CzabeCast Friday March 2, 2018


Tell me if you’ve heard this one before…. “let’s get a boycott of the NCAA Final Four going… that’ll show ’em!” I know I’ve heard it before. You spend 28 years hosting sports radio shows, you hear all kinds of things, and what Jay Williams of ESPN (along with Jalen Rose) is suggesting is nothing new. It’s also never going to happen, for a wide variety of reasons not even worth getting into detail about. That said, maybe if Jay wants to “cape up” on behalf of the poor, poor, student athletes, then he should spend a few minutes putting some scaffolding under such a rickety “take.”

Notorious J-A-Y closes our week, with a takedown of Fergie’s anthem at the All-Star game, and another swipe at Kevin Hart and Rob Riggle – two not-that-funny guys who keep getting gigs from TV execs who probably think they are George Carlin and Eddie Murphy in their primes. Jay also weighs in on the Bill Polian/Ryan Clark QB debate regarding Lamar Jackson.

All that and more, is yours on today’s CzabeCast! Download and enjoy at your leisure!


  1. I love the black Batman premise; however, why don’t you just drop “Bat” from the moniker and call him “Blackman”. It would make a great black comedy (pun intended). Who would you suggest play the lead . . . maybe Kevin Hart (ha-ha)?

  2. I use a podcast app to pull in your czabecasts… Friday’s is not showing.. could you please repost for us .rss users? Love the show


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