The “Good Boy” Sweater Is Undefeated!


Michael Bennett is facing some serious charges. But so far, the evidence looks pretty flimsy. In fact it’s looking like the Bennett/Security guard case in Houston is going to be very divisive, so buckle up. In a lot of ways, it looks to me like it might be the mirror-opposite of Bennett’s LVPD claims after he was arrested. I’ll detail my comparisons in today’s CzabeCast.

Today’s CzabeCast Rundown
1. Michael Bennett Felony Case
2. Vegas Golden Knights Expansion Success
3. Jordy Nelson “Hurt” By Packer Cut
4. Annual NFL Coaches Photo
5. Malcolm Butler Benching Remains Mystery
6. New Catch Rule: Will It Work?
7. Happy “Birthday” to Howard 100
8. Shadow Creek GC: Full Review
9. YouTube Sponsors NBA Finals
10. Flat-Earther Builds Home-Made Rocket


  1. Damn your podcasts are fantastic. You’re too young now, but someday I’m going to call you Uncle Czabe. Keep up the great work and thank you!


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