Excuse Me, But…. How Much?


The unstoppable Steven A. Smith is cruising toward a record payday from the Worldwide Leader. What made him “indispensable” and how did he resurrect his career from the ashes? Mike McCarthy continues to be a delusional tool. Chris Cooley has a DIY project story from hell. My Hoosier buddy Ron Thomas talks college hoops and more. All that plus the the thumb drive of Chinese malware and more.


  1. steven a is so awful,,, listen to the espn app everday just for background noise so i hear his show everyday. its not the predictions that are so horribly inaccurate,,like when for a week he was screaming how syracuse football was gonna take down ND. he only missed that prediction by 40+ points. the hunter henry debacle. the random boxer or mma fighter he interviews like he’s been following his whole career when i would bet my 401K he doesn’t know if said boxer is white, black or hispanic. when he paints a broad brush of a player by hollering,, “he can ball”. that his catch phrase,, with no stats, no facts no nothing to support. just yells “he can ball”.

    thing with him is he is every caller, every guest, every sports figure’s boy. he loves them all, he supports them all, he’s woke to all their causes. he’s “their” man. he’s such a phony and i for the life of me can’t understand how the suits at espn don’t see thru it. i guess i’m prolly complicit too as i listen to his rants. another thing i laugh about is when he gets on a serious topic,, like yesterday it was nippsy hussell death he turns down the decibels by about a 1000 and goes into his serious steven a quiet speak. like he’s here now to not be a carnival barker which 97% of his show is.

    one of the reasons i listen to you is because you don’t pretend to be everyone mans homie.

    and don’t even get me started on mike golic jr.


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