CzabeCast Monday March 12, 2018


Tiger Woods’ comeback continues to be a thing of utter amazement, as he nearly got back into the winner’s circle Sunday at the Valspar – on a course he rarely plays on tour to boot! What I want to know, is why can’t he pull the trigger on a big driver when he’s essentially playing with “house money” at this point in his life/career? I elaborate today on the CzabeCast. Also I preview my upcoming battle royale with either Verizon/Apple over my iPhone, which is now compromised with a bad camera lens thanks to being under pool water for exactly 20 seconds at a depth of 1 foot – max! Water resistant my ass! I demand a new unit, and for them to stop advertising these phones with water splashes on them! Some quick stray thoughts on the NFL trades that just went down, and we’ve got Chris Knoche to talk tournament. All that plus the California bullet train project continues to burn cash like nothing else under the sun!


  1. Czabe, Czabe, Czabe….. Post accident, Hogan won US Open X 3, Masters X 2 and British Open X 1. He had won the PGA x 2 before the accident, but stop playing in it as it was Match Play and he couldn’t stand walking the double rounds each day.

    BTW, in 1953 he won The Masters, US Open, British Open, Colonial Invitational, and the Pan American Open…. these were THE ONLY TOURNAMENTS he played.


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