Capital Golf Gang – Technology & Video


Panelists: Czabe, John Ronis, Buddy Christensen

Segment 1: “Technology and Video”

How modern tech and ability to see finite positions in the golf swing has affected the development of players and changed the game.

Segment 2: “A Quick Nine”

  1. Zurich Classic Format
  2. No Carts/No Range
  3. Brandel Chamblee on Angles
  4. Novelty Golf Clubs
  5. Banning Your Buddies
  6. Etiquette: Club Loitering
  7. Tiger Posts First Photo
  8. Special Exemptions
  9. Augusta or Tour Caddy

Segment 3: Monday Qualifying, players who have targets on them, slow play is a GOOD thing? Top golf, proper club fitting.

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