2024 – Episode 7 – Scottie Has Learned How To Putt!



In this episode, the hosts discuss various topics related to golf, including Scotty Scheffler's dominating finish at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Rory McIlroy's bad behavior on the course, and the idea of a 100-player PGA Tour. The conversation covers various topics related to the PGA Tour, including the impact of elevated tour events, proposed changes to the cut rule, playing golf in the dark, exotic golf clubs, and a discussion on Jay Monahan's press conference. The main theme revolves around the financial challenges and potential risks faced by the PGA Tour in the current landscape of professional golf. The conversation covers topics such as Monahan's press conference, negotiations with Liv, the potential deal, the Island Green 17th at Sawgrass, the scarcity of island greens in golf, borrowing golf clubs, and a pickleball injury.


00:00 – Introduction and Golfing in Florida

03:20 – Scotty Scheffler's Dominating Finish

08:37 – Rory McIlroy's Bad Behavior

12:39 – Discussion on a 100-Player PGA Tour

25:20 – Proposed changes to the cut rule

26:12 – Playing golf in the dark

27:18 – Reverse shotgun start

28:36 -Exotic golf clubs

32:43 – Discussion on Jay Monahan's press conference

38:08 – What fans want from golf

44:03 – Financial challenges for the PGA Tour

46:23 – Potential risks for the PGA Tour

47:50 – Monahan's Press Conference

48:34 – Negotiations with Liv

49:43 – Potential Deal

50:32 – Island Green 17th at Sawgrass

58:37 – Island Greens in Golf

01:05:05 – Borrowing Golf Clubs

01:06:11 – Pickleball Injury

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