Cue The DJ: NC State Is A Banger!


Is it the “greatest run” in NCAA Tournament history? Depends on how you classify “run”? Do you have to win it all? Or just make the Final Four? Does relative conference strength matter? Or just the improbability of it all? Any way you slice it, NC State is one of the best sports stories in years. Zach Edey and Purdue punches through. Bama loves threes, I mean LOVES them. Kim Mulkey “hit piece” by the Post didn’t land many (any) blows. Caitlyn vs. Bayou Barbie has center stage on Monday night. Home Depot bitching: slacker help, and merchandise “hide and seek.” Oh, and “hey, does that 3-point line look, uh ‘off’ to you Bill?” MORE…..

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I had to get you back on your regular schedule because moving you back, I was like, wait, if I keep him on Friday, then, what am I going to do with Scott and Sally? And then. So we're just going to run it back, which is fine. How'd you like the basketball this weekend? For the record, I am still waiting for NC State slipper to fall off. But sometimes, I guess, Cinderella's slipper does not fall off. Holy shit.>> Andy Pollin: Do you call them a Cinderella coming from the Acc?>> Czabe: Yes, they're a total Cinderella. The run they have made from Kevin Keats is near death experience in the Les Robinson invitational till now is unbelievable.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, I mean, I tend to think more like George Mason and VCU, but, yeah, I guess if you consider that they.>> Czabe: Okay, great question. Which is the. Is this now the greatest run? I'm using that term with no definitions because it's intentionally vague. Is this the greatest run to the final forever?>> Andy Pollin: gee, I'd have to look. I mean, they. The teams that they have beaten, just.>> Czabe: Off the top of your head, is it better than VCU play in game?>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, I don't think so. And.>> Czabe: And also a smaller conference.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, I have to look at the conference. I mean, is it better school?>> Czabe: Is it better than, say, loyola Chicago?>> Andy Pollin: yeah. Sister Gene, though, they didn't get to the front. Did they get to the final?>> Czabe: Shit, I gotta look that up. I've already said I cannot afford any more mistakes on this podcast. The reserve that people have been killing me on, this Alabama, yes. Is, of course, an SEC team. We omitted that stupidly on Thursday, and I got hammered for it. Or it might have been Wednesday with Jay, who knows? But, yeah. So, final, fours okay. But it was still a great run, though, by the way.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, yeah. You know, it's remarkable. And it reminds me of what happened in 1983 in that you only had 48 teams, that year, and they had to win the ACC tournament. They beat, Virginia for the title. Virginia had Ralph sampson, who was the three time player of the year in college basketball, number one. Number one pick. in fact, he's. Well, no, he's not the reason they invented the lottery. but he was a part of that picture. And the fact that they got to the final and they beat. I think they beat a team in the final in 83. That's the best team not to win at all. They had Clyde Drexler and akeem Olajuwon, two of the top 50 players who ever played the game, and they found a way to win that game. So, you know, that's the greatest run because they want it all if this team wins at all. Are they as good as that? I don't know.>> Czabe: That's a good point. Loyola did make the final four. It was in 2018. They were an eleven seed and they were there with Villanova, Michigan and Kansas.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah.>> Czabe: Kansas, by the way, had that final four appearance vacated even though they did not win the title. That was part of some silly little slap on the wrist punishment that they got for recruiting before the. The nil portal went absolutely effing wild. So I think their run is amazing. UCLA made a run to the final four as an eleven seed and coming out of the play in game, but there you see fucking LA, pardon my french.John Feinstein: UCLA made the final four as a nine seed last yearThat takes a lot away from them. And of course, they did not make the final.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah. Yeah. So I can never consider UCLA Cinderella.>> Czabe: I'm, too. I know. Florida Atlantic, they made the final four as a nine seed last year and they did not make the championship game. That was Yukon versus San Diego. This might be this. I kind of still think. I think because. And maybe it's error of recency. Maybe it's because of the big guy, DJ Burns. But I don't know, man. What a story. And then the shades of Alvano.