Earl Thomas And His Middle Finger Revolt


In all of our years of watching football – you, me, and everybody else who loves this game – I can say with confidence we never saw anything quite like THAT happen on the field! And while you feel bad for Thomas (sick, actually) the logical side of one’s brain wants you to admit that this is exactly why the Seahawks were RIGHT to not pour more money into a player his age. It’s gonna be a week of piping hot sports takes, so buckle up. USA gets spanked in the Ryder Cup. Week 4 NFL Roundup. Cellphone voting good idea, or nah?


  1. 24 minutes of baseball and golf to open a Monday show during NFL regular season??? Why not add in sailing, bowling and curling? You should know better than that. At least put the crappy sports at the end so we can stop listening or start off with a warning such as “For the first 24 minutes I will discuss golf and baseball so everyone under the age of 55 can skip that part of the webcast and go directly to the NFL.” Try to limit your conversation of the boring niche sports to the end of the webcast please. This does not really make me feel like I ought to try out paying for a webcast on Fridays. You need to get the quality up Monday thru Thursday to get me to try out the Premium version on Fridays. Crappy sport discussion Monday to Thursday does not get me to pay for Friday. Of course the one exception is Game of Thrones. Love that stuff anytime. If you do not care about getting people to pay, then keep doing crap like Golf and Baseball. I love you Czabe, but you are better than this.

    • Cmon now Knows, if you’re a true 1%er, then you know that Czabe has a hard on for Ryder Cup! That being said, I’m a huge golf fan, but I can care less about Ryder Cup. But, it’s such a quick event so let the Ryder Cuppers have their fun for a few moments, and then it’s gone for two years. As for baseball, I’m not a fan of that either, but it’s playoffs time, so I just suck it up and deal with the baseball chatter…..

      Keep up the amazing work Czabe, I’m grateful for the M-Th webcast, and love listening to you and the boys on ESPN980! (and I don’t even live in the DC area, I’m in Francesa territory)


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