Billy Horschel Was Running Wet…. AND HOT… at The Open

For the record, I like BillyHo! I like his fire. I like his game. I like his pants. I like that he was unafraid to put the USGA on BLAST last year after the joke that was, Chambers Bay.

And no, wearing your hat backwards in the rain, en route to an 85 and a trunk slam, is NOT a mortal threat to the integrity, tradition, or honor of “the game.”

So relax.

That said, I found his post-round handshakes and smiles to be a bit… well… uh, “forced” I suppose. Or maybe, a tiny bit….. psychotic? This is how a serial killer would shake your hand after a match, I suppose.

We’ve all been there, though, right? You don’t want to be a jackass and a distraction to your partners, but you are ready to chew a phone book into shreds you are so f’ing pissed off at golf!!!!!

Like he was last year at Chambers Bay, trying to put on those bumpy gravel greens full of poa anna and weeds.

Dry off, and cool down, Billy. There will be better days.

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