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's. That's a very similar circumstance that, you know, because that team lost Derek Wittenberg for a good part of the season with a broken foot. So that's the reason why their record wasn't as good. By the time they got to, you know, rolling in March, he was healthy again. And Wittenberg and low, they had been playing together for eight years. They were teammates at Damasca, right? And coaches say about the tournament, it's all about guard play. And if you got good, experienced guards and you can't get any more experience than that, you know, that makes a difference as well.>> Czabe: Wichita State was a nine seed in 2013, made the final four, did not make the championship game. I, mentioned VCU as an eleven. Mason was an eleven. They did not play in the title game. That was Florida versus UCLA. A bunch of NBA players on both those teams in 2006. And that's pretty much it for the double digit seeds making the final four. You have to go all the way back to 86 for the next double digit seed. That was LSU. Andy, there you go. You were there that year with Dale Brown. Okay?>> Andy Pollin: And as I remember, they got pretty much taken out easily in the final four. That was Duke losing to Louisville, as I remember. That was, Purvis Ellison beating the, first great Cheshevsky team.>> Czabe: Right, right. Speaking of LSU, I want to jump off here of the men's game and talk about the Kim Mulkey article in the Washington Post that she threatened to sue over. And I read it going, okay, where? What? Like, okay, what is there to sue over in this story?>> Andy Pollin: Well, she did not cooperate in it. So she was hearing from former players who said, you know, that this guy, Kent Babb, was contacting them, asking about her. and I guess she knew that the homophobic stuff was going to appear in there, but there was nothing new. People knew about her feelings about Brittany Garner and other players who played for her. So I don't think that was that big of a deal. I just think it was, you know, on balance, it was an interesting profile of a fascinating person. And everybody's got warts. She's got some of them big grudges. Hadn't talked to her father in 37 years. Hadn't talked to her sister. But by and large, I don't think there was anything hugely negative about it.>> Czabe: I didn't think so either. but of course, this is who she is. She is a combative, feisty. She's the female Bobby knight in my.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah. Although night Knight was a far, far worse character, and. And the warts on him were bigger, I think. but she. She. I think she.>> Czabe: Warts or actual misdeeds, let's be clear about that. Well, I mean, what did knight do that was so bad?>> Andy Pollin: Well, choke the player.>> Czabe: He touched Neil Reid on the neck.>> Andy Pollin: Well, that's choking. No, he choked. He did. He did.>> Czabe: No, no. What Duke did was choke today.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, well, yeah, you could look at it that way. But he. Look, Bobby Knight. If you, If you read season on the brink, written by John Feinstein, I picked up that book, hating Bobby Knight. And when I finished it, I said, this is a very complicated person who's done some really terrible things, but also.>> Czabe: Some really good things and really terrible things all the way back to the season on the brink.>> Andy Pollin: Oh, yeah.>> Czabe: Because. Okay, what did he do terrible prior to season on the brink?>> Andy Pollin: The book was written after he threw the chair, remember?>> Czabe: Okay.>> Andy Pollin: All.>> Czabe: Ah, right. All right. So that. Are you sure about that?Bobby Knight did not cheat, according to Feinstein vice>> Andy Pollin: Oh, absolutely.>> Czabe: Yeah.>> Andy Pollin: Feinstein vice kind of got the idea to write the book because of the chair.>> Czabe: Okay.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah.>> Czabe: And all chair was bad. Neil Reed was bad. What else did Bobby Knight do that was really bad?>> Andy Pollin: at the pan american games.>> Czabe: Fucking kid. Fucking cares about that.>> Andy Pollin: Okay. But, you know, there, there are. He did not cheat. That's the one thing that you can say about him. No, no evidence. Cheating.>> Czabe: Didn't cheat. And the kids who played for him, who are mentally tough enough to play for him, would go to war for him and got an education and built lifelong relationships because of him.>> Andy Pollin: Speaker one. Well, that's what I'm saying. There's some complicated parts of him. He's that, and he's also the guy who choked me over.>> Czabe: Ok, so, so mulky, you don't think is quite as bad, but in terms of the overall vibe, they're the same, which I, I think is awesome.Michael Mulkey enjoyed reading Kim Mulkey's biography>> Czabe: I am now a Kim Mulkey Stan after reading this piece, and I was sort of like, who is this crazy broad? Well, I got to know a bit more about her because of the story. And someone over the weekend on one of the social media platforms posted some of her highlights when she played for Louisiana Tech. And I was like, oh, man, look at these. Classic. Just a little pixie of a girl. Twin braided pigtails, a jersey that was way too big, that had a collar on it, a, collar. Their jerseys did. And she was dishing out dimes. Just ran the floor like nobody else. And so then you hear more about her backstory and how she became a coach and what a relentless fucking winner she is as a coach.