Packers Go Braindead In Los Angeles


As football fans, we’ve all seen some crazy s*** go down to both win and lose games. But I’m not sure I’ve seen anything as stupid as what Ty Montgomery did on Sunday. Bruh. What… what are you doing? So it’s time for accountability. Who will pay the price? My Redskins are dominant defensively, and Adrian Peterson is still awesome. How long can it last? Week 8 NFL in summary. World Series to Boston… duh. And let’s re-think having 18 inning 6-hour baseball games. Long live, Apu Nahasapemapetalon.


  1. Aaron Rodgers getting the ball needing a touchdown to win with under two minutes to go has turned into what Barry Bonds was back in 2002. You stop what you are doing and watch because you know there is a good chance that you are going to see something amazing. Montgomery ripped the nation off yesterday.

    Also, McCarthy should have been canned when he went limp against the Seahawks in the NFC Championship game a few years ago.

  2. Accountability? The Packers? Give me a break. Those two go together like oil and water. No NFL team has shown more lack of accountability than the Packers. Lack of accountability is why Ted Thompson remained GM until seven months ago despite his massive failure of putting talent around Rodgers. Lack of accountability is why Dom Capers was allowed to be DC until last season despite consistently bad defenses year after year. I could go on and on.

  3. Czabe,

    I couldn’t find your e-mail in your Contact section so this was the easiest way I could send a message as I don’t Tweet and I’m trying to avoid the trap which is Facebook as much as I can. I just wanted to say thanks! I moved to Milwaukee with my now-wife three years ago, and latched on to Bob & Brian while looking for radio shows to listen to in the morning. Your segment together was BY FAR the best radio I have ever heard in my life! I would ignore phone calls from family and friends once 8:10-8:15 hit just to hear you guys banter. I’ve never laughed so hard! However it played out, I hope it gets fixed. I’ll listen to your podcasts moving forward, but know that my days always started out great listening to that segment.

    Best Wishes,


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