Daily Czabe: For Once, Roasted Penguin…. Is Served!


This lovely photoshop is probably made by a Penguin fan, just to remind us Caps fans that we are merely at the halfway point of the long slog to ultimately hoisting Lord Stanley above our heads in June. And that the Penguins franchise has done that FIVE TIMES already!

Still I find it gently amusing, and not even that insulting really, since Pittsburgh has indeed been our “El Guapo.” While I hope the team would never hoist such a banner in real life in our actual building (“That Time We Beat Pittsburgh… Once” – 2018) I don’t mind the “virtual” banner raising in our minds. It was such sweet, sweet relief.

Now whenever you want a smile or a pick-me-up as a Caps fan, you can just re-watch the game winner from slippery Evgeny Kuznetsov from every single camera angle NBCSN had last night. Soak it up, and enjoy!

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