>> Andy Pollin: And to have won for as long as she has, you have to probably be that kind of a person. you know, there's the kindly old Dean Smith way of doing things and John Wooden and all that. But, you know, to be on top as long as she has been, you know, those are things that, that she has to do.>> Czabe: And, yeah, what I liked about it was they, they profiled, they did a good job of, you know, telling you about, the coach that she played for, Sonia Hogue Hogg. First of all, you knew her fire inside when she refused to let Louisiana text women's team be called the Lady Bulldogs because she said, a lady dog is a bitch. No, we'll be the lady Texters. And so that's what they were known as, the lady Texters.>> Andy Pollin: And, you know, yeah, yeah. She was like, and this will. This will maybe interest your Milwaukee audience. She was. Sonia Hogue was a lot like Al McGuire. She was not the coach. She was the face of the program. Leon Barmore was the.>> Czabe: Here comes the emails from Marquette fans. Oh my God, you read about Al Maguire.>> Andy Pollin: Al McGwire was not an exes and o's guy. He was, he was a great recruiter. He was, he was a great face of the program and he did a great job building a winning championship program there. But he was not the guy who did all the x's and o's. It's, you can look it up. Hank Raymond was the guy that did it.>> Czabe: Well, anyway, Hogue talked about her style on the bench and she was good looking and played it up. Hogue put on a show, writes Bab Tennessee's Pat summit wore pantsuits. Ohio State's Tara Vanderbir Don sweaters. Vivian Stringer occasionally wore a skirt. Not Hogue Hoag drove a white cadillac, wore beaver skin or mink and styled her platinum hair into a towering meringue. Quote, I couldn't be dragging around in some sweatsuit, she said. I mean, I wore warm ups during practice and tennis shoes and whatever. But golly, you don't do that on the sideline. That is awesome. I love the embracing of it being a show, you know. And that's obviously what mulkey has taken from her as well. Now, the whole thing with her dad is quite dramatic. That dad, former marine, built this, you know, built this house, this simple brick one story, house on a piece of Louisiana land. Cleared all the trees. Cleared enough space for a basketball court. Cleared space for softball fields on this land. Loved compete with his girls. Would drag Kim with him to like pick up games during the week with men. And when the men were like, she's going to play. And he'd be like, what are you scared? Awesome story. But then the ex marine had a wandering eye, Andy. And he left their mom for a younger woman. Now he left 37 years later. Kim Mulkey still has not spoken to her father.>> Andy Pollin: Right? He left. He left when Kim and her sister were in college. It's not like they were six years old. And you know, he, you know, four hungry, hungry children and a crop in the field.>> Czabe: Oh, don't tell that to Kim Molke.>> Andy Pollin: I understand.>> Czabe: She is like, he's dead to me.>> Andy Pollin: Okay. But, but also if you look at the great competitors, Michael Jordan, you know, I took it personally. So that's typical of competitors. They take something, you know, that's a slight that others might say, okay, well, yeah, you made a mistake, but let's, you know, get through it. Nope, that's it. You're dead to me. Right? that's the way she rolls.>> Czabe: According to Mulkey in her, in her biography, she said, her dad's infidelity quote, destroyed the family. Devastated our entire family.>> Andy Pollin: She was in college. I mean, come on.>> Czabe: So funny. You're so breezy like this, like, oh, come on, grow up now. She wasn't really devastated. Maybe she was, maybe she was devastated.>> Andy Pollin: But I think that's something you can get over at that age. It's not like, you know, there are, there are far more brutal examples of a father walking out on a family than that.>> Czabe: Yeah. Then there's a lot of stuff about the whole Griner thing. And, you know, she didn't speak up enough. According to some, during, you know, her incarceration in Russia, she didn't really like her players flaunting their girlfriends if they happen to be lesbian in and around town, that rubbed a lot of them the wrong way. Others said, though, she's not homophobic, she was just very controlling in the overall image of the program. A bunch of stuff about Griner's Baylor girlfriend and getting suspended for a fight or maybe marijuana. I'm like, okay, whatever. Scroll on. Scroll on. That's long in the past, but the bottom line is that Louisiana tech hasn't made the tourney. Hasn't made the tourney in twelve years.This will be the most watched women's basketball game of all timeAnd Baylor has now fallen off the top tier by a big margin as well. Overgrown, like her dad's old house, I believe is how Kent Babb phrased it. Beautiful writing right there. Amazing. It's amazing. She's dynamic. Now, we got a juicy situation here, Andy. As you listen to this, today, April fool's day, guess who meets in the suite in the Elite eight. I guess it is or no? Yeah. The elite eight of the women's bracket.