Rams and Chiefs Nuke the “Over” in SB 52.5


So rarely does a hyped game even meet expectations in sports, but this one did all that and then “took it to eleven” Spinal Tap style with crazy. The grumps will say “no defense” but they are full of it. This game had playmakers galore, on both sides of the ball. Condi Rice is too brilliant to be a meathead football coach. Alex Smith injury update. Uniform correction. Man sues airline over having to sit next to fat guy for 14 hour flight.


  1. Has anyone considered, given Colin Kapernick’s social justice stance, that he would not want to play for a team named “Redskins”? After all, since he is protesting the treatment of minorities in the U.S., why would he want to play for a team named after what more than a few consider a derogatory term for Native Americans?


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