Honeymoon In Philly


Bryce Harper is all smiles and fancy handshakes after 3 games and two massive bombs (with a borrowed bat) in Philadelphia. Now he comes back to D.C. Should be fun. I think I’ll find hating him, alot easier than I thought it would be! ANDY POLLIN joins me to discuss the Final Four, the Harper/Lerner negotiations, and the band of scrubs the Redskins keep giving tryouts to. All that, plus Stewie, was dead on right.


  1. Czabe,

    Heard your rant on the rock and the windshield. My father worked in the concrete buisness for 40 years. They used to pay out for those type of incidents, at least the company he worked for. All you need is the place, time, compay and truck number of the occurance. They have tracking devices on all the trucks to verify your story. My father had to deal with all incidents regarding the trucks and said that one is a common on. May help you in the future. Enjoy your show and podcast.



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