Patriots Foil Another Young Fella At Foxboro


The hyped Chiefs v. Patriots game did not disappoint. Not for fantasy owners of Tyreke Hill, or anybody who had the “over.” I run through all of Week 6, including the Redskins bounce-back win over the Panthers. Plus I find some time for NLCS and ALCS talk and a quick look at how the “Big 4 Zeroes” in college football are forming for the playoff run.


  1. I signed up for the $5 version and as you suggested it, I liked it very much. Mr. X was a 2 out of 10 when he started a few weeks ago, but this week he stepped up his game a lot and was wonderful. He is now an 8. Andy reigns supreme at a solid 10, but Drew Olson, Cowboy Mike and Jay are solid 7s. It is not fair for me to rate Charchian on his fantasy info because I do not pay fantasy, but his non-fantasy work is very funny. Ben Austro has awful delivery, but his info about umps is a 10. It is really interesting. I am even getting used to the fringe sports like baseball and NBA. If you want to make Friday better I would love to hear what your wife, brother and brother in law have to say about sports gambling or your infatuation with sports in general. I bet their points of view would be very entertaining. We want to hear from Mrs. “C”!!!


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