CzabeCast Listener Survey

Who are you? Who who who who?

My podcast host, Libsyn, has asked me to conduct a survey of my listeners so we can better promote the show. As one of my loyal 1 percenters, I am hoping you can take a quick moment to fill it out.

And yes, the survey does ask you for your household income. Rest assured this information isn’t shared with me and in fact none of your individual responsesĀ are shared with anyone. All of the data collected is aggregated to create an overall profile of who the typical CzabeCast listeners are for potential advertisers and podcast distributors. I’ve told them this could end up being an ugly picture, but they want me to do it anyways.

It should literally only take you 1 minute to complete the survey and I would very much appreciate it. And guys, please be honest in your responses šŸ˜‰

Thank you again for all your support for the show!



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