GM Elway Keeps Rolling Snake Eyes at Quarterback


Lynch failed to seize the starting job in each of the last two seasons after being selected No. 26 overall in 2016 out of Memphis. He was given a chance to take over for the role last November after Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler floundered, but he suffered an ankle injury in his first game of the year against the Raiders.

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  1. There will be 4 genius front offices at 1-4, 0-5 in October who could have been 3-2 with Tebow. Just sayin’.
    Elway took Orton, Kyle F-ing Orton, over the best college QB ever. The reason Orton sucked? Denver had ZERO Off Line. Tebow could win 6 games in Cleveland, but that would cost them draft picks.


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