Daily Czabe: The NFL Now Has A Cheerleader Problem, Too


We’re coming up on two full years this August since Colin Kaepernick first took a knee during the Niners national anthem ceremony. (Well, actually, he started by just sitting down.) Who would have guessed that the NFL would still not have any good “exit strategy” to a story that has not been as financially disastrous as some would insist, but remains a nagging burr in the league’s ass?

This week, safety Eric Reid jumped in the collusion pool, filing a grievance against the NFL for collusion. He might have a pretty good case. At just 26, and without the system and leadership components that are a tricky fit for a QB, he should have been signed by now. But is it collusion, if it’s simply that no owner wants the headache? And by headache, I don’t just mean potential future kneeling, I mean the media headache of what signing Reid would bring. Does he need a smoking gun memo from somebody in a front office? Or will circumstantial evidence get it done? I’m not a lawyer, so don’t @ me.

Meanwhile, a new front has opened up when it comes to cheerleaders. And of course, #MeToo has been gasoline on the fire. NFL cheerleaders are treated worse than interns. But there’s a long line of them who want the (crummy) gig. Now the Redskins are accused of some unproven, thinly documented, impossible to DIS-prove things that sure don’t sound or look good, but are not even misdemeanor crimes. And it all happened 5 years ago.

The NY Times story below got 5 cheerleaders on record to tell their side of it. The Redskins vigorously dispute almost every part of it. There is no visual or physical evidence. But as expected, the hot take columns are already flying. The NFL says they will investigate. Good times.


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  1. I just saw the Costa Rica trip story this morning. I know Jerry Richardson’s problems and the Dan Snyder Redskins cheerleader story are very different…but, could this be a problem for Snyder’s ownership? Maybe have to sell the team? Please discuss. I’ll be listening to the podcast.

  2. This whole thing is part of a masterplan to force Dan Snyder out to make way for a “woke” owner from the Pacific Northwest to take the reigns, which will be the first step in changing the team name to the Washington Silly Nannies. Wheels within wheels, man!

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