Is Potty-Mouth Czabe, A Better Talk Show Host Czabe?


It’s not that I am ashamed of sometimes cursing like a longshoreman, it’s just that I am conscious of not becoming “that guy” who thinks a heavy layer of f-bombs makes me cool or tough. I’d like to think I’m a “medium” level swear guy.

But, others who know me, may laugh and disagree.

So when it comes to these podcasts with Andy, where the evil broadcast overlord FCC has no jurisdiction on what I say, and how I choose to dress it up in blue tones, I do like to stretch my legs out a bit and let a few fly.

I think I average less than 5 per 30 minute podcast. Which is not bad. I also try to let them emerge from my lips organically, for maximum punctuation.

So the question of swearing leads this week’s show. We then pivot effortlessly into important subjects such as “Accidental Penis” and the relative merits of the Erin Andrews peephole lawsuit.

If that’s not enough, then “alta cocker” Andy once again rides his hobby horse idea that Pistol Pete Maravich (yep, THIS argument, again!) could STILL play in today’s NBA!

It’s fun. It’s free. It’ll breeze by like a fart in the internet wind. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!


  1. Love the podcast AS IS. IMO the best thing Czabe & Andy have done. And the athlete-dick portion of this particular episode is GOLD, Jerry, GOLD! Keep up the good work, fellas.


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