Lauren Thompson: The Golf Channel


While many men are hopelessly smitten by the athletic and well endowed Ms. Sonders on “Morning Drive”,  I would bet almost as many just can’t get enough of the lovely Lauren Thompson.

She’s a voiceover talent, who comes from the modelling world, and well… golf… yeah, I bet she can break 100*. Who cares, buddy. Just look at her! And she’s married… so… that’s enough looking. The internet’s a big place. Move along….

lauren_thompson_lg1 lauren_thompson_lg2




  1. Same here. I get the “wow” factor when you first see Holly Sonders but if you pay close attention, she is really just one step above The Jersey Shore cast (she is/was engaged to Erik Kuselias).

    Lauren Thompson is the bomb. She is seriously hot and has very sweet personality. I wish they had more of her on Morning Drive.


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