If A QB’s Win/Loss Record Was Really Such A Great “Stat” Then Drew Brees Would Be Retired By Now

I’m happy and excited to have Alex Smith as a Redskin. But the front office should tread lightly when bragging about his key “stat” of a winning record these last five years. Has anybody checked their records lately?

CzabeCast: March 29, 2018
1. Things That Are/Are Not “Stats”
2. Kings Game Blocked by Mob
3. Another NFL Cheerleader Lawsuit
4. NFL Targeting Rule Day 2 Fallout
5. Other Sports Safety Innovations
6. Should Giants Trade OBJ?
7. Welcome to Augusta, ProTracer!
8. Scuffy Cricket Ball Scandal
9. Lamar Jackson’s Blowing It!
10. Karate Chopping (non-Ninja) Turtles

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