Has Aaron Rodgers Just Made A Downgrade At Girlfriend?


So it’s official! Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick are now an item. A “hot one” at that? Or, is it insane to say that she’s somehow “not hot enough” for A-Rod? Well, one quick trip to Danica’s Instagram page should dispel that! Fun lovin’ and fit as a fiddle! She’s got me! A cross between Jillian Michaels, Angie Harmon in her prime, and a bit like A-Rod’s old flame, Olivia Munn. He’s got a type. Today’s CzabeCast FOCz Drew Olsen runs the gamut of topics, including the Viking/Packer rivalry explained in depth.


  1. Seems crazy so many put the girl down and say something about her looks. I think she’s pretty fine. She may not be porn star hot, but she’s girl next door, soccer mom smokin. Rogers is always going to date a hot girl, cause he’s Aaron Rodgers


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