Arizona Vaca Podcast 1 of 5 – Elite 8 Set!


Czabe just can’t take a COMPLETE vacation away from sports. He escapes to the front seat of his rental car for a down and dirty, no frills 30 minute podcast that will STILL beat the shit out of 99% of other podcasts out there! Topics include…

  1. Sweet 16 Recaps
  2. Brutally Honest Friendship
  3. Bonkers Housing Market
  4. Overpaid Lifeguards
  5. Golf Winners
  6. NFL 17 Game Schedule
  7. Niners Bold Move
  8. Zach Wilson Arm
  9. Indiana Bad Hire
  10. Chase Daniel $$$
  11. Peacock Scrubs WWE
  12. Delusional Masters Protest

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