Piggledy-Runaround-Grabbyass…. Not “Football”


Czabe covers various topics including the decline of the Pro Bowl, the improvement in women's college basketball, the NBA's quality of play, the possibility of LeBron James being traded, and the hiring of Dan Quinn as the Washington Commanders' coach. Other topics discussed include aging parents, Patrick Mahomes' DUI, Tom Brady's golf mishap, and the culture of the Washington Commanders. The conversation concludes with a discussion on missing radio row and sports media flex week.


Women's college basketball has improved in terms of the number of competitive teams and the skill level of the players.

The NBA's regular season games can be hit or miss, but the playoffs are usually more compelling.

The Pro Bowl is seen as a waste of time and lacks the excitement and competitiveness of regular season games.

Dan Quinn's hiring as the Washington Commanders' coach is met with mixed reactions, with some believing he can build a playoff team and others questioning his ability to change the team's culture.

The conversation highlights the challenges of dealing with aging parents and the importance of addressing alcohol-related issues.

The decline of great achievements in various fields, such as sports and infrastructure, is discussed.

The conversation concludes with a lighthearted discussion on missing radio row and sports media flex week.


00:00 Introduction

03:28 Missing Football

05:24 Improvement in Women's College Basketball

06:47 NBA and the Quality of the Game

09:08 LeBron James and the Possibility of a Trade

10:58 Women's Basketball and the Need for Improvement

12:26 Disappointment with the Pro Bowl

14:20 The Decline of Great Achievements

16:17 Dealing with Aging Parents

18:12 Patrick Mahomes' DUI

21:59 Tom Brady's Golf Mishap

26:46 Dan Quinn as the Washington Commanders' Coach

29:41 Success of Defensive Head Coaches

34:22 Doug Williams' Comments on the Culture of the Washington Commanders

36:46 Missing Radio Row and Sports Media Flex Week

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