Daily Czabe: Adorable 8 Year Old Girl Slays Zepplin Riff on Drumset


The interwebs are full of hateful, stupid, time wasting things. This, is not one of them. Being able to sit down to a drum kit and play something, anything, not resembling the noise of a guy falling down a tall flight of stairs is a cool thing. I’ve been told, I can do that. But to see a smiling 8 year old girl just dissect one of the most iconic drum beats in rock-n-roll history with precision, is absolute gold.

8 Year Old Girl Kills It on “Good Times, Bad Times” By Led Zepplin

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  1. More hockey talk?
    I’m a step away from the czaecast and pod cast this week and hopefully next week you’ll have turned the page to current topics.

  2. 40 year-old drummer watches video of 8 year-old drummer.
    Collects his drumsticks, lovingly looks upon them like a father to a child.
    Brings them solemnly to his fire pit and sends them to Valhalla in tribute.


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