Broken Colt Sends Skins Into NFL Wilderness


There are no words. And no good answers. This team… is… f***ed. Not just for the rest of 2018, but likely for several years to come. I sort out with Andy Pollin where this team goes from here. The hopeful (delusional?) high road, or the dirty grimy road of shame: TANK AVENUE! Brett Favre cutting $500 promos for hate groups? Giannis controls his nut-punching urge. Team logo gear for nerds?


  1. Czabe- Love your stuff. Looking forward to hearing you again in Milwaukee on 97.3. I am not one of the riled up rabble. I understand it’s all business regarding your move from Bob and Brian. You may want to change your bio signature however. Still says you work for B&B. Peace. Gary Cline. Long time listener and fan.


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