on a plethora of starting quarterbacks, including a fresh batch of rookies. In a few breaths, he sang the praises of Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson (they do look good!), while positing that Buffalo’s new gunslinger, Josh Allen, “is trash” with a “big arm, supposedly” (1,000 percent yes!).

  1. Not Trying To Win Friends, or Influence People
  2. The Ugliest Divorce: Su’a Cravens & The Redskins
  3. Gronk Saves His Football Money, Lives off Endorsements
  4. Kentucky Derby Announcer Sues Over Trademark Call
  5. Rick Pitino Names Horse: “Party Dancer”
  6. Jay Gruden: Training Camp Mic’d Up!
  7. Only The French Would Do This
  8. Historical Comps For Top 12 Running Backs in Fantasy
  9. The Rudest Parrot….. Ever!
  10. Purple Martin 101: The Life I’ve Chosen

Maryland Takes the “Loh” Road To Accountability

It took 63 days, and a bombshell ESPN report to finally get Maryland to say “sorry for killing your kid.” Better late than never, I guess. Orlando Scandrick cut. Everybody hates Terrelle Pryor. John Elway does not know QB’s. Warren Sharp, Sharp Football Analysis on the modern running game in the NFL.

GM Elway Keeps Rolling Snake Eyes at Quarterback

Lynch failed to seize the starting job in each of the last two seasons after being selected No. 26 overall in 2016 out of Memphis. He was given a chance to take over for the role last November after Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler floundered, but he suffered an ankle injury in his first game of the year against the Raiders.

  1. When You Can’t Even Beat Out Those Chumps…
  2. Josh Norman Has Very Bad Ideas About QB Pay
  3. Keith Olbermann Calls MLB Game, People Are Mad
  4. Legal Sportsbook Set to Open :25 From My House!
  5. Maryland Tries to Stem The Bleeding on Scandal
  6. Baseball Playoff Odds: “Just tell me straight, doc, am I gonna make it?”
  7. Orcas: Assholes of The Ocean
  8. Lunatic Flies His Own Plane Into Own House
  9. Titleist To Roll Out Yellow…. ProV1’s?
  10. Talk About “Lowering the bar…” Sheesh…