CzabeCast January 5th, 2018


There may not be fire just yet inside the Patriots organization, but thick black smoke is definitely billowing from the windows. I explore the chances that Alex Guerrero is going to be the Yoko Ono of one of the greatest sports dynasties ever. And Mike McCarthy seems more entrenched than ever! Plus, I found where Hank Goldberg is giving out his betting advice! Hint: It’s not great. All that plus our guest is our guy Gill Alexander from VSiN in Las Vegas on each of the betting lines in this weekend’s wildcard round. Teaser: he actually recommends some teasers! Suprise! And if Diet Coke really helped an old lady live to 104, then I will be approaching near immortality.


  1. So, Czabe….I guess there will no longer be any occasional written columns that were so enjoyed….only podcasts….. OK, understood…. another one bites the dust……but truly sad.

  2. Czabe,m murphys daughter works for search firm,the two head clowns still president and head coach,cant handle this shit show going on

  3. We’ve seen this “CzabeCast” gimmick before…I’m setting the over/under on this “new” CzabeCast…14 episodes…takes a 6-week break for it to become defunct…who wants in on this action!

    (I’m a fan, but SoundCloud…booo! Maybe its easier for user stats, but users need to be able to download for offline use (on the plane, etc)…It’s not hard to set up an RSS feed for a podcast, even a subscription based one. The folks at OpenBox should be able to do it within a couple of hours. If not, let me know, I may have some time next weekend 🙂

    • I don’t blame you on the over under! I’d take the under myself! BUT…. I will PUSH to keep it going and make it better and better!
      As for soundcloud, it’s temporary! I am already signed up for Libsyn, and am going through the Apple Podcast approval process. Bear with me!


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