CzabeCast Monday March 19, 2018


The NFL Does Ryan Grant Dirty
Jets PSL’s: Shockingly, NOT A Good Investment

Drew Olsen: Big 920 – Milwaukee, WI
NCAA Tournament In Shambles
Athletes Better, Quality of Play Isn’t
Why Was UVA Upset Not That Exciting?
UMBC Twitter Account On Fire
Do Coaches Need to Be SOB’s To Win It All?
Radio Host In Trouble Over Tweet
MF’ing Old People
Ranking the Bad Losses
Stat of the Day: 0 Perfect Brackets Left
Jordy Nelson to Raiders
Taking A Paycut: No Way!
Brewer Tribute Video: Sandlot
Field of Dreams: Overrated Tripe
Tiger Comes Close… Again
Rory Goes Deep
Rubber Snake Theory of Golf
FTG: Drew: Rory McIlroy
FTG: Czabe: Ted Valentine

Tragic Bridge Collapse in Florida


  1. So, a number 16 seed beating an overall 1 seed is “not that big a deal”? Also, suddenly, college basketball is “diluted”, and the kids aren’t coach able. Of course, the week before the start of the tournament, everything was rainbows and puppies. I really don’t know what to make of your statements on this- it seems bizarre to say the least. At its core, it’s obvious that you don’t like smaller schools, and you resent their winning.


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