Daily Czabe: The Patriots Are A Cult, Not A Football Team


When Tom Brady at this point in his career, having just convinced the owner to ship out his heir apparent so he can play “5 more” years past the age of 40, is still afraid to call a spade a spade and say simply: “It was a mistake not to play our best cornerback in the SuperBowl” then you know that the New England Patriots are more Kool-Aide sipping cult, than normal functioning football team composed of men.

I mean, zoom out after reading this exchange between Brady and Jim Gray and ask yourself if Fred The Hammer Williamson or Lyle Alzado, or Kenny Stabler, or Lawrence Taylor, or would act like such scared pussies when it comes to perhaps calling out the coach for having made an ego-driven blunder that arguably cost everybody another Super Bowl ring?

Gray: “Do you know why he didn’t play?”

Brady: “No, I haven’t gone and discussed those things. Do you know why he didn’t play? Would you like to tell me?”

Gray: “I don’t have the access that you do.”

Brady: “Yeah, well I don’t ask, so…”

While we’re at it, why didn’t Malcolm Butler get into it on the sideline with Matt Patricia or Belichick himself at some point in that game, when the Pats were getting sliced and diced for 500 yards of offense by Nick Foles and Co? What did he have to lose? He was a free agent to be, knew the Pats (certaily at that point) weren’t going to back up the brinks truck and re-sign him.

Speak up for yourself son.

But no, the mystery only deepens, because Belichick has everybody cowed into a corner worried about rocking the boat in the slightest. It’s amazing. Sure, respecting your coach’s decision is one thing. But the game is long over. There wasn’t, and really isn’t, any good reason to bench a healthy 98% snap guy on defense short of something like “we found he had bet $1M on the Eagles just 5 mins prior to kickoff.”

Hell, you gave him a helmet and jersey for the game, soaking up a precious active roster spot for a guy you gave one play. One.

Maybe Belichick capped Odin Lloyd himself then pinned it on Aaron Hernandez because he wasn’t running routes properly. Because that’s the level of insane fear running through the Patriots these days when it comes to crossing Belichick.

You can read a good chunk of the exchange between Jim Gray and Tom Brady below. It’s complete bonkers when you think about it.


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