>> Andy Pollin: This will be the most watched women's basketball game of all time. This is going to be phenomenal. Caitlin clark and Angel Reese. This is the bird magic of women's basketball. And sadly, they set up the brackets so they don't even meet in the final four. This is the Elite eight. But, they got it all to themselves. They got Monday night. There's no other competition other than baseball. And you are going to see a monster television number for this.>> Czabe: I mean, look, I'm there. I'm there for the personalities, I'm there for the drama, I'm there for Bayou Barbie versus Caitlin, corporate America Clark and her 30 foot bombs from outside.>> Andy Pollin: So, yeah, she is, she is the most compelling college basketball player in America. Now, this past weekend, we had big guys doing crazy stuff, so it was a lot of fun to watch the, watch the four games over the weekend. the big men that, including one with the name that sounds like it comes from Mork and Mindy Donovan. Klingon.>> Czabe: Yeah, Klingon. By the way, Klingon's mom, who sadly passed away from cancer, played basketball. He wears her number because of it. And I'm thinking to myself, how many of these guys do I see had their moms play basketball because the kid. Well, yeah, okay.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, yeah.>> Czabe: In part. But they also may love basketball and may have it in their DNA, not just their actual height DNA. Understand.>> Andy Pollin: But I think if you look at a lot of these, I mean, really tall guys over 7ft, you'll find that the mom is very tall. you know, you know, it's one thing to have a tall dad, but it doesn't always work that way. But that, that's a part of it. But he was, he was dominating that game in the way I think Wilt Chamberlain was dominating at overbrook high. I mean, they went on a 30 to nothing run. Yeah, that was, it was unbelievable.>> Czabe: I believe there's so many stats that have come out. I believe that. okay. I think the stat I saw was that, What you, McCall M. It scored 14 points total. 14 points total when Klingon was on the court.>> Andy Pollin: Illinois. Yeah. Yeah.>> Czabe: Illinois scored 14 total.>> Andy Pollin: They went 50 minutes in real time without a point.>> Czabe: Yeah, I've got, I got bracket blur brain right now, and especially on all the orange teams with Illinois, Clemson and Tennessee, being of some variety of orange there. My Clemson pick, God damn, they put on a hell of a fight, but just couldn't get it done. Would have been my greatest random poll to pick them to go to the final four. But they made it. They, they ended up one shot, one step short.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah. Yeah. And by the way, they're their, their star player. I'm, sorry, Illinois star player. Now you got me confused.>> Czabe: I'm sorry. I got you all, all turned inside out. Yeah. Terrence Shannon, junior.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah. He could, he could be going to jail. He's going to go to trial for rape in May.>> Czabe: Was that just, was that just announced?>> Andy Pollin: No, no, that's, that's been in the works. But, you know, you had been paying a lot of attention, but.>> Czabe: No, no, I know, I know those allegations are out there. I didn't know they were actual charges. I didn't know we were actually sent to trial.>> Andy Pollin: The trial was supposed to be in February. Got delayed. So, you know, his. His basketball career in college is over. Now the question is, is we all.>> Czabe: Know actress Katherine Heigl from a work in tv and films, but did you know she's also helped save over 16,000 dogs through her foundation? Being around so many dogs, Katherine says she's seeing more issues with dogs, joints, odors, and health than ever before. And after doing a ton of research, she feels there's one place we can look to improve any dog's health. Their food. What she discovered is that the way many dog foods are made can actually create toxins that could be wrecking our dog's health. Fortunately, she found that by just adding a few special superfoods to her dog's food, she saw huge transformations in their health. She's made a 20 minutes video explaining, step by step, how anyone can do the same thing to see incredible changes in their dog's health. I watched the video, and I'm hoping this will work as well for my dog, Tucker. If you want to keep your dog healthy and happy, go to zabeg and watch Catherine's video right now. Again, that's badlands zabe. And let's get your dog springing like a young puppy yet again.