A Long Time Ago, We Had Parades


And amazingly enough, a young mustachioed Keith Olbermann – yup, the same guy who won’t say “Redskins” now! – was on the scene for CNN to report it all! What good times. On today’s CzabeCast, Andy Pollin and I reminisce about what championship parades looked like in DC way back when, and muse about what they might look like today.

We also discuss Alex for Kirk, Joe Gibbs and his shotgun-phobia and what kind of new stadium in DC he would prefer. Also I try to understand how St. John’s can go from 0-11 in conference, to suddenly beating #4 Duke at home and #1 Villanova (!) on the road in the span of 5 days!


  1. St J has been competitive in most games this year and many of their players are young and learning (obviously). The Big East is a Meat-grinder without any obviously bad teams. This isn’t 0-11 Drake or No Colo beating top teams.
    The first time my wife saw StJ playing Creighton she said it looked like five big spiders on the floor. I would guess that John Salley and Pippin would fit right in on the team.
    They are just plain scary and are my pick to get to the Big East Tourney Finals.

  2. I think its super that you and Andy have retained this great friendship thru all the ups and downs. I love listening to you two as you bring out the best in each other.

  3. I’m gonna stop coming here for podcasts if they can’t be posted every day and in a timely manner. If you want folks to listen regularly, you have to get them in the routine to. Can’t do that with hit and miss postings.


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