Just Another Thirsty Girl, Lookin’ For That Life


Or maybe it’s true love. What the hell do I know? Is Johnny Manziel getting played by an instagram wannabe who thinks she’s the next Kim Kardashian? I wonder about how some of these things even come about. I have thoughts on instant replay in college basketball, half-informed gripes about how much HVAC systems in your home cost to maintain and replace, and why social media is ruining every great natural wonder of the world. All of that plus “Mr. X” live from Florida where he’s getting in a few last spring training games and opening BWW’s at 10:45 a.m. to start drinking!


  1. Manziel has money if he did not have money she would not be with him same reason as rich older men get trophy wives who get upset when their husbands want to have sex with them

  2. Electric bill difference with a new air conditioner?

    Simple answer with anecdotal proof, no stupid math involved, math is for suckers. “HUGE Difference” in monthly bill in the summer. Live in the disgusting state of California “home of the “Street HoBo” ridiculous taxes and high energy cost.

    Going into year 5 with new $5,000 AC. Hottest months with old AC bill was $350. Now about $175.
    Winter time I’d say savings closer to $30 to $40 bucks a month.

    You do the math.


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