>> Andy Pollin: This is his basketball career period over, and we'll find out when they go to trial in May.One of the Portland courts had different three point lines, Andy says>> Czabe: So one thing about back to the women's game for a second, the other story from the weekend that's incredible, was that one of the courts, the one in the Portland region, was, not the right line. Like, the three point lines were not the same. I still, after seeing all these tweets, have not seen an actual numerical measurement of each line. And I'm dying to know, was one long and one short? Was one short and the other one long? Were they both wrong? It'd be so fucking funny if they got them both wrong. From what people are saying, it sounds like one was the women's line, the other one was the men's line.>> Andy Pollin: Right? That's. That's where it appears to be. But it brings back the memory of the great scene from Hoosiers when they put pee wee on the, other guy's shoulders, and they measure the rim and from the free throw line, and it's. It's the same as it is back in hickory. So let's go out and play well and they,>> Czabe: And they played with this court the night before and they didn't notice.>> Andy Pollin: Right.>> Czabe: It wasn't until Sunday that they noticed. And this is on top of a game, I think, involving South Carolina against Duke in the women's game, where they played with the men's ball for a half. And then they're like, hey, does this ball feel bigger? They switched.>> Andy Pollin: I didn't know that.>> Czabe: Yeah, you'd never see. You've never heard that, huh?>> Andy Pollin: No.>> Czabe: Yeah, so, I mean, I don't want to be sexist, Andy, but I mean, this is just like a woman. Okay? You know goddamn well that there would never be a men's game in which the lines would be different and it would go undetected.>> Andy Pollin: Well, sometimes there's a player like John Havlicek was famous for that. He look at a rim, he goes, yeah, it's quarter inch off. What are you talking. They measured about it.>> Czabe: this is, this is significant, though. This was like eyeball test. You can just see it.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, I know. With all the stuff that goes into putting one of these events on, you'd think they'd have somebody who would check.>> Czabe: That, but they don't, and they just agreed to play through it, given that each team would have one half with the shorter three point line.>> Andy Pollin: Right. Well, if it's a Caitlin Clark game, it really doesn't matter. No half court.>> Czabe: Right. By, the way, there is no men's and women's line. I just looked this up. it's 22ft, one and three quarters for both men and women.>> Andy Pollin: Oh, it's different in the WNBA and NBA, but I guess not in college.>> Czabe: the NCAA did not provide details about just how far the lines were. Fucking pussies. Put the. Put the number out there, for God's sakes. the three point line does bend. There's an elbow on it. Even in college, somewhere midway up the. The free throw lane. So it's not quite like the NBA, but there you go. So. All right, well, let's hope they get the courts painted right. I believe that O'Connor is the name of the court company, or Connor Sports. they're going to have to get a chargeback from the NCAA. Gone. We're not paying for that court, God damn it. And you need to, you need to rush ship us a new one because it's more than just a line. They can't just peel up the tape. There's a different color of wood inside the arc.>> Andy Pollin: It's painted wood, but yes, you can't just. You can't.>> Czabe: Oh, really?>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, I think so. Yeah.>> Czabe: Are you sure that painted, Andy? What kind of paint? So you're saying Sherwin Williams?>> Andy Pollin: Okay.>> Czabe: You're stained wood, sir.>> Andy Pollin: I have, yes, I have, yeah.>> Czabe: Do you know the difference between stain and paint?>> Andy Pollin: Yes, I do. I'm not,>> Czabe: Sure you do.>> Andy Pollin: Yes, I do, Bob vila. I know what it is. Okay, I've got it.>> Czabe: They can't. They can't just, I mean, they could. They'd have to sand an extra foot, probably. It looks like an extra foot of the court, and take the varnish off of it, the finish off of it. Who knows if that's a decal under there for its actual paint on the wood? They'd have to get to look good. It looked like shit. It's a lot of work.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah.>> Czabe: Ah, I'm sure they'll fix it. Maybe they rush a whole new court in. You know, I'm a guy that has a chunk of a final four basketball court in my basement as we speak. I had a listener.Zack eady: Duke beat Wisconsin in the 2015 NCAA tournamentDid I tell you this story?>> Andy Pollin: I think somebody said, somebody sent it to you, or.