“No Ma’am, That’s NOT A Kids Playset In The Basement”


On the one hand, at least there’s not a meth lab being run out of the basement. On the other hand, leave it to nosy neighbors to get all bent out of shape when your house goes on the market with a basement that could double as a shooting set for the next “50 Shades” movie. Andy Pollin joins me to discuss Warner Wolf’s meltdown, the new AAF, and the “Old World Order” when it came to sports media. I also talk grip strength and Grammys.


  1. I think the first woman in the NFL will be a punter. Punting is something you can learn and practice on your own (for years if necessary) before ever playing on any team. Although, she would need to join a team to prove herself. D3 would be a good place to start.

  2. Very interesting take on female football players and physical strength differences between genders. In 2015, the military was trying to decide if they should open up all specialties to women, including infantry and other combat positions, such as special ops. Football is a contact and/or combat sport, so I thought it quite fitting in what the military study found: “Overall, all-male ground combat squads were faster, stronger and more lethal in most cases than those units that included women. The women also suffered higher injury rates” (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/09/10/marine-study-finds-all-male-infantry-units-outperformed-teams-women/71971416/). That is not to say that they did not find some genetically-gifted or hard-training outliers, i.e. taken at the individual level, or at solo tasks, yes, a lone female may outperform her male counterpart. But just like the military, football is above all a team sport–the main consideration is combat/team effectiveness, then followed by the health and welfare of the individual.
    (By no means am I trying to make this a political commentary; I thought it was apropos though.)
    Four years, David French, of the National Review, wrote an article beginning with a similar NFL-military comparison if interested: https://www.nationalreview.com/2015/09/women-in-combat-marine-corps-study/.


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