One Thing For Sure, It’ll Never Have the Simple Ring of “The Mecca”


“One might reasonably point out that if doing business in Wisconsin was so financially arduous for Fiserv that they essentially needed a bribe in order to stay there, it’s a bit surprising that they just happen to have enough spare change in their pockets to ink a 25-year naming rights deal, no? Hmmmm.”

  1. Milwaukee’s New Arena Named After Company That Got Public Handout
  2. Stadium Naming Rights Suck? Get A “Naming Wrongs” T-Shirt!
  3. Psycho Calls Cable Company To Change Local Bar’s Sports Package
  4. Astros Roll The Dice With Domestic Abuser Roberto Osuna
  5. Czabe’s “ALE Theory” By Way of Advanced Metrics
  6. Geezuz…. Don’t Do This!
  7. “Shut Up…. Jerry!”
  8. Idiots Steal Shark From Zoo By Swaddling It Like A Baby
  9. How An Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly For Millions
  10. Of Course There’s A “Hot Water Challenge” Because… The Internet



  1. On “Shut up Jerry”: it seems to me that Jerry was trying to do what Czabe says the NFL should have done long ago: decide on a position, lay down the law, and move on. People may disagree with the position he chose, but that’s inevitable. I guess the league would rather kick the problem around for another season.


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