>> Czabe: Yeah. So I had a listener when I was back on nationally, when I used to be a thing in this business, of course, I was once 93rd in America, according to Talkers magazine, top 100 most important sports radio hosts. I'm looking at the plaques on my wall right now. And this listener from somewhere in the middle of the country, I'll preserve his name so they don't get in trouble, said, hey, my uncle works for the company that puts these courts together, and if you win the final four, you get the court, the school gets the court. As you know, Maryland has a huge chunk of that court hanging on a giant wall inside the xfinity center. Looks great. Well, this particular year, I think it was 2014. Don't quote me on it. Duke won, and Duke has won a few of these, so they don't need any more used courts. They got nowhere to put them, right, so they had extra pieces left over. And this listener said, yeah, my, my, my cut. My uncle would love to make a little table for you, if you want to. And I go, sure. I need it to be 3ft wide by 15ft long. Is that too long? He goes, no problem. had the thing made and shipped to me. Now there's nothing that can prove it. There's no photo matching I can do. There's no plaque on it. The guy said, if you ever use my name, you're dead to me. Because my uncle could get in trouble for this, but literally, it's just wood they were not going to use.>> Andy Pollin: How about that? No, my. I have. I have a small piece of, cold field houses floor. they knew. Yes. When they moved out of there, they cut it all up and they sold it for, like, well, I think he started selling it for, like, dollar 300 for this little chunk of floor. And my son Jeremy waited and waited, and I think he bought the chunk for, like, $50 or something like that.>> Czabe: Oh, nice.>> Andy Pollin: We have it. We have it hung up.>> Czabe: it was 2015, not 14. Okay. Another mistake on the pile. Sorry about that, everybody. and they, They beat Wisconsin. That was the year they beat Wisconsin, 2015, with Tyus Jones as your champion, as Wisconsin just wailed about the foul calls late against them by Duke. And so I don't blame him because it was pretty lopsided. While we're talking fouls, real quick, Zack eady, your thoughts on Zack Ed being plus a million in terms of fouls drawn versus fouls called on and free throws?>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, I mean, that did seem odd that he didn't pick up a foul until there was, like, nine minutes left to go in the game.>> Czabe: Andy, odd. people are screaming right now.>> Andy Pollin: I know. And they're also looking at him in the lane and saying, how can he be in there for less than 3 seconds? Speaker two.>> Czabe: Which he's not, as a matter of fact.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah. So that. That did seem very strange. Although I would say that Wilt Chamberlain never fouled out of a game, for whatever that's worth.>> Czabe: Yeah. He is a big, big man, and he's gotten a lot better. He absorbs a lot of contact, but creates a lot of contact. He falls down a lot as well. He's seven foot, a million, and 400 pounds. And so whenever he falls down, people just assume. The refs just assume somebody must have fouled him.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah.>> Czabe: He just doesn't have the best balance, per se. But, I know Purdue people, and I'm, looking at you, Jimmy Bonham. Congratulations. They got a good team. He's a really good player, Zach eady. But much of America cannot stand him, and they think that the officiating with him is complete bullshit.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah. Except I don't know how you. You take care of him in the paint once he gets the ball, because, you know, once he starts moving to the basket, how do you stop him without fouling him? It does seem impossible right now.>> Czabe: There's two looks from him I don't like. One. Is he cussed? Saying, we're fucking winners. And they edited out the fuck deftly to use the soundbite because it was a good sound bite. Otherwise, kids, stop swearing. Well, you just swear it. I know. I'm an adult. I'm 55. I'm allowed. But you're up on a pedestal. Your athletes kids look up to you. Kids don't look up to me, Andy. All right. these athletes should. You don't have to cuss to sound hard or to celebrate the moment. Okay. That said, let's move on.Ed talks about the coaches that passed him over at TennesseeThis is another look I don't love. Here was ed after the game with the cut, down net around his neck that he did not have to get on a ladder for. Didn't even have to get on his tiptoes for.>> Andy Pollin: That was a brilliant move to do that because that's saying to the next round, I guess they're going to play NC State. Now that's saying to NC State, look at this. I know how tall I am. Okay. It's like. You know what it reminds me of? have you ever seen any of the documentaries on Jim Brown? Jim Brown, when he was playing for the Browns, would go over to the opposing team sidelines and start doing push ups. Like, you see me here really? All day. Yeah. And I think that's. That's what he did there.>> Czabe: All right, here was ed talking about the coaches that passed him over.