CzabeCast Monday May 20, 2018


Should you buy a $300 lawnmower every 5 years, or a $1000 one that lasts 15+? Trick question: hire somebody to do it! Drew Olson drops by to talk sports misery, karmic nut kicks, and more. All of that, plus a special double-FTG from both of us! SPECIAL GUEST: Drew Olson – The Big 920, Milwaukee, WI.


  1. Can I nominated a FTG?
    My nominee is Drew Olson and that absolute loser talk coming from his mouth today.
    He’s the only guy in Wisconsin that’ll say that colossal choke job to Seattle with a trip to the SB was a successful season. He sounded like Mc Carthy standing at the podium telling us his QB position is solid after a 3.5 hours of Huntley posting a 5 QB rating.
    Olson’s type of thinking is why we’ve only been to one SB with a once in a generation QB.
    Sooooo,,, too Drew Olson FTG!!!!!😡😡😡


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