Daily Czabe: Lucas Glover’s Wife Goes HAM After Bad Round


I don’t know what you see, but when I look into that woman’s beady little evil eyes, I see somebody who is thinking “as soon as I get out of this police station and get back home again, I am going to rip my pussy husband a new asshole for being a little bitch and calling the police on me.”

So I guess this is an instructional case of how domestic violence can go both ways, huh kids? Poor Josh Brown of the NY Giants did nothing more than yell at his wife’s son and grab her wrist briefly, next think you know she’s ringing 911 off the hook and his career is over.

Not only is this unhinged Xanax harpie not going to lose her career – she has none, other than spending Lucas’ golf money – but it looks like she’s made a proper calculation of the size of Lucas’ nutsack: size… small! He’s already making excuses for her, and not going to press charges.

Fuck all that, man. This bitch is in severe need for a hard life lesson. She attacked a guy playing a maddeningly difficult sport, where there’s no guaranteed money, for one bad round. Then on the eve of Mother’s Day, savagely attacked her mother-in-law, all while the kids were (not) sleeping upstairs.

Then just in case anybody thought they could top her high score of psycho, she goes spider monkey in the cop car, tells the police this is “why they get shot in the face” and wait until the Tour hears about this, YOU are in sooooo much trouble.

There’s no redeeming this one, Lucas. Take the L and move on. You deserve better, and so do the kids.


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  1. Czabe, there is only one way for you to get all the back story on this: get some PGA Tour wives and girlfriends on the phone. WAGS will know, and they will dish.

  2. Glover’s friends need to have intervention, sit this guy down and tell him, no matter,,, at what cost u run as fast away as u can from this bat shit crazy broad. If he doesn’t the next time we’ll be hearing about Gover is when this nut job puts s bullet in his head while he’s sleeping.

  3. People who say “leave her and get custody” should talk to some divorced men who have tried that. Unless she’s in jail or in a padded room, most judges default to giving the mother primary custody. Yes, even if she’s been arrested for violence. She will show up in court looking reasonable and classy, nothing like her mug shots, say that was a one-time mistake that she’s dealt with in therapy, and he will walk out with visitation every two weeks.

    • Came for Czabe, stayed for your comment. As someone currently living this horrific nightmare, your comment has given me the smallest sliver of hope that I’m not alone. I worked very hard to keep my battle out of the courts (given the high risk, low reward proposition family court has become) only to solicit the courts for my own protection in the matter! If this message reaches anyone out there; NEVER give up.

  4. Wow, this guy made nearly $2 million last year. What’s she mad about? If she wants Glover to play better, maybe she should consider that his last win came the year before they got married.

  5. She’s not hot enough for this kind of crazy. Go for the divorce, and hope for the best with the kids. Unfortunately once she starts hitting them, Child Services will show up.


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