>> Speaker C: I get to. I get to pay him back. Like, there was. There were so many coaches that looked over me. like, you could name a program. I can name a coach that looked over me. M. the Tennessee. Craig Barnes is a great coach, but he was in a bunch of our practice, looked over me like, it's kind of been the story of my life. People have doubted me. People look past me and can't do that anymore.>> Czabe: Okay. All right. I mean, come on now.>> Andy Pollin: You're seven four. They don't look past you. They think. They think if this guy can walk and chew gum, I'm going to see what I can get out of him. People are not looking past you.>> Czabe: And three years ago, he was still a seven foot whatever freak show who had a hard time not tripping over himself and was splitting minutes. So he's worked himself into being who he is, who was a taco fall. Remember him?>> Andy Pollin: He was bigger. He was six. Seven six.>> Czabe: Right. But. But couldn't play dead in the western when it came to it. You know, he was on the Celtics for a little while, but.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, but. But he was on the team that beat Duke. He. He played South Florida with Johnny Dawkins.>> Czabe: But he was not a complete player. And so see these coaches, plus, there's always going to be a few coaches at a few programs that say, you know what? We, we think there's a chance, but we don't have room, or we're not going to invest the time in this guy, or we're going to play a different style of basketball. So enough of this, like, counting things up now. Like, he looked over me. I mean, come on, dude.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, but that's. That's what athletes like to do. Yeah, well, he didn't want me. I'm going to show him. Right?>> Czabe: I mean, look, the Dalton connect story at Tennessee is amazing because he went from, like, juco to then northern Colorado and then finally Tennessee and worked his ass off into being a first round NBA pick.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, he looked awesome. He, he. There were times when I thought he was going to win that game by himself. He was tremendous. It just that the big, the game, we know, the play that really, I think, decided the game was that Edie missed two free throws. It was. It became hackers act for a while. Missed two free throws, and at the other end, he, he blocked connect shot. And that was really the thing.>> Czabe: That was kind of the dagger. Yeah, that was kind of the dagger right there. also, on the whole, getting better at your craft thing, Mark Sears was amazing. For Alabama. However, the claim that he would, he made a 15,000 threes in an empty gym one summer is a bit hard for me to believe. Taking summer to be roughly 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day, that's 150 made threes every single day, rain or shine, tired or not, home or away, you're in the gym. That's at least 300 minimum shots. That's a fucking lot. Do you believe it?>> Andy Pollin: Yes. Because it's not like you and I going to the park and having to chase the ball sometimes into the sewer.>> Czabe: He's got a kid shagging rebounds for him.>> Andy Pollin: Yes, yes. At that level, there are managers, and if you're a player and you want to shoot threes at 02:00 in the morning, you're allowed to call the manager and say, meet me in the gym and check rebounds for me. Yeah.>> Czabe: Well, when they interviewed him afterwards, I liked his vibe because, you know, I always like hearing from these kids, and, I can pretty much right away get a sense of, I like this guy, or, eh, not so much. You know, they're like, you know, hard work on your shot. And he goes, oh, yeah, hard work always pays off. I was like, yeah, love that, man. That's great. Now, the 15,000, I'm kind of calling bullshit, but yeah, you were fricking money. And that brings us to Alabama as a whole. I cannot believe this. According to Stat keepers, only 87 of Alabama's 1200 plus shots. This, tournament, where, where did that go, by the way?There were eight made threes among the two winning teams in Sunday's tournamentGod damn this Twitter app.>> Andy Pollin: And that's all they do, shoot threes.>> Czabe: That's all they do. In fact, they had two mid range jumpers in four tournament games. So in other words, two mid range jumpers anywhere not around the semicircle, under the basket or at the rim, but just the rest were threes. That's incredible.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, well, I mean, it's obviously been effective this year. They're in the final four. So, you know, I did like the fact though that the two teams that won on Sunday, they shot, threes miserably between the two teams, there were eight made threes among the two winning teams. Eight.>> Czabe: Does it, does it make for good basketball?>> Andy Pollin: No, I enjoyed the big man game. I enjoyed watching that. We hadn't seen it, but the analytics say shoot threes. So they shoot threes, right.>> Czabe: Especially corner threes, easily the most, effective all. Ah, right, real quick on baseball, Juan Soto is off to an absolutely thermonuclear start as a Yankee. So, that's going to be fun to see how much he can keep it up. what if he becomes a bigger fan favorite than Aaron judge?>> Andy Pollin: Well, Aaron judge, he's, he's got a contract. He's not going anywhere.>> Czabe: Ok.>> Andy Pollin: This is the guy that they have to make the decision. You know, if he, if he has a year, that's incredible. And he's already turned down 440. and we've seen show, hey get 700. What's his number? What do you think?>> Czabe: I don't know. It's going to be a ton. He's an unbelievable hitter. and then the Oakland A's drew 3837 souls for game two of their season in what is likely to be their last year by the bay. Technically, it really wasn't even 3800 bodies, it was tickets sold, which is how MLB counts it. The real butts in seats was a fraction of that.>> Andy Pollin: Well, Ah, and you say this is probably their last year. Do you know that that stadium in Vegas is not going to be open for four more years?>> Czabe: Do you know that stadium is not even of that stadium yet? They don't have money for it yet. They don't have plans for it yet. There's already been, like, three sets of drawings, all different about it.>> Andy Pollin: Where they going? Where are they going?>> Czabe: After this year, they, may go to Vegas and just hang out for a while.>> Andy Pollin: Where they got to find a place to play. I don't.>> Czabe: I don't know.>> Andy Pollin: I think.>> Czabe: I think there was a place they could play. It's a mess right now.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, they, and, and major league baseball has botched this terribly, and they cannot.>> Czabe: They can't get this asshole owner out of the seat. They can't take the team from him.>> Andy Pollin: And they're all in on Vegas. But as you say, there's no Vegas yet. This, this kiss, this is so much work. This isn't like what happened to me when I was a kid, when we lost the senators. And at least they had a place to go. In Texas, though, was converted minor league park. They left and they went right. This is the team that announced it was leaving, but they're staying for four more years. They have to.>> Czabe: Yeah.Research has proven Andy increases sales by 8% at Home DepotAll right, finally, Andy, just, one for the anecdote file. I was at Home Depot this weekend because that's what suburban dads do, right? When the weather turns nice and springtime projects arise, and I'm looking for something in one of the aisles, and this young mop headed teenager working with the orange vest starts ambling by showing no interest in helping me, he was probably hoping, like, okay, don't make eye contact. I won't have to do anything. I approach him cheerily on a Saturday morning and say, hey, how's it going? I was wondering if. And he replied to my, hey, how's it going? With, well, good enough to show up. At least.>> Andy Pollin: That'S what Home Depot's having to hire.>> Czabe: Hey, I get there. Look, they're probably glad he did show up. The item that I asked him for was pretty basic, and he still had no idea where it was. But I just love the answer. It's like the slacker version of, how's it going? Not great, Bob, how's it going? Good enough to show up.>> Andy Pollin: Told them you have to get a job. No. Nowadays at Home Depot, they can just check on their phone where it is, what you're looking for, and, you know, if I'm looking for a specific kind of bolt or something, there's always an old timer around there, and they know exactly what to find and where to find it.>> Czabe: So you got, you got to go to the old timers. And the other problem is these stores, for reasons of pure greed, move everything around so they can juice their sales by 8% because people have to look for stuff. You could put all the toggle bolts in one fucking aisle and leave them there. Same thing for the lumber, same thing for the paint supplies. But do they know they want to switch it around? Because research has proven Andy increases sales by 8%. I'm just. Don't quote me on the 8%, but it's something.>> Andy Pollin: Impulse buys. Yeah. Oh, the light bulbs. Right. I need light bulb.>> Czabe: Oh, yeah. Oh, I need some duct tape. Oh, shit. How we doing for duct tape? We got enough. Oh, superglue. Do we have any super. You know, this, thing for my mailbox might look nice. Let me get some of these numbers here.>> Andy Pollin: Yeah, exactly.>> Czabe: Dangerous.>> Andy Pollin: I like one. Home Depot. And I've yet to do a home project where I don't make at least two trips. Usually 3100%.>> Czabe: Andy. All right, good run. Good to have you back on schedule. And away we go. Can't, wait for tonight. Monday night for, LSU versus Caitlin Clark in Iowa. That's going to be epic. We'll talk next week, Andy. Thank you, my friend. Bird magic on the women's side. Is that what you're calling it?>> Andy Pollin: Yep. Exactly.>> Czabe: Okay. Very good. Thank you, buddy.>> Andy Pollin: All right. Take care.>> Czabe: